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Editor’s note: On December 16, more than 800 students from Binjiang School of Hunan Normal University came to Hunan Daily Huasheng Research Park to carry out a one -day research practice activity. Back at school, they picked up the pen in their hands to write their feelings and gains. Children’s unique vision, beautiful words, and deep thinking make me marvel at their desire to know, the will of goodness, and the aggressive perseverance and determination.

研学共文采飞扬 师大滨江800多名学子华声研学“学无止境”

Children feel exciting and interesting at the research base, fun and happy, heartbeat and shock, harvest and unity. The children said that Huasheng studied “walking classroom, the ocean of knowledge”; “not only fun, but also cultivated our team cooperation spirit.”

X1808 Liu Orange’s view of Liu Orange was particularly exciting. Her “Hualian Moral Factory Study Trip” believes that this autumn tour is “there is a tour in school, there is learning in the tour.” She waited from the autumn of “the most orange -yellow and orange green” to the winter of “Winter Winter, and the warmth is really cute”, and finally looked forward to this rare winter research journey. As soon as she arrived at the base, she was shocked by the majestic and magnificent of the Magic factory. She saw a cool “castle” that coexisted with industrial style and technology. The air film space after “Castle” is full of fairy tales: it is a giant Mongolian bag of a blast, soft white cloud in the sky, a huge Mongolian bag on the grassland, or the newly changed aliens of the Yangtze River No. 7 The spaceship of the universe … The magical beauty in front of her eyes made her almost swimming the space outside the universe.

Here, she learned about the development history of the party newspaper “Hunan Daily”, and for the first time, it was not easy for the small newspaper. What makes her most memorable is that she just visited the ancient Chinese characters in the printing workshop, and was admiring the intelligence of the ancients. The next step, she saw a modern printing machine with a highly domineering, three or four floors, and a three or four floors. With high -efficiency and convenient production lines, 1.5 million newspapers can be printed daily! This ancient and modern technology power is really shocking!

Like classmates Liu Orange, many children feel the profoundness of the Magic Garden; they have encountered the challenges of the Tunan Soul Valley, experienced the testing test of Punk Jupiter, and experienced the hardships and difficulties of the journalism …

I feel that the children’s research has ended this time, but their joy has not left, their thinking has not stopped, and their viewing and searching has just begun. May they go farther and more exciting on the road in the future. Magic factory, look forward to seeing you next time!

Early and after research activities

研学共文采飞扬 师大滨江800多名学子华声研学“学无止境”

Hunan Normal University Affiliated to Binjiang School X1801 Li Jiaxuan Instructor: Zhang Kefu

The first rays of sunshine in the early morning were shot on my body, I got up excitedly, washing my face, brushing my teeth, and my backpack after tie my hair. The wind and tree danced on the road, and the birds sang the accompaniment. The sun listened to the beautiful song, and the beautiful dance smiled brilliantly, everything was so beautiful.

Do you know why I am so happy? Because we are going to Hunan Daily Huasheng Research Base to study. Some people have said that research activities are commonplace for our children, but I don’t think so. listen! listen! What is this sound? This is the voice before our school’s research activities. Students were excited to make trouble before the walk, and some were still talking about what delicious them brought in each other’s schoolbags. The laughter is full of the entire campus.

Some students may not be happy because of research activities, but because today they can finally not have a boring day in school. But anyway, this is also the happiness brought to us by research activities.

On the way back from research activities, I also heard many students’ evaluation of this research activity.

“The tour guide sister is so beautiful in the morning, and it is not bad in the afternoon.”

研学共文采飞扬 师大滨江800多名学子华声研学“学无止境”

“Our identity is not selected by ourselves, I want to be something else!” …

Such evaluations are endless.

According to my opinion, it is really -fun! Especially the first level; AB answering room not only exercises our unity, but also tells us more knowledge; the second level is the amusement facility. We have exercised balance, toughness, and climbing ability. At noon, we took out all kinds of delicious food from the schoolbag, and many teachers were attracted. Teacher Zhang said that seeing us take all the delicious people, we are particularly gratifying without leaving the scenes that are reluctant to share.

There are always two sides in the world, not all ten beauty. Even if you play. As long as you have a happy heart, then you will always be happy.

