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Cleaning of the car is a place that most people ZUI is easy to ignore, especially the cleaning of the car inside, because the inner roof is dirty, it is not easy to be discovered by the owner, and the inner ceiling is cleaned, but with a long time Using, the dust in the car is attached, the body is very harmful to the owner, don’t “abandon” because of trouble, regular cleaning is still necessary.

It is necessary to clean the ceiling regularly

Cleaning of car skate shed

The cleaning of the outer shed is very simple. When the car is carried, the cleaning agent can be cleaned with water, and it is possible to make some maintenance to the whole car. The cleaning method of the inner ceiling should be meticulous, and the cleaning method is usually a large-area cleaning first with high-power dust pipes and brushes, and then with neutral washing liquid to clean the dirt, and the ZUI is fully cleaned.

The specific cleaning method is to vacuum clear with a high power vacuum cleaner while cooperating with a ceiling brush. Then sprayed with neutral foam cleaner on the ceiling, generally good foam cleaner will be more than a long time “hanging” on top, wait a few minutes later, using a special cleaning soft brush with a ceiling Brush, and then use a wet towel. Other rumored brushes cannot be used, otherwise it is easy to make the fluffs. The suction shed is really difficult to clean, and the use of foam cleaner is right, but must be purchased. ZUI is the kind of dryness of the dishwrapping sofa, and the dust will condense the dust into the kind of bead particles. Then it is set with a vacuum cleaner. For stubborn stains, it is necessary to repeated spray foam for scrub. After processing is clean, use another clean cotton cloth, smooth the roof direction, so that it is better to restore the original appearance.

Car inside the ceiling cleaning

It should be noted that the cleaning method of the car in the car is different depending on the material and color on the top of the roof. The light-color fabric can use a seat cleaner. Pour the seat first, then cover the water or detergent of water or detergent that is dripped by the car. Then inject the water and detergent dilution in the sprayer, spray it on the roof. After the detergent is slightly foamed, gently use a soft brush and lighter strength. Otherwise, it is easy to make a hair, and it will also hurt the fabric.

The filler in the ceiling in the car is the material of insulation sound absorption. The ability to absorb moisture is strong. When cleaning, the rag should be wounded, otherwise the wet towel makes the cleaning agent soaked the roof material, it is difficult to dry. And even peel off these materials. Moreover, it must be used to select a good quality foam cleaning agent, the retaining time is long, the acid base is neutralized, and the fabric is not corroded, nor will it leave a water mark.

Darkness wants to check their dirtyness, as long as you rub the surface with a clean wet towel. If the white towel is stained with tea, it means that the roof is already dirty. No matter what car, you can use this method once every two to three months. If you find that you can wipe it with a wet towel, it is not necessary to use a cleaner.