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Taiwan tea makers have been popular all over the branches and Asia in recent years. The important factors are not only continuous innovations such as materials, functions, shapes, glaze, etc., especially combined with paint, metal, wood, and even ancient bricks, old chopping boards. The material, which exhibits the inclusive of Taiwan culture and has become the most popular tea trend of the Chinese world.

Wu Deliang combined with white magnetic, glazed and chopping board woodcut painted tea tray


Li Xinglong’s side of the ceramic ceiling

As early as 1997, he was established in the lacquer studio. Let the simple pottery and condensed gorgeous paint in the ceramic arts paragraph, not only under the modern style of modern, but also invested a rich and elegant Chinese ancient wind, but also invested a new creation living water for the teapot, in many pottery people. Don’t be a banner, so I won the Taiwan “National Craft Award” in the past five consecutive times, but they can be confident.

Li Xinglong is constantly breaking through the material of the material, with a simple, simple style, cleverly integrates the texture of China’s ancient tartles and lacquer, and makeup dotted, cloud lines, and the cloud tips. It is a delicate and comparative paint of a lotian soil, with a soft curve of the large piece of stable and glow, and interested all kinds of artistic arts, weaving new paint ceramic pots.

Of course, it is necessary to make natural paint and pottery, in addition to high difficult skills, it is necessary to have patient tests for patient and perseverance, and the cumbersome process includes variable coating, admission (screw, laughter) or inlaid ( Stack seashells), grinding, pushing light, etc. Li Xinglong said that most of the lacquer raw materials from Japan or Fuzhou, while glazed drugs are different from the lacquer, and they have to be placed on the shade of the shade. Because natural paints cannot bake with high temperature, they can only dry in the natural environment. The lacquer is not pure white, and eggshells are often required. Then use the water sandpaper 360, 11000, 2000, continuously grinding, and the skeleton carbon reaches 3000 pushing treatment until it matches the mirror. Contrast the strokes of the ceramics, there is no longer enter the kiln.


For the average person’s doubts about whether the paint is poisonous, Li Xinglong said: the lacquer is different from the natural plant paint of chemical lacquer, and must use vegetable solvents such as camphor oil. After completion, it can withstand 240 ~ 250 ° C high temperature, far higher than the tea tea. The water temperature required for 100 ° C is absolutely safe.

Zhang Que Ming’s multimedia creation tea tray is full of avant-garde fashion style

The other in recent years, a lot of ottermathe, the most like to use metal, wood and other raw materials to add the creation of the pothalt, regardless of the glazed or firewood, regardless of the work of hand-pulled embryo or elastic embryos, not only Increase the funness of the work and enrich more geometric and mechanical elements.

In the hometown of Shimen Tieguan Tieguan, Taiwan, the original grass, originally used a small grass, and the Waste school passed through the New North City Cultural Bureau “Waiting for the Leisure and Reissue” Plan, Zhang Ge Ming gave himself to “Ali”荖 Art space. He retains the playground and the flag stand, and there is a maze in the entrance plaza with drifting wood, and some portraits of Longbai as a wooden use. The first floor of the open door became a special coffee house combined with the art space, and the first floor of the hillside was built as his ceramic art studio. In this way, the entrance to Shimen Tea Township is waiting in the sea, and the tide of the South China Sea is waiting.

“Should Be” is the studio name and brand of Zhang Ge Ming, no matter the spirit or style, it is close to the bauhaus. It is “in the geometry, mechanical and unified frame, Lost a little organic line into “.” Moreover, in addition to the tea maker, it also produces a special woodworking furniture that is extremely special.

Zhang Qiming not only uses the combination of multi-material materials, but also likes to make a metaphorical factor of the work by collage, object, ready-made, painting, copy, text, symbol, image, concept, etc., make the viewer to produce a stunning visual. Effect. However, Zhang Qim Ming also said that the difficulty of multimedia is compared with a single material, in addition to the external body and its own production method, how is the maximum difficulty is how to put together. In the mastery of shape, color, physical and engagement, Zhang Ming has accumulated considerable experience and sensitivity. Therefore, the created tea should have a certain degree of delicate and harmony regardless of the hand-squeezed embryo or grout, such as a pot of pottery with a softwood or dragon and walnut kink with a grip, cup body or wooden handle. Metal treatment; the blue pot of green or powder glaze in the open texture, from time to time, it can be seen in a point of iron spots, creating different levels of beauty, even if he repeatedly emphasizes the creation pot must “function over the aesthetics”.

In addition, Zhang Ming also often configures three media to be cleverly configured as a tea tray with a strong modern geometry, so that elegant tea culture embraces machinery civilization. In particular, the square tea tray is more integrated into the rich Japanese style. It is the end of the blackstone of the river garden, plus the blackstone of the tea, and is perfect for the overall “mousi live water” tea ceremony. The avant-garde’s fashion style is more fun to taste again.

Wu Yuanzhong plus metal hand putting the flying pot with gold water

In fact, in the early Wu Yuanzhong, we have used metal materials such as platinum, gold, copper, as a handle or kink of a teapot, and the pot of the golden foil and the pit and add a gold foil makeup. It seems that the wings are rushing to the horizon. The flying session, full style has a smooth contemporary, but unfortunately in practicality, there is no epidemic or imitation.


The Buddha has a cloud: “Let go of the butcher, stand in the Buddha” As a tea tray as a tea: first, the cutting board is planed flat, and then make the bottom of the paint. After the painting is complete, the teriff is unable to withstand the heat of the teapot, first dig a square groove in the middle, and then painted the white tiles on the glaze, and the high temperature quenching is embedded. It is a perfect tea tray. If you don’t open the bottom, it is hard to find that it is a chopping board that once killed thousands of knives.

For example, in the 1940, the country is only in the country, although there is many ruins, it is the epitome of Taiwan’s early agricultural social style, and the famous rice pot is famous, and the raw material is taken. After standing for a period of time, then screen release, remove Impurities, and integrated into the rock mine creation, the burnt teapot retains the mortality and emotion of the native land, and it is very cherished.

Wen 丨 德亮

图 丨 德亮

Editor’s red note

This article comes from the 77th issue of the Straits Tea Tact (July 2012)


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