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In 2016, it was a year of anxiety for many jewelry dealers. Tiffany, who always girly heart, seemed to be losing her girls, and the traditional Hong Kong jewelry also found that it was difficult to talk to young people. These hundreds of years of inheritance seem to be losing to some “rookies” that appeared after the 1980s. We talked with a few post -90s post -90s topics about beads, diamond rings, and gold and silver, which may help jewelry dealers to know why new consumers have a headache.

“Shopping mall jewelry Street? String this time in a lifetime”

The 26 -year -old Mumu married her boyfriend who had been in love with a long -distance running last year. This was the first time she began to visit the gold shop densely in her life. Words and cabinets are densely arranged in the gold necklace for decades, which have nothing to do with her “fashionista” that is a “fashionista” that goes to Taobao to two in the morning.

Chow Tai Fook, which is “genuine and reliable in the store” is the first choice for the wedding ring in Mumu. “Wedding rings still hope to buy in traditional gold shops, because the quality will be more guaranteed. There are not many concepts for these stores, and Chow Tai Fook is the most famous inside, so you choose it.” Mumu has a fashion in Hong Kong. Human friend, so she entrusted the big diamond in this life to the friend. The only requirement for the savvy Mumu to give friends is that the drill is large. “The color and accuracy are second. Anyway, I can’t see it if I don’t look closely. The big diamond is very face -to -face haha.” When I ate with her once, I saw this diamond ring that was close to one carat. The diamonds are very suitable for her slender ten fingers.

Zhou Dafu’s only time in Mumu’s life was unsuccessful, but the shop next door attracted her attention. After the golden gift package for Zhou Dafu with a must -have for marriage, she found that a golden shop called Tide Hongji was very fashionable and younger. The golden jewelry shop of strictness looks very prominent. She picked a gold necklace with a price of about 4,000 on the spot, and then met the pair of earrings wearing it in its Tmall flagship store.

As for the whole set of rows (golden earrings, necklaces, and bracelets) of her diamond ring and her in Zhou Dafu. Because, as a hard -working and brave white -collar worker, when she first entered the workplace, she “always feels that she will have a glittering thing on her hand when she is working.”

The beads say: You are not buying a bracelet, but weave your life story.

The joint model that Mu Mu saw in Chaohongji is nothing new. The joint name is already a clear movement for traditional jewelry dealers. The animated king Disney distributed his “general” to major brands. Zhou Dafu grabbed Mickey, Pooh and Pumpkin carriages, and Chahongji accepted Alice and Little Deer Paabi. In addition to Disney, Ding Dangcat is also displayed in the counter of Chahongji. Chow Tai Fook’s window is covered with Hello Kitty; Chow Tai Fook launched a “Marvel” pendant, and Zhou Shengsheng also had “One Piece” beads.

Beads can be called the biggest dark horse in the jewelry market in the past two years. Among the sorrows of the jewelry market, the Danish brand Pandora in 2016 relying on the business of this little bead to turn the performance in mainland China nearly two times. In contrast, Zhou Dafu’s performance in the first half of the same year has shrunk by 20%, and by October last year, Tiffany’s global sales of the same store have declined for 10 consecutive quarters.

“Recently, I spent a lot of money on Pandora. After buying a bracelet, I kept trying to buy new beads.” Amy was 22 years old and studied in graduate students in Hong Kong. Go to Pandora’s store. Attracted by the Pandora brand story, she is the deepest consumer group representative.

This jewelry brand that focuses on beaded tells you that you are not buying a bracelet, but weave your own life story. “In a special moment in life, or when you have a memorable story, you buy a bead and skeve on the bracelet. This way each bracelet records your life history, and it is also unique,” said this, Amy, Amy, Amy, Amy Sorry, I smiled and said, “I just bought it now.”

Now Amy’s internship in the fashion industry in the Mainland. As a student in the circle, she also spent about 10,000 yuan on jewelry last year. With a certain consumption power, pursuit of personalization and self -expression, AMY is largely the epitome of young customers who will face long -term jewelry dealers in the future.