An unforgettable day

Hunan Normal University Affiliated Binjiang School 1804 Class He Chengen Instructor: Hu Juan

The annual autumn tour is about to begin again. After the teacher announced the news, the class exploded in the class. The classmates were discussing, looking forward to the arrival of this day. After we were looking forward to this day of autumn, we carried a bag and took the bus, accompanied by pleasing music along the way, and soon arrived at the destination -Hunan Daily Huasheng Research Base.

After getting out of the car, we couldn’t wait to climb up the stairs and came to the first project -maze. I saw many people screaming and running out of the exit, and followed by nervousness, thinking, “Is there anything terrible in the maze? Why are they so scared?” Entering the maze. We played the first card at the entrance and started “tourism” in the maze. I ran around like a fly without a head, and sometimes I ran around but returned to the place. Sometimes I ran to the dead end and could only return to the original road. I did n’t know how long I ran. I finally found several other students. I found a lot of punching points with them, and the hanging heart finally let go, I am very happy.

Suddenly, the alarm sounded in the ears: “The maze will be closed permanently in ten minutes. Please follow the arrow prompt to find the exit quickly!” We were anxious to run around like an ant on the hot pot. Suddenly, a green arrow logo lit up on the ground of the maze. We ran all the way along the arrows, and finally found the exit and rushed out quickly! I whispered: “Ah -finally came out, otherwise I was trapped in it!” We packed on the bag, lined up the team, and left this stimulating and fun maze.

Later, we also went to the puzzle secret room, and each group member cooperated to spell a large puzzle; visited the beautiful Magic Garden and learned about many plants. )) …

After playing a few projects, we were hungry. We walked into the cafeteria with the guide teacher and poured the food in their backpacks on the table. We started to gobble and shared the food in laughter and laughter, which was extremely satisfied!

This autumn tour is not only happy, but also learned a lot of knowledge, which is so meaningful!

Interesting game

Instructor Lu Yiran, Binjiang School, Affiliated to Hunan Normal University: Wu Lili

Today, we went to Hunan Daily Huasheng Labor Education and Research Base. We came here by car. After playing a lot of projects, we came to the last project in the morning-make punk Jupiter.

This little robot was engraved in my mind deeply, and the little deer in my heart couldn’t hold back and was eager to try. Start your hands: First, mark on punching, second, parts, third, buy rope hung up. After watching learning videos, we were full of confidence and excitement to start making punk Jupiter. We got the material and started to punch with the hand twisting diamonds. We follow the video method: hold the heart to hold the item, and turn the center stripe part of the five fingers to drill. I pulled it out for a while according to the method, and found that Kong was not a millimeter deep, and I put it in and drilled for a while. I found that there was no millimeter deep. I looked at the classmates next to me. After the hole, I accelerated the speed and continued to drill. After drilling for a long time, some of them began to drill second or four. Some have already started accessories.

研学共文采飞扬 师大滨江800多名学子华声研学“学无止境”

It should be enough for so long, right? I pulled out a look, there was no centimeter. My patience has lost 30 %. Because the teacher told us that the drill bitter part was invisible. I started drilling again. Suddenly, the wooden blocks of our classmates opposite became two halves, one divided into two. I drilled and drilled, drilling and drilling … Time is here, everyone collects the materials, and I don’t even have a hole. However, there is still a question in my heart: Why can’t I use an electric drill?


Instructor Li Zimu, Class X1803, Affiliated to Binjiang School of Hunan Normal University: Tang Jin

Thursday is a wonderful day, because we are going to Hunan Daily Huasheng Study Parent -Children’s Palace!

We sat on the bus with expectations and listened to the gentle introduction of the tour guide’s sister along the way. My heart had already flew to the research base, and I couldn’t wait to reach the destination in the next second.

About forty minutes later, we finally arrived. The first stop came to the Magic Factory, here there are printing workshops, Filin Magic House, Future Newspaper … The teacher took us to the printing workshop to explain the process of printing, and then took us to learn to experience the experience For living characters printing, we must also complete the printing task independently in groups. First of all, we need to translate the body text into modern text, and then find the corresponding living word wooden blocks, put it in order, apply the ink, and finally print the rice paper, then press it, and the printing is completed. At the beginning of our group, we were a little busy. Everyone was in a hurry. So we began to re -divide and finally completed the printing task in cooperation with each other. Through this group task, we understand that only unity can cooperation be done better.

