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Straight hair device, this is a artifact that makes the hair straight, not only can the hair straighten, but also curls. So can this straight hair curl? How can a straight hair use to reduce the damage?

直发器可以卷发吗 怎么用才能把伤害降低

Can a straight hair curl?

The straight hair can be curled.

The shape of straight hair+micro -curly hair is popular with many MMs, and some MMs want to follow the trend, but I don’t know how to build it. Actually, a straight hair can easily help you. You can use the straight hair to pull the upper hair first. When you reach the neutral and hair tail area, you can use a straight hair to make the hair curved inner curved. A concave shape!

How to use to reduce damage

1. MMs who often use straight hair hairdressers When using shampoo, it is best to use shampoo with hot repairs, because straight hair also pulls straight hair through the principle of heating.

2. Before using a straight hair device, be sure to use straight hair cream or heat -proof spray. Do not use glue or gel water.

3. The use of a straight hair device must be used after the hair is completely dry.

4. After the hair is completely dry, use a comb to sort the hair and divide the hair into a strand of hair. While put a small hair in the hair, the straight hair was moved while pulling from the root of the hair to the end. Be sure to move your straight hair device, because staying with a straight hair on a hair for a long time hurts the hair.

5. Try not to use the number of directors as possible, do not use a straight hair device every day.

The straight hair device can be used for curly hair. The method of paying attention to use the damage to the hair to the minimum.