In addition to Pandora, APM, Mikimoto and other light luxury brands, OOAK, a domestic jewelry buyer shop, is also her “grass” resort. When traveling, she will also buy some specialty accessories designed by independent designers along the way. “There is a brand with the main animal pattern in Thailand, which is very special. There is half a floor upstairs in the Eslite Bookstore in Taiwan. Sometimes it will be bought on the street. “Amy and I talked about these, I was thinking, alas, isn’t this the psychology of collecting beads?”

What does this generation buy? Is it a fashion blogger?

In this era of people who open the public account around the public account than those who read the public account, the most young people in this generation of young people are the people who want the latest information and the latest products to the people in their hands. This is also the biggest difference between them and mothers and sisters.

The 26 -year -old Yingzi worked in Beijing. She recently opened a public account. In the function introduction, there are only five simple words “Eat, drink, play, and play”. In a recent push, she recommended “Star’s favorite niche brand jewelry” to more than 400 readers, such as “New York designer brand Celetine, Zhou Dongyu, He Sui the same model”, “Wang Ziwen, Liu Shishi, and Zhang Tianai’s loved accessories loved “Lady Gaga — O.yang” Yunyun. Yingzi couldn’t remember how she heard these niche brands one by one, only to find them on Weibo and Xiaohongshu.

“Parenting” is indeed a typical way for the new generation of consumer group contact information. On the one hand, the number of fashion bloggers, which exists as Weibo Big V and public accounts, is increasing. On the other hand, the rise of cross -border shopping platforms such as Xiaohongshu and Ocean Pier has made buyer show everywhere. Today, you can travel thousands of miles without leaving home, and visit niche brands around the world. In fact, the use of the niche brand’s expression on major shopping platforms has been too “popular”.

At the same time, the opinion leaders are participating in the process of the formation of this cognition of what young people are looking good. Last year, the joint series of jewelry launched by the fashion blogger Ribeca and the Palace Museum’s cultural jewelry, “The Infallment of the Forbidden City · Cat”, a total of 400 joint jewelry. The pre -sale time of 2 hours was robbed after 20 minutes.

Yingzi told me that she did not pay attention to any blogger directly, maybe because her preferences are more “niche” -starting from buying the first style of ordinary pearl earrings, she has become fascinated by the elegance of pearls. The earrings necklace bracelets recommended in her public account were slowly picked out by herself. One was not bad, all of them brought pearls of large and small.

“True Gold and Silver” is really not that important

Perhaps the most headache for traditional jewelry brands is that young people feel more and more that real gold and silver are really not so important.

For the classic series of each brand, the 26 -year -old vivian is like a few treasures -Swarovski’s “Demon Eye”, I do’s “Tower Series”, Pandora’s Christmas “Apple Bead” and so on. She has not been at work for 4 years. She also spent nearly 10,000 yuan on jewelry last year. Because different brands have their own hearts at different prices, she has an unwritten shopping plan. “Tiffany is too expensive, buy at most once a year. Others, don’t buy too expensive, but buy more, you can match different clothes. The earrings budget is less than 500, necklaces are generally around 2000, and the four or five thousand likes I like is especially liked It can also be acceptable. “

Recently, she went to Zhou Shengsheng to buy beads. Different from Pandora’s silver hand ring and silver beads, the matching of Zhou Shengsheng’s “leather rope with gold” has a little shadow of transporting beads. “At that time, I watched my friends brought Zhou Shengsheng. It was very good, so I bought one.” Vivian hesitated, saying, “But I still want to buy another Pandora, the two are actually different.”