In the next stop, we arrived at Magic Garden. The teacher sent us a answer card for each of us, let us go to the garden to find the answer. Listening to the teacher said that 18 cities and 23 cities flowers were planted in Moier Garden. We learned about plant knowledge while observing. For the first time, I knew that the camphor tree was the city tree in Changsha. I also knew that Bai Yulan was the city flower in Shanghai and Kunming at the same time. Classmates, do you know which city is the city’s city flower? Do you want to know the answer? Come and find it out!

The last stop is to make punk Jupiter. This can test my hands -on ability, but it is also my favorite link. We use tools to drill on a small square wooden block, and then give it the eyes and limbs made of screws, and become a cute little wooden man. Finally Where is home.

The happy day is about to end. We learned the process of printing on the printing of the word, met a lot of plants, exercised the ability to do, and understood the importance of unity.

Autumn travel

Hunan Normal University Affiliated to Binjiang School X1803 Wang Shijia Instructor Tang Jin

It is said that the wind and the sun are not dry. But today, although the weather is a bit gloomy, and even a little rain has been raining, we are still going to the Hunan Daily Huacheng Research Base to participate in the autumn travel research activities.

Stepping on a brisk step, humming Xiaoqu, carrying a schoolbag’s food, I walked high to the school. It usually takes only six minutes today for ten minutes. You know this is the activity I look forward to for a long time! Under the leadership of Teacher Tang and Teacher Chen, we quickly gathered and set off by bus to the destination.

When I came to the Magic factory, I was obsessed with the printing of the live word and became a printing worker. This made me understand how hard the printing workers are.

When I came to Moral Garden, looking at it, the colorful flowers were gorgeous, and the variety of trees seemed to be welcoming us with grand open arms. In the knowledge answer link, I cooperated with good partners. Liu Miyi’s knowledge and my super strong observation ability, which is seamlessly cooperated, also made me more “two people, their profits and disconnection”. Deep understanding.

The future newspapers are even more interesting. Each of us depicts the future newspaper in our minds. The future newspapers I depict include newspapers, books, and robots.

The pleasant time always lives quickly. The sound of the buses of the bus “嘀” reminds us that today’s research activities are over. I fell asleep in the car back to school and had a wonderful dream. Dreaming of the future newspaper pavilion that I depicted was really realized, and I became the little owner of the newsstand.

Happy research journey

Li Weisheng, Class 1813, Binjiang School affiliated to Hunan Normal University

研学共文采飞扬 师大滨江800多名学子华声研学“学无止境”

Looking forward to, looking forward, the long -awaited study journey finally came. The destination of this study is the Hunan Daily Huasheng Research Base. What is a magical place?

With a lot of question marks, the sky was just bright. I usually liked me who liked the bed. After washing, I hurriedly ate a few breakfast. Go because I don’t want to miss the only study journey in this semester.

Along the way, the students laughed and laughed, and there were those who stared at the greedy eyes to see the scenery outside the window. After half an hour’s drive, we finally reached the research destination, Hunan Daily Huasheng Research Base. After the whole team was over, we entered a giant “Mongolian bag” with the tour guide. The first challenge came. It turned out that we made a handmade “Jupiter”. Solve the problem by yourself. We first watched a video that taught us how to operate, and then DIY based on the steps of the professor in the video and the production materials. The students who completed the work as soon as possible will have rewards. I watched this video very seriously, and then clearly remembered each production step. I got the materials and started work immediately. I first draw a better with a pencil on the wood, mark the position, and then slowly use the drilling wooden knife to open the wooden hole. If you are too large, it is likely to break the wood. When I carefully opened the wooden hole, the second step is to tighten the screw and fix the hands and feet of the “Jupiter”. The screws seem to be simple, but the same should not be sloppy. First of all The intensity of increasing the intensity slowly tightened, which is not a problem for me who often assemble Lego toys. When the limbs are installed, there is only one last step, and the head of the “Jupiter” is installed. When I tremble my hands and put the screws through the installation spring hook, and then carefully tighten the last moment of the screw, his head is also being by his head. I successfully fixed successfully. I stood up excitedly to signal that the teacher had completed the work. When I saw that I was the first to complete the class, don’t mention how proud and proud I am. Although it is a pity that I was the second one in the year and missed the prize, but I want to give this “Jupiter” as a birthday gift to my mother. I believe she will be excited and happy.

The time came quickly at noon, and the students couldn’t wait to take out their own food to share. In the afternoon, under the leadership of the guide teacher, we took a different news class. In this classroom, we learned how to distinguish between true and false news. Next, we also visited the newspaper printing factory and learned about the entire process of how a newspaper was made at a close range. Such novel things were very interesting to the students.

