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Since March, a new round of local epidemic in my country has affected 28 provinces. Omikon has strong hiddenness and fast spread. In order to win the resistance of this epidemic as soon as possible, many places are racing with the virus to conduct rounds of nucleic acid testing.

There is a potential risk of outbreaks in the Shanghai epidemic, and the anti -epidemic schedule is cloid. The new round of nucleic acid screening in Shanghai exceeds 8.26 million people.

And when everyone relieves the disease and actively cooperates with the seal control and detection, a rumor is spread online. Do not want to participate in nucleic acid screening, and let the juniors try not to perform nucleic acid detection and antigen detection.

Photo source: Shanghai Network Rumor

What is the cotton swab used during nucleic acid detection and antigen detection? Is there a reagent above? Is it really toxic? According to the Shanghai rumor platform, the same answer has been answered from a number of testing kits.

Nucleic acid detection and antigen detection The cotton swabs are mainly two forms: nose swab and pharynx. The pharynx swab is generally 15 cm long, and the nasal switch is 6-8 cm long. (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Tang Rong, introduced that the “cotton swabs” used by the sampling and the daily use of dehydrated cotton swabs that everyone sees are not the same thing. Composition of short -fiber fluffy hair and medical grade ABS plastic rod.

The sampling swab uses the spray and static charge charging method, so that millions of nylon microfiber is vertically attached to the handle end.


Plel processes do not produce poisonous substances. Velvet method allows nylon fiber to form a capillaries, which is conducive to liquid samples like strong liquid pressure absorption. Compared with the traditional entangled fibrous fibrous swab, the velvet swab can keep the microorganism sample on the surface of the fiber, quickly elute> 95%of the original samples, and easily improve the sensitivity of the detection.

Tang Rong said that the sampling swab is to sample and produce. It does not contain any soaking reagent, and it does not require reagents. It is only used to scrape the cells and virus samples in the virus activation savings to carry out nucleic acid testing.

Shanghai citizens who have experienced the “seal control screening” also experienced the testing process of sampling swabs: the test personnel extended the collection of the collecting swab to the pharynx or the nose, and then took a sampling tube on the left hand. The latter “cotton swab” inserted into the sampling pipe and was slightly harder. The head of the “cotton swab” was cut off and sealed in the sampling pipe. The long “cotton swab” rod was discarded into the yellow medical waste trash can. When using the antigen detection kit, after the sampling, the sample swab needs to be rotated in the saving solution for at least 30 seconds, and then squeezed the header of the outer wall across the sampling tube at least 5 seconds. Cut.

So why do people have mild sore throat and nausea after the test? Tang Rong said that this has nothing to do with the collection swab. Perhaps due to individual differences, some people’s throat is more sensitive, or it may be caused by the operation of the test personnel. It will soon be relieved after stopping the collection, and it will not hurt the body.

In addition, the sampling swab belongs to a disposable sampling device. It is a type of medical equipment product. According to national regulations, not only does production must be recorded, but also strict production environment requirements and quality supervision standards. Qualified products must be non -toxic and harmless.

The “disposable sampling device” is a general product in the medical field. It can be sampled in different parts. It is also applied to different detection behaviors. It is not especially for nucleic acid detection or antigen detection production.

Therefore, no matter from the material, the production, processing, and inspection process, the sampling swab has strict standards to ensure that it is non -toxic and harmless and can be used with confidence.


The national epidemic prevention and control situation is severe and complicated

Don’t pass rumors, don’t believe in rumors


Source: Science and Technology Daily WeChat account

Photo source: Shanghai Network Rumor