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As a middle -aged man, my biggest wish is that the wallet can be as fat as the figure.

After all, in winter, down jackets are more expensive than one, and I feel that I can empty my salary for one month of salary.


The “Canadian goose down jacket” that had been popular on the entire network before was fined 450,000 yuan for false propaganda.

HKUST can’t help sigh,

The down jacket market is too deep, I’m afraid everyone can’t grasp it

What is the difference between these hundreds of down jackets and tens of thousands?

How can I buy a suitable down jacket?

Today, the University of Science and Technology will teach you a down jacket from the hard and hard indicators.

① “hard indicator”

There is generally a small label behind the left side of the down jacket or behind the clothes, also called


“Permanent label”.

Standard GB/T 14272-2011 “Down Clothing” has requirements, down jackets should be indicated

Fill, contain, fill the volume.

These three indicator information largely determines how warm the down jacket is. Today, the University of Science and Technology will teach you how to understand these three indicators.

• Fill

Common down fillings are mainly

There are two types of goose down and duck down,

The University of Science and Technology made a comparison, and we can take a look.

Picture source: Scientific family parenting original

Overall quality:

White, gray goose down > White, gray duck down.

If you want to pursue high quality, such as buying a down jacket for a long time, or a delicate fan, it is recommended to choose white goose down!

If you are pursuing cost -effectiveness, you are not living in extremely cold areas. A duck down jacket can spend this winter.

• Velvers

The velvet content refers to the proportion of down jackets.

Standard GB/T 14272-2011 “down clothing” requirements

The contaminated content is not less than 50%.

The higher the voltage content, the more fluffy the clothes are, the more warm the price, and the more expensive the price.

Generally, down jackets are in the containing velvet content

More than 70%

, Good -quality down jackets generally contain the velvet content


Some can even reach


However, 100%of the voltage content does not exist. For some merchants claiming to be “100%velvet content”, the University of Science and Technology will not talk about it.

• Charging volume

Charging the volume refers to the total weight of the down jacket, how much grams is to be specific.

It is an important indicator for measuring the quality of the down jacket. In the case of the same velvet content, the higher the volume, the better the warmth.

• fluffy

In addition to the three indicators just mentioned, some high -end down jackets also clearly marked fluffy.

Fllyness refers to the volume of a certain amount of down feather samples under a certain diameter container.

The higher the fluffyness, the same down the down in the velvet can fix the larger volume of the air layer to keep the warm insulation.

Although they can understand the label, many fans still don’t know how to choose.

No, HKUST has sorted the notes, so come and copy homework if you don’t understand!

In addition to the information we can get on the label, we can also judge good or bad through “soft indicators”.

② soft indicator

The University of Science and Technology summarized four words

“Seeing, pressing, shooting, smelling.”


In addition to looking at the face value, you should also pay attention to check whether the down jackets have excess lines and coils. Will it poke the child’s fingers and whether the workmanship is fine.

You should pay attention not to have too many decorations for your baby to buy down jackets. Check whether the neckline and cuffs are appropriate when you try it on.

Press the down jacket and then release it. If the down jacket can quickly return to the original state, it means that the fluffyness is good.




Pat or rub the down jacket,

We can judge the anti -diamond fluffy of down jackets.

The anti -diamond fluffy is not good, that is, a down jacket with a dense needle thread, which will let the down shine seriously and run out of the clothes.

Slowly, the clothes become thinner, and the baby may still suck the down into the nose or eat it into the mouth.

It may even induce allergic rhinitis.

Of course, it is not a down jacket that does not drill down at all. This kind of fabric is poorly breathable and not easy to clean. After cleaning, the water cannot be dissipated quickly, and it is easy to breed bacteria.




The qualified down jackets are guaranteed by the quality of the fabric. Before the down filled, the disinfection was cleaned, so there would be no pungent odor.

If you smell a uncomfortable smell, it is best not to buy it.

The down jacket is so strong and frozen, but parents still pay attention to the needs when choosing a child.

In addition to considering the temperature of children’s living in winter, it is also necessary to consider the child’s

Laws and travel methods.

For example, the temperature difference between day and night, whether the child often goes out at night, walks out, walks, bicycles or cars, and the warmth of the down jacket is different. If you are too warm, you will also catch a cold because of sweating.

When choosing a style, the long style affects walking and jumping. The baby should not choose. You can choose the medium and long model with a velvet mouth pants;

In addition, down the shoulders is also a good choice, which is conducive to children’s spiritual activity while keeping warm.

After buying the favorite down jacket, we can’t slap at will, because down jackets are a very temperamental guy, don’t believe you see this explosion video ↓

Sometimes a down jacket also has great risks!

Down jacket+washing machine = explosion

After buying the down jacket, you cannot throw it directly into the washing machine like those clothes.

After seeing the downtown explosion on the Internet, HKUST found that many people didn’t know.


“The down jacket cannot be put in the washing machine.”

The down jacket is easy to gather together when washing, and the coating on the surface of the clothes has no way to discharge the air in time. During the dehydration process, the down jacket expands quickly, and the volume of the washing machine will cause “explosion”.

In addition, the down jacket is easy to cause static electricity with the biliary friction in the washing machine during the drying process, which can also cause explosion.

General down jacket cleaning in the first quarter

1-2 times


That’s how to wash Taiqin to reduce the warmth of clothes.

When we clean the down jacket, soak it with cold water for 20 minutes, then add the neutral detergent, then use a soft brush to gently brush, and then dry the down jacket naturally.

Down jacket+carbon monoxide = explosion


The old man wore a down jacket to cook in the kitchen, because the carbon monoxide leaked in the gas caused the clothes to explode suddenly, and it directly exploded a few large holes.

This is because in a closed space, when the carbon monoxide reaches a certain concentration, the down jacket and other objects are friction to generate static electricity, which may cause explosion!

We wear down jackets to be cautious in dangerous static electricity, such as kitchen and gas stations with gas leaks.

Down jacket+safety seat = flying

When the baby puts on a thicker down jacket, the sitting position will change, and the height of the shoulder will also increase.

Safe seats fix the down jackets. Once a collision accident is encountered, the baby is like peeled eggs, which is likely to slide out, causing the cervical spine and head injuries, which will even cause death!


Changsha University of Technology has performed a collision test. On a 50 -meter -long track, the car is a 50km/h collision obstacle. The safety seat in the car is placed in the car that is similar to a 1 -year -old baby.

experiment result shows:

At the same speed, the dummy wearing a down jacket was slipped out of the seat, and the head was hanging downward;

The fake people who did not wear down jackets were firmly fixed on the seat, only a slight rebound appeared, and did not slip.

This is just a fake person doing experiments. It is terrible if you happen in real life!


Therefore, take your baby to travel to a safe seat in winter, be sure to take off the down jacket and then fasten the seat belt!




Picture source: Scientific family parenting original

Picture source: Scientific family parenting original