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Traditional Chinese medicine meridian acupoints or more advanced mysteries in the universe

Do you believe that people have meridians and acupoints on their bodies? Do you believe in “dead points” and “laughing points” and other sayings? Do you believe the acupoint can treat the disease?

Meridian doctrine


Is one of the core of the basic theory of the motherland

Essence Meridian and acupuncture points


Chinese nation, Chinese culture


Chinese medicine

Unique nouns;


It is the general name of the meridians and the veins, and it is

Run the whole body qi and blood, contact the dirty and body -shaped physical tricks, communicate up and down, inside and outside, and inductive conduction information


The channel system is an important part of the human structure.


(scientific name

穴 (shù) acupoint

) It is a special area on the human meridian line.

Special parts of the human viscera meridian meridian qi and blood infusion


Reacting physiological function, pathological conditions, treatment of diseases

Waiting for multiple attributes.


A large number of clinical practice has proven

, And will continue to prove that physical stimulation is applied along the twelve meridians and acupoints,

It can effectively treat or regulate the diseases of the relevant viscera and the whole body.

The ancients summarized the mechanism of Meridianism as: “

Blood qi, yin and yang, tuning falsehood, shoulder the heavenly path, and decisive life and death.

“It reflects it in the human body


Adjust, balance, control, transmission

It has certain functions.

Countless successful clinical practice

Affirm the existence of the meridians

Essence In the 1980s, Professor General Professor President Jian used three biophysical methods to measure the line of the human body’s fourteen meridians on the skin, which was amazingly consistent with the Song Dynasty’s only acupuncture meridian copper model.


The essence of meridians and acupoints

what exactly is it? We can’t see or touch it.

At present, the astronomical telescope can observe the cosmic microwave background radiation with the longest distance of 13.8 billion light years; Musk is about to board Mars, and it is poor. In the micro , Middle son, Quark, Jiaozi … The rapid development of science and technology far beyond our imagination, complicated lithography machines, the latest machine learning method-artificial intelligence, fine human anatomy research …

Even so, we use the latest analysis theory, the most advanced physics, chemistry, biotechnology …

Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian Acupoint

Essential mysteries.

Research on the essence of meridian

For more than half a century, scholars at home and abroad have conducted unremitting exploration of meridians. The first problems encountered is what the ancients call meridians

Whether it is true



In the 1950s, people found a strange phenomenon in acupuncture: when some people received acupuncture treatment, they would produce a

Move along the meridian route


Essence Later, the phenomenon was officially named


The phenomenon, who can produce this phenomenon, is called “

Meridian sensitive person

“But this kind of people only occupy a small part of the crowd. The discovery of the phenomenon of the meridian sensation reversed people’s views that the meridians are blood vessels, because blood vessels obviously cannot form this sensation. In addition, people, people It is also found that the skin resistance of the meridian route is low. These phenomena laid a certain foundation for the objective existence of the meridians.

1. Research on the acoustic characteristics of the meridian line

The meridians of the human body surface are specific in the nature of sound propagation, manic in the meridian of high vocal and voice signals. Domestic researchers applied meridian -infusion technology and found that low -frequency sounds have the characteristics of meridian conduction. The body surface route of the large intestine, small intestine, stomach, gallbladder, and bladder meridians is measured.

2. Research on electrical characteristics of meridians

The rectangular wave voltage is added to the surface of the human skin through two -point electrode. The current waveform obtained is some sharp pulses. The current waveform on the meridian line is different from the waveform on the non -meridian line, which is manifested as low resistance and high -capacitor. Domestic researchers have determined the biophysical holographic characteristics of the meridian line of the Sanyin Meridian, and the results show that the 2O subjects can measure the experimental meridian line that is consistent with the Sanyin Jing. Domestic researchers found in the observation of 443 human body and 2 corpse meridian acupoint skin resistance oscillating fluctuations. The oscillation frequency of the body surface skin resistance oscillation fluctuations is relatively fixed, and the oscillating amplitude of the skin of the meridian acupoint and non -Jing acupoints has the range Obvious differences; phenomena cannot be observed on the corpse.

3. Research on thermal characteristics of meridians

The human body is a thermal radiation body, which can measure the changes in the body’s skin temperature by receiving measuring infrared thermal radiation energy. Domestic researchers applied infrared radiation demonstrators to successfully show the infrared radiation trajectory of human body surfaces. The test results showed the infrared radiation trajectory of the human body surface without external stimuli. These trajectories are long or short, but they are based


The consistency, some can reach the meridians throughout the meridian.

4. Research on optical characteristics of meridians

Some domestic researchers believe that the same person is concerned. The luminous strength at the acupoint is higher than the luminous intensity of the surrounding non -acupoints. Symmetrical symmetry on the left and right body of the healthy human body. Patients can measure multiple asymmetrical luminous information points on the left and right body, and transform significantly symmetrical symmetry after acupuncture. In addition, some researchers have also found that the normally human back acupoints are symmetrical, while patients with bronchial asthma and chronic gastritis during the seizure are asymmetric distribution.

5. Research on Magnetic Characteristics of Meridian

Domestic researchers used biomagnetical measurement methods to discuss a series of follow -up routes of the twelve meridians and the eight veins of traditional Chinese medicine, and found that each meridians were accompanied by magnetic vibration lines.

