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After giving birth to the child, the female body changes great, it is not as good as before, then what do you pay attention to? Today we will say:


1. Breastfeeding underwear: no steel ring is easy to interrupt, the fabric is high

After eight weeks of pregnancy, the mother’s chest will gradually become larger. In order to breast health while reducing compression, wearing a mammling underwear from pregnancy.

After giving birth to the child, it is recommended that moms wear a rouse-free breastfeeding underwear.

2. Home month service: loose and comfortable, easy to feed


The mother is weak after childbirth and needs to stay in bed. The clothes should be relaxed and comfortable. It is recommended that you choose a cardigan, hopped, and unveiled. This type of clothing is not only beneficial to the mother’s physical recovery, but also is also very convenient for your baby.


3. Bunch belt: no elastic cotton gauze

For mothers, the most difficult part of postpartum slimming is the abdomen. Want to restore the slim body, the beam belt is sent to the field. After the mother gave birth to the child, the painted viscera is easy to sag, causing the belly surface to relax. Using a beam belly not only prevents the internal organs, which promotes the contraction of the uterus, but also slimmed the shape, it is true.

Buy a beam belt, it is recommended that my mother chooses a bundles of the non-elastic cotton yarn fabric. This type of material is breathable, and it is very suitable for mom in hot summer wear. On the third day after the birth, my mother can use a beam belt according to their own situation, and persist in wearing it every day, the slimming effect is better. If it feels uncomfortable, you can take off the night during the day.

4. Going out breastfeeding + monthly cap + socks

During the moon, mothers can choose to go out according to their own situation. Before going out, you must check the weather forecast, don’t go out in the sky and big winds, so as not to get sunburn or get cold.

Mom is going to be cautious, doing wind and warm measures before going out.

5. Yoga clothing: good breathable flexibility

Aime is a woman’s nature, and my mother wants to recover the body as soon as possible. But don’t do strenuous exercise after the birth, and you don’t want to lose weight. After the wound on your mother is restored, you can exercise through your yoga or postpartum gymnastics.

Please note that it is easy to sweat when exercising, and it is easy to suffer from cooling. I suggest that my mother moves, penetrate, high-quality yoga clothing and soft cloth shoes.