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Since the summer, most of the temperature is higher than a day, in such a season, not only to reduce your body, but the feet also need to be reduced.

Whenever you say shoes, many people will think of the sandals that are suitable for wearing in summer or small white shoes. These two types of shoes are almost tying for women’s shoe, in fact, there will be more choices in the summer. Pick a comfortable and advanced elegant shoes, with a good leg and wild.

Today is a pair of shoes for a long time: “Dragonfly shoes”, it is considered a very fashionable pair of shoes that can be classified as sandals, which is designed with Baotou and slope, very Elegant and noble.


How to pick a straw shoe

Before you have a single product, you must first learn to choose a shoe suitable for you, the shoes are more focused more comfortable than the clothes, because there are many people need to go to work every day, so a pair of comfortable shoes are very important.

1, according to the foot type

Everyone’s foot type is different, how to pick a piece of shoe suitable for you, first to clarify the shape of his feet. There are a lot of people wearing shoes, and the number of selected codes is also different because the height of the foot is different from the width of the foot.

If in daily life, the sneakers wearing is just the number of codes, etc., when choosing straw shoes, try to choose a big code, will be more comfortable. Because the design of straw shoes is relatively unique, especially the design of the slope, in the middle of the part, choosing a big code, will make your feet more comfortable experience, walking from the road will not be very Uncomfortable.


2, according to color and style

When there is a look at the whole, many people only pay attention to the overall feeling, so when they choose, color and style are very important, and they can form echoes between clothes, which is the effect of color can play. And most grass shoes have a wedge design and a head design.

This kind of shoe has appropriate wrap and integrates the appropriate skin, so it can be integrated in color, do not have to worry about the color series, there is no way to match straw shoes.


Correct opening of straw shoes

Look1, straw shoe + skirt


In the summer, most women are dominated by skirts, and the dressing of the skirt can show the femininity of women as much as possible. When they match the shoes, it can take advantage of the same color form, let the shoes and The color step of the skirt is consistent, which looks more coordinated and advanced.


1 White dress + straw shoes

In the summer, it is very popular in white, especially this year, the first love style is very big, so you can try this pure white dress when summer, the part of the hem has a lace design, while brought by a waist Improve the position of the waist, the designed strap under the straw lace, is more expensive and elegant, combined with the ballet shoes and straw shoes more advanced.

2 dress + straw shoes


In summer, most of the straw shoes that have a strap of straps, this is also the most classic style to choose a fierce style, a strong dress, which uses rose beans, this color can put out the individual temperament, the skin color is also Extremely friendly, the selected straw shoe has two colors stitching, the color of the bag will be more prominent, with a balanced role, showing the french-style high-level elegance.

Look2, straw shoe + pants

There are two ways in the summer with pants in the summer. One is a shorts, the other is trousers, and it will be more advanced when they are mixed with trousers. It is recommended that women are with grass shoes and trousers, choose nine pants. Appropriate exposure of the ankle and presents most of the shoes, it is also very good to videody, and it is relatively simple to match.

When shorts in the face of grass shoes, there will be a strong neutral style, and you can extend your height, because most of the shorts will be dominated by three pants and five pants, and there will be some calm in combination with grass shoes. And elegant style.

1 shirt + jeans + straw shoes

In the summer, the pop-up and bubble sleeves are compared this year, combining these two elements, is a typical french-style shirt, short-sleeved style is more cool, with nine pants with visual elongation effect, for Female body, you can try a touch of your own style, completely exposing the lower half of the straw shoes, and the increase is good.

2 sling + jeans + straw shoes

This is a very distinctive straw shoe, which is made up of black and white, and the bag is black, while the wrapped part of the back is a white, more characteristic, and the design of the wedge is visually visually. Increased effects, the same is to choose the nine-point pants with a hanging belt, and the upper body also uses the matching method of the same color system, showing advanced techniques.

Look3, straw shoe + shorts

Under such high temperatures, shorts will be more popular. Many people think that there is a little violation between shorts and straw shoes. After all, the design with the wedge is more in women, and now most of the shorts They are all fattened, there will be a strong sense. In fact, the selected style is loose, and the straw shoe that is coming is also very elegant.

For example: wave point short sleeve + denim shorts + straw shoes


In the summer, the black wave point short sleeves are also very popular. It can be seen in the streets of France. It can be seen everywhere with blue short jeans, white straw shoes become colors. There is a highlight effect and role.

Although the little white shoes are resistant to the wild, it will be greasy, and in the summer, it is properly transformed, and it can bring fashion surprises, and there is an increased effect. It will not be embarrassing.

Ok, the above is sharing today. Pay attention to daily matching guidelines, use more beautiful yourself!

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The little white shoes have been lost, this summer, “straw shoes” is popular, elegant and legged