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With the development of social trends, now the plate glasses frame changed to go to the Volkswagen’s vision, there have been a variety of dazzling colorful colors and variable shapes, not only high-gloss color sheet frames. There are also exquisite glasses carved and combined. Plate glasses are durable and will not cause sensitive skin, and thus win the customer again. It can be said that the plate glasses frame and titanium glasses frame have become the mainstream of the current high-end glasses frame.

Plate glasses

At present, the plate glasses frames on the market can be described in “chaos that are fascinating”, and the material frames of the material are flooded. How to pick a plate glasses frame, not a matter of credit. Let us start from the root of the roots – plate fiberglass. Most of the current sheet components are acetate, and there are also a few high-grade frames of propionate.

Classification of plate glasses

The sheets of the acetate are divided into injection molded and suppressed wear, injection molding, the use of molds, the manufacturing process is simple, the cost is low, the density is poor, and most high-end brands are compressed and grinding. Plate glasses frame. For the production of the plate glasses, the plates of France and Italy are better, Japan is also relatively good, and many high-grade plate glasses frames are made of these high-quality plates, so quality is more trustworthy. High-quality plates plus good processing crafts not only make the frame comfort, but also to make your personality, but also become a very functional unique ornament.

Five crafts of plate glasses frame

1. Flat process, that is, combined with different colors, different materials, and a mirror;

2. Engraving process, that is, on the original colors and styles of the sheet, use a computer engraving machine to engrave various patterns on the plate leg;

3. Mosaic process, that is, put various patterns on the plate legs, seamless, not destroying the surface of the sheet, is in a seamless, it has subverted the traditional punching model, but also provides new ideas and new ideas for drilling. Angle;

4. Tone paint, that is, operators use a paint pen to apply the paint to the mirror, so that the paint is evenly adhered to the sheet leg;

5. Corrosion process, that is, the special oxidant changes the panel legs, such as bright colors become dark.

Determining the standard of high quality plate frame

Low grade plate glasses frame we carefully see that they will find their processes, generally do not adopt quarters, inlaid, etc. The medium and high-grade plate glasses frames often use a variety of processes to create extraordinary color and match. The sheet is an environmentally friendly product, and the material does not change by the skin or body secretions, so there is no side effect on the human skin and loves consumers. Now everyone knows how to pick a plate glasses frame.


Representative brand of plate frame __Rray

Ray-Ban Plate Mirror is a recognized representative product in the industry. The classic black plate frame has become a performance art, the literary world, the business elite people do not bid! What needs to be reminded is that the larger the density of the high-end plate, the better the wear resistance, but the weight is also relatively larger, reminds users who have strict requirements for the weight of the frame to be cautious.