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The skirt has a high-on-fork, but do you know that the coat also high-on-fork? I really don’t say that Sanmu is so worn that the original high-ground coat can be so beautiful!


The woolen coat can be said to be a jacket for girls in autumn and winter, but most of the woolen coats on the market are on the back fork or no fork. The top is a bit different in the style, but the three-wood coat is very different.

Main content / knowledge points

1, how to get rid of “flowing with the wave”

2, how to match the coat

3, how to wear coats more personal



How to get rid of “homogenization”


It is the foundation of the fashion “homogeneration”, and if you want to have a difference between it, select the secondary design of the basic paragraph to transfer, such as the opening of the coat.

Side-on-fork coat more profit leg

Smoke gray woolen coat, first in color, there is a windy season in autumn and winter, the smoke gray is very standard, and it is a color of a texture.

Not black, it is so dull, and it is not as bright as other colors, and the color of smoke is more high-level.

From the front, it is a simple coat, and there is no superior design, but from the side, the heart is here.


On both sides of the coat, the high-ground design, as we move, the coat will also be bloated with us, you can say that this design is broken, but adds a floating feeling. . From the whole, it is also very high, and there is no thick wear of traditional wool coats.

How to match the coat

The coat is heavy, and it is a matter of reading. Want to dress out, in addition to the design of the clothes itself, the match is also able to change the style of style.

Common, there is a basic single item and superimposed method that does not have an error, I want to wear more grade and have a quality, it is recommended to stack, and the segment is higher.

Soldering is more texture

In addition to the woolen coat, autumn and winter is more a headache or a headache, but this year’s stacking method is the correct open mode. The coat is no longer a simple bottoming shirt or a sweater, but there is a hierarchical knit vest and sweater.

In fact, this kind of dressing is slightly fascinated in the early autumn of this year, whether it is a floral skirt overlay sweater, still a big stack of galvanic wear is very fluent.

Overall looks very level, walk is the cool ancient wind, the lower body is like a slightly loose radish pants, and a pair of horsepart boots on the feet can all get all.


This is a slightly empty touch, if it is more feminine, you can use a skirt and sweaters to wear, which is also a lot.

2. Shirt combined with bag buttons sexy and not exposed

In numerous wear, the most feminine charm is probably a shirt and bag hip skirt, but the general shirt and bag hip skirt are easily wearing the professional style of the real estate.

So we need to add some new elements, that is, sleeveless sweaters,

The shirt is relatively strong, so he is difficult to draw out our women’s curve.

Add a touch of pullover in the outside of the shirt, you can make our body curve is perfect, and it is a tight loose, just make echoing with the following bag hip skirt.


Such a wear can be said to be a generic and style, of course, in color selection is also a dark line of autumn and winter.

Because too bright color matching will make people feel very uncomfortable, whether it is a single dress, or external to coats, it is very personal, high-level, and highlights yourself different.

How to wear a coat more personal


Conventional wearing is a coat with knitting or sweater, and there is also a trend of sweater after combining with the casual style, but the wool coat is not common, more modern is more challenging.

Leather clothes and wool collides more modern


It is definitely not to think that the woolen coat and the leather coat are mixed, and the route of the woolen coat is different.


The leather coat is walking, the skin’s clothes are relatively close, and the flexibility is slightly worse, so we do it in comparison with your own body curve, which will look too much.

At the same time, the leather coat is not a special daily single-through, and there is a little powerful, at this time, it is matched with a loose woolen coat, just masked this defect.

A master is gentle, a starry, hierarchy and visual impact, and the style wears is more intriguing. With a pair of long boots, it can be said that it is a sweet, ready to switch.

Some people say that this strange circle is so troublesome, but do you want to toss? Moreover, ordinary feelings? Tossing is different from the people, and the toss is who is more style!