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The full-text hand playing, this article makes you have a basic understanding of the suede, if you have helpful hope

How to read the deer skin, first, this word is the same as the word (ji three), not reading.


“Toors” is now a secondary protected animal, which can be cultured, but there is no extensive deer. Now the suede is already a representative of “suede”.

Since the suede is very soft, there is no scratch on the polished surface, so the suede can be used to wipe the glass in the car or the mirror.


The suede products are about three categories.

One is a true suede product, and there is very little quantity.

The second category is made of alternative processing of other animal skin such as deer skin, sheep skin.

The third category is the use of polyester, nylon, acrylic, and acetate, etc., chemical fibers, etc.

It is obviously the third category with suede on the car wiped towel.

Focus on the suede towel for rubbing the car:


1. The suede towel is dry when drying is hard. This is not a soft, this is very different from ordinary towels, and does not understand this person may be very annoyed. So some merchants have a box for storage, and let them keep moist.

2, the suede tissue can absorb the water absorption, a dry suede is enough to take off a whole cup of water, so you can wipe the car or wipe your hair.

3, the texture of the mujjji looks more rough, it is not difficult to understand, want to suck so much water, there is no pores, so the suede is not flat, the friction is relatively large, can not be used Washing face. In general, it is quite good to wipe the car.