In addition to the launch of Zhou Sheng of the beading series, major jewelry brands in Hong Kong also feel that their image is indispensable. Half of the consumers of Zhou Dafu are now “Millennials” (born in 1983-2000, and pointed out that it was born in the 20th century and reached an adult age after entering the 21st century). In 2014, Zhou Dafu acquired HEARTS on Fire, an American diamond dealer to expand more diamond accessories, including earrings. In 2016, it invited two South Korean Ouba -Lee Min Ho and Quan Zhilong as a new brand spokesperson. Wang Ensheng, manager of the marketing department of Shanghai Laofengxiang, also told the media that young Chinese women buyers are pursuing fashion. The company will produce more unique customized accessories in the future and avoid the price too high. “In this way, they can buy multiple products Used for different occasions. “

I don’t know if it is the effect of this hot beading series. In Vivian’s view, Zhou Shengsheng is different from other traditional gold shops. “Zhou Shengsheng’s design sense is stronger, and the price is slightly more expensive than other gold shops, and the grade is a bit higher.”

Recently, Vivian, which follows the trend, also has new goals, British Tide GLAM Ever’s earrings. According to her, the earrings have a strong sense of design, and the price is less than 500 yuan, and the theme of Star Moon I like, but the most important thing is that “many stars including Zhang Liangying are bringing.”

Do you no longer love Tiffany because of many of them?

Echo, who returned from studying in the UK, used to be Tiffany’s iron powder. How much do you like? I like to go to the store to do part -time sales.

Speaking of her like Tiffany, she cannot be referred to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. However, unlike Audrey Hepburn in the movie, Echo, who works and earn in Shanghai, does not need to stand outside the window. As a loyal customer and half employees, Echo can’t stop when Tiffany talks about Tiffany:

—— “The first time I saw the blue cartridge wrapped in white ribbon, it was amazing and very girlish.”

—— “When I recommend Tiffany to customers, I also started to know that the D diamonds of the T family have their own certificates, which is higher than GIA (Gemmology Institute of American Gem Society). “,”

—— “I think Tiffany feels very pure, and it is in line with the feeling of girls. Unlike Bulgari is wild, most of them are not delicate.”

The voice of criticism believes that the large -scale silverware produced by Tiffany after the millennium has made this brand rapidly expand in the public market and began to lose her “noble and indifferent” temperament. “The cost of less than one dollar, selling more than one hundred dollars” is also consumption and hollowing out her brand image.

Even so, Tiffany’s halo is still there. Vivian has a long time for the classic key necklace, and it may be a year -end award; and Mumu is watching a Tiffany bracelet recently. Haitao’s price is estimated to be less than 2,000 yuan. It’s so beautiful, but after all, it’s Tiffany, you know. “

However, Echo, who slowly faded the label of “Student” and “Girl”, told me that Harry Winston has now replaced Tiffany as her favorite. She said, “Maybe it was attracted by its Fame”, but to be honest, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” has been released for 65 years after all. In “Gossip Girl”, Harry Winston diamond ring that has witnessed Blair and Chuck to love love Echo has found a more perfect choice for future weddings, which is not so surprising.

I can’t see any brand and the best quality.

Another biggest feature of the post -90s may not be easily paid for big names. In various institutional research reports, consumers in generations Z appear independent and more thoughtful. They are no longer blind followers of big names, and even reveal LOGO as “outdated”.

Helen once worked in a fashion media and moved to a public relations company not long ago. She likes fashion, and likes to find those niche and beautiful jewelry brands from fashion magazines.

Like more and more young people refuse to print a big LOGO bag and refuse to hit a shirt, Helen also prefers some unique and beautiful objects that can’t see the brand. “One thing, can’t recognize the brand, but feel good when you look at it, it’s really good.”

There are many ways to find these niche products. At least twice a year, the opportunity to go abroad and more convenient overseas purchases have provided opportunities for young people like Helen. The brand’s official website, fashion e -commerce, overseas counters, and street shops, Helen slowly accumulates his heart from these places.

Traditional jewelry shops such as Zhou Dafu and Zhou Shengsheng are no longer the first choice for Helen. Occasionally go shopping. If she really sees her favorite style, she will not refuse. “At this time, I like the most important.”

Source: Interface News | Author: Wen Qianyu