For a long time, scholars at home and abroad have carried out a lot of work in the essence of meridians, but there is no breakthrough progress. Human beings have so far the understanding of the meridians behind clinical practice.

Described in classical medical books

The special follow -up routes of the fourteen meridians and many rules of meridian regulation

Although it has long been

Repeatedly confirmed Chinese medicine clinical clinical

But for modern life sciences, it is still a new field that has not been recognized. The objective phenomenon that has been discovered for thousands of years, many

It cannot be explained by the current biological knowledge.

After all,

The accumulation of human knowledge of human scientific knowledge cannot be an independent system that is completely independent of the scientific laws that have been recognized by modern life sciences;

The meridian theory includes not only many modern biology, which has clearly understood physiological pathological laws, but also contains things that modern medicine has not recognized; on the one hand

Theoretical advancement

On the other hand, there are obvious

Experience and technical color

Essence Although the theory of Meridian is a one

Ancient theory

, But what Meridian Institute is to solve is actually some of the research in contemporary biology research

Cutting -edge issues.

Research on the essence of acupoints

In 1950, Nakaguchi in Japan used 12 volt DC electricity to find that some of the conductivity on the skin was particularly high.

“Good guide point”


, They are in line with the position of the acupoint. Shortly after that, with the assistance of the assistant, the well -known French acupuncture scholar Nibayat used to determine the phenomenon of the skin resistance method, and determined that the acupoint resistance was only half of its surrounding skin resistance.

In the late 1950s, the study of acupuncture electrical physiology of acupoints in my country was basically affirmed.

Acupoints have low resistance and high potential

Features. However, it is speculated that the total area of ​​the whole body acupoints only accounts for four thousandths of the body table, while there are many parts of the body surface resistance, which is far from limited to acupoints. Moreover, many factors such as eating, sleep, exercise and other physiological activities, time order, seasons, temperature and other external environment changes, and refined psychological state will affect skin resistance. It took five years in Drahfay, France, and used this method to determine acupoints. The results obtained were very different from the Chinese acupoints, and they had to stop the study.

Some people focus on studying the morphological structure of the acupuncture point, hoping to unveil the mystery of the acupoint in one fell swoop. Experts from Shanghai First Medical College dissected observe 324 acupuncture points on the corpse, and found 99.6%of acupoints related to neurosperm. They further discovered that the nerve distribution of the meridians and related organ often belong to the same spinal cord segment, and there are many acupoints in the table in the table.

The same section of the spinal cord

Essence Japanese scholar Mori Mori proves that in the acupuncture points of the whole body, about 100 acupoints are deeply tissue

Walk on the nerve bundle


Essence Acupuncture

Muscle shuttle, nerve tendon shuttle, tactile body, small ring, small body

Wait for the sensor at the neutral end of the sensor of the nerve festival.

From the perspective of learning,

The epidermis and nerve tissue have a common origin

Essence There is a projection point for the skin regions and internal organs. Therefore, there may be biological formation between acupuncture points and embryo morphology. However, there are also research on the opposite conclusion:

Acupoints and non -acupoint tissues have nerve fiber distribution

, They are in histological studies

There is no obvious difference

Essence As for the difference between acupuncture points and non -acupoint areas, it is unclear now.

Some people have reported that acupuncture points are closely related to blood vessels and lymphatic vessels. Sajo Yizhi, Japan, applied infrared thermal image photography method to observe the skin temperature of the skin and abdomen acupoint area of ​​0.5 to 1 ° C. He believes that this is the reason why there is blood vessels under the acupoint. The anatomical data confirmed that many acupoint areas do have subcutaneous veins or deep blood vessels through.

Acupoint researchers believe that the human acupuncture point is

It is closely related to the nervous system, but also a complex comprehensive structure related to vascular, lymphatic vessels, muscle and other tissues


As for the specific structure of the acupuncture point or its essence? Scientists still have their own opinions, and there are divergent opinions.

No clear answer is seen


“Workers want good things, they must first benefit their instruments.”

Scientific understanding is inseparable from scientific methods and tools. If there is no invention of cathode ray tube, scientists cannot detect the action potential of the nerves, so what can really prove the meridians? Some of the views of Chinese medicine, but it must be pointed out,

There is a great difference between modern science thinking model and traditional Chinese medicine ideological system.

Modern researchers have received “modern” and “science” education since childhood, and the views and methods of Chinese medicine have not followed the so -called “modern science” ideas from formation and understanding.

Perhaps Chinese medicine is simple and even with some wrong understanding, but it cannot be used to deny it in another way of thinking. This is undoubtedly “forgetting the book”

, But you can’t take the classic attitude learning and inherit traditional Chinese medicine in accordance with the “maintaining the status quo” or completely copying the classic.

stop moving forward

Essence What to do is to pick up the correct and abandoned thinking of modern science to interpret the concept of traditional Chinese medicine that cannot be understood by modern science. The meridian is really an excellent example,


“Science” cannot prove the meridians. Is “science” be correct?

How deep, complex and diverse, life is full of endless mysteries.

How to find the survival of modern Chinese medicine in the seams of western science,

Adhere to the precious ideological method of the ancients inherited


The mission of the ancestors has not fulfilled the mystery of the meridians to benefit more people who are troubled by stubborn illness

Intersection Looking forward to the responsibility and mission of a new generation of Chinese medicine people in front of the screen.

Meridian doctrine