Unconsciously, it was time to return, and the students reluctantly dragged their tired bodies on the bus. Sitting on the bus kept looking back at the research base, and silently looking forward to the next research activity.

Walking classroom, the ocean of knowledge

——The Hunan Daily Huacheng Research Base Research Study

Instructor Wang Ruoxi, Class 1818, Class 4 of Binjiang School affiliated to Hunan Normal University: Deng Jingzheng

The long -awaited autumn research activity finally came. I heard that this research trip was to go to the Hunan Daily Huacheng Research Base to experience the “professional professional”. The students were super excited. I was no exception. The deer is jumping. Early in the morning, the classmates were ready to go, and they boarded the bus to the research base in an orderly manner, and we sang all the way along the way, laughing and laughing. While admiring the scenery outside the window, thinking about the activity for a while, I can’t restrain the inner excitement and expectations.

When I came to Hunan Daily Huasheng Research Base, I was suddenly shocked by the scale here. This is really super large, and the walls are very special, like a huge inflatable castle. Listening to the guide teacher said that the area of ​​this Moier factory was more than 1,800 square meters, and the students were surprised to open their mouths. The first occupation we experienced was to “make a little carpenter”, and the theme was to make a punk Jupiter. First of all, the nail teacher sent us a small wooden block and hand -twisted drill, screwdriver, sandpaper and other operating tools; then the nail teacher demonstrated the production process of the punk Jupiter again, and everyone was very focused. Next is our own operation time. When I did it, I found that the production of this punk Jupiter seemed simple. It was not so easy to do. Everyone did it very seriously. I also followed the steps taught by the nail teacher. Although the operation was not very skilled, I still completed the production of Punk Jupiter. He did not have the exquisiteness of the nail teacher, but the crooked eyes also looked a little cute.

Next we are “incarnation of secret liaison”. The nail teacher led us to a room with a strong sense of technology and arranged us the task of secret liaison. We need to enter the maze to find punching points, check in, and get out of the maze within the specified time. As soon as I entered the maze, I was blinded. It was all the reflective glass walls around me, which dazzled me, couldn’t distinguish the direction, and could not find the way out. Fortunately, I was a group with a few classmates. We encouraged each other in hand, and carefully explored the progress of the maze within the prescribed time and completed the task of secret contact.

After lunch, we followed the nail teacher to Moral Garden. Each of us got a small manual of “Moore Plant Class”, which recorded many rare plants. Our task is to find a specified plant in Moier Garden and complete practice. This task is too interesting. Our group is booming and finished the task.

Finally, the Nail Teacher took us to the production line of the Hunan Daily Printing Center. There are three floors here, and the upper two floors are used to place the huge printing machine, and the lower layer is used to store newspapers. It can be printed more than 300,000 newspapers every day, but it is really amazing.

研学共文采飞扬 师大滨江800多名学子华声研学“学无止境”

Hunan Daily Huasheng Research Base is a large class of social practice. One day’s study made me full. In “Being a Little Carpenter”, I not only learned to make a simple little wooden man, but also learned the importance of persistence. In the “incarnation secret liaison”, I understand that unity is power is strength. Students must encourage each other; in the “Magic Garden”, I learned a lot of science popularization knowledge about rare plants; I learned about the birth of a newspaper at the Hunan Daily Press Center. Study travel, walking classroom, ocean of knowledge!

Happy Study Store

Hunan Normal University Affiliated to Binjiang School X1811 Class Zhang Yiyuan instructor: Shao Ziying

“Hunan Daily Huasheng Research Practice Labor Education Base”? This is really a long and strange name, but I am curious about it because it is the destination we are going to study today. With the longing and excitement of the study, my friends and I quickly rushed into the bus, all the way to laughter, and came to the research base unknowingly.

