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Generally, the back of the wedding dress is the design of straps, which can meet the brides of different figures. They will not be so strict with the size, but the good -looking strap system in the back also requires a certain amount of technology. Let’s come below. How is the strap behind the wedding dress tied?

What is the strap behind the wedding dress?

2. Cross -string, and finally get a bow.

Note: If it is slightly tight, it is not easy to make a particularly beautiful bow, and you can die; if you do n’t tight, you will look bloated. It is recommended to tie the wedding strap from behind, then put on the wedding dress, and then hit it. Bow, so tightly booked. The usage of wedding straps is the same, which is the same as the laces.

The line of the wedding strap

Step 1: String the band from the inside to the first row, and adjust the two straps in the state.

Step 2: Like we usually wear shoelaces, we are stringed from the inside to ensure that the rope is always smooth.

Step 3: For the first adjustment tightness, tighten the progress of the rope from the top to the next row. Pay attention to the tube top style. It is the best effect on the gap on the chest. The force of the tie straps is on the lower bust (a little bit on the stomach) to the waist, because the wedding dress is supported by the waist to support the strength, the waist is tightened, and the wedding dress will naturally not fall!

Step 4: After the tightness above the waist is adjusted, the part below the waist is according to the above cross string, and continues to string down until the bottom of the strap. Degree, just look down and tie the appearance, so that the V -shaped strap effect is beautiful.

Step 5: After the strap is at the bottom, we need to knot it, we must leave the roots at a distance, and then knot the knot into the small hole in the roots. It will be exposed and beautiful.

Wedding strap skills

The straps on the back of the wedding dress can better show the slender lines of the bride’s waist, so you must pay attention when the straps on the back of the wedding dress, let your makeup artist help you one by one, and then follow the shoelaces. The way to put the binding belt one by one, tighten the strap one by one from the bottom up. However, in the process of pulling, you must not use it stupidly. You must follow the direction of the straps to the tie. Don’t tighten it. If it is too tight, it will make the bride very uncomfortable.

How should wedding dress be maintained

1. Do not roll the wedding dress into a plastic bag for a long time, which may produce creases and seal the moisture to breed mold;


2. Before planning for a long time, make sure that the wedding dress is clean and without stains;

3. Direct light sources and stains that are not cleaned are the key factor that causes yellowing to turn yellow for a long time;

4. It is recommended to wrap the wedding dress with a white -free cotton paper or the unbridled fine -grained cotton cloth and put it in a solid cardboard box, and let the box avoid direct light sources, or save it in an opaque dust cover cover middle;

5. When hanging a wedding dress, you must hang the clothes in the wedding dress on the hanger. Do not directly want to hang the wedding dress like daily clothes, because the weight of the skirt will make the upper body material as a tulle or lace wedding dress stretching and deformation or even tearing Essence