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The POLO shirt can be said to be a long -lasting fashion item, and it has obvious leisure style,

Not only is cutting relatively simple, but also the advantages of the shirt and short sleeves perfectly. It is one of the necessary fashion items in the wardrobe during summer travel.

And it is relatively simple to match. Whether it is a follower or a skirt, it can produce a good effect. Even ordinary people can easily create a full fashion trend. Guo Jingjing is indeed the most generous! Wearing a POLO shirt+casual pants is full of vitality, but a lot of black


Guo Jingjing likes to wear POLO shirts to go shopping, and she is more inclined to casual and comfortable style when matching.


Most of them are casual pants shape

Recently, the shape of the children with her husband Huo Qigang when he took the bike to travel with the children is to use the POLO shirt to make the main match.

Whether it is a color combination or the style selection is very classic.

01 Pink POLO shirt+casual pants+sun hat to create daily leisure wind


Keywords: casual, simple and generous, enthusiastic

Bright pink color with black, colliding with a lively and playful sense

The more common combination of the POLO shirt is to combine with casual pants. This is the case on Guo Jingjing’s body, but it is ingenious in the choice of color. It is very bold.


The POLO shirt on the upper body specifically selected bright pink with high saturation. As we all know, when the saturation is high, it will increase a greater impact visually

At the same time, pink can

Black skin

After combination with bright colors, it is not easy to control for many people.

Guo Jingjing is no exception. After putting on this bright pink POLO shirt, the skin is obviously set off for a degree, compared with Huo Qigang, wearing a black short -sleeved white domestic sportswear, it must be more grounded. Do not

The pure black high -waisted casual pants on the lower body are very neutralized and the bright pink is exaggerated.

The overall shape is mainly pink,

The lustful peaked cap on the head not only forms a good echo effect in color, but also makes the overall shape a little more playful and lively.


Bright colors and dark superposition, the effect is really outstanding.

02 White Polo shirt+nine -point casual pants+sneakers, more temperament and leisure


Keywords: refreshing, comfortable, simple

Upper Panasonic collection combination, make the shape become atmospheric

Unlike short sleeves,

Polo shirt is more independent


, Often appear alone, and according to different preferences and aesthetics, various changes will be made at the position of the neckline.


Regardless of the open button to form a small V -neck, or to add a sense of dignity, it can create a sense of leisure and comfort.

Guo Jingjing’s black -and -white Polo shirt is maintained and kept it.

The style of upper Panasonic

, Polo shirt on the upper body is adopted

Loose tailoring of straight tube

And when matching

Did not emphasize the waistline too much

It stands to reason that such a combination will seem a bit five or five, but the casual pants of Guo Jingjing’s lower body are used.

Nine -point design exposed the ankle


With the low -light white sneakers, it is consistent with the color of the top, forming a good response effect

At the same time, it can strengthen the comfort of the overall shape and get two birds with one stone.

03 POLO shirt+skirt, highlighting feminine charm

Keywords: high waist, sharp, thin


Properly exposed legs increase sexy elements

Compared to the neat and refreshing trousers,

The combination of POLO shirt and skirt can highlight the charm of women


Force, and the different styles of the skirt can also create a completely different feeling,

After combining a more slim skirt with the POLO shirt, it creates a mature woman’s style. When the pleated skirt is combined with Houshan, it is more youthful and energetic.

Guo Jingjing’s riding shape is too classic! Wearing a bright powder POLO shirt is not afraid of being black, Huo Qigang wore domestic goods to be more trendy

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