As soon as the car, a high -tech building took my horizons full of vision. Before we had time to look at the whole picture, we were brought into the mysterious Magic Garden by a beautiful tour guide aunt. Sitting on Doraemon’s time and space machine, it is clear that the outside is already a cold winter. The gloomy sky, the whistling north wind, but the garden is bird -like flowers and fruits. Spring? When I was dizzy, the tour guide aunt had helped us divide the group. The original game began. The aunt gave us a mysterious manual. There are many problems about plants, and many plants. We need to find these plants in the garden by the characteristics of the introduction, and the answer to the problem from the plant can only pass the level. The interesting game instantly makes me not care about the problem of the season. We set off with our own tasks. My task was to find osmanthus trees and find words to describe people’s careers and academic progress from under the tree. “Ellipse leaves … a cluster of yellow flowers, where do you hide in the cute osmanthus tree?” I looked for the osmanthus tree while looking at the introduction on the handbook, but I couldn’t find it, “I found plum blossoms The answer! “” I found the answer to “Ai Lian” on the lotus! “Listening to the other friends of the same group in the same group, I was even more anxious, and suddenly a fresh fragrance drifted into my Nose, ah! The manual says that the osmanthus is very fragrant, and I explored in the direction of the fragrance and found it! It turned out that she was hiding behind the door shyly, and she just wrote an explanation of a word on the wooden sign at her feet. “I found it too …” I shouted happily. Soon our group found all the answers. The success of the task and the understanding of new knowledge made my sense of achievement.

After we came out of the Magic Garden with a sense of accomplishment, we kept running into the Moier Gas Film Factory, seeing how to print newspapers with a sense of technology full of technology in a huge factory … Finally came to printing. House, haha, I can experience the happiness of printing by myself! I took the oil printing paper distributed by the teacher, followed by the steps that the teachers said, first applied to the printing template with ink, and then covered the oil printing paper tremblingly on it. Finally, when my sister was born, I was born. Touching her small face to smooth the paper like that. After a few seconds, I saw that the ink had been immersed in the paper. Sandia, my work failed completely, but this did not affect the happiness I felt print, and my face laughed like this ink.

“Collection”, the slogan of the return journey sounds, my friends and I have a happy and satisfied on the bus with happiness and satisfaction. Every time I study, there are different gains and the same happiness. One studies!

Magic one -day tour

Peng Yiping, Instructor Peng Yiping, Instructor of Binjiang School, Affiliated to Hunan Normal University

Where is the printing technique of the four major inventions of China? How is the humble newspaper made? The words of the composition are the key, how to modify it? Today, let us enter the Hunan Daily’s production place -Moe Factory to go Explore the mystery in it!

The bus slowly turned across the crossroads and walked into the gate. A high building was noticeable. The car stopped, classmates, you pushed me and squeezed the car, some looked forward to today’s day trip, and some complained that the car was driving for too long. Facing the breeze, the neat troops walked to the first stop — Moel gas film space.

A heat gas was filled with the whole body, we entered the warm gas film, wow, don’t see a look at it, five or six containers lying horizontally, we went to the second floor into a container, ha! The container is actually the classroom, which is really creative!

“The Magic Factory is managed by the five major Magic machines, namely the MF-5776 machine Robe, MF-1711, MF-1711, which is managed by the reporter. MF-9089 Machine Saipa. “The tour guide Orange Sister said:” And the old cadres who are going to introduce now-the Eddie of the management editing process! ” Holding a pen in a suit, a bunch of bearded, is really an uncle! Eddie introduced us to the three steps of the selection, re -document, and typesetting of the newspaper. Suddenly, the screen became a snowflake point. The alarm sounded, ah! Eddie was split by the thunder and needed us to take over his day’s task. We took a cold breath -oh, poor Eddie.

We stepped out of the air film space and moved to the base again. Everyone recovered so fast. I was still silent for a while, and now I jumped alive. We went to the base and went to our second stop -Prince’s printing workshop.

As soon as I entered the door, I heard Palin’s magnetic greetings. It played a video of how to print to us, so that we started to print a group of two. In a group with Zhang Yan, he was responsible for applying ink on the wooden board. I was responsible for printing the paper to print it. Successfully created two newspapers!

The third stop, mysterious room.

Uh, it is not so much a secret room, it is better to say that it is a “composition modification room”. The team leader took us to table 2, there was a composition on it, 咦? Why are there so many sick sentences? We spent the power of nine cattle and two tigers, and finally found all the sick sentences. Finally, I realized that Eddie changed the manuscript Well, ok, wipe

The fourth stop, the future newspaper.

It is really interesting, bright colors, funny themes. It’s so fun! Every classmate receives a unique newspaper.

The exciting link is here. With the pace of coming to the employee cafeteria, the teacher ordered, the students took out all kinds of food that they had already prepared. Everyone is full of mouth, showing their own food.

研学共文采飞扬 师大滨江800多名学子华声研学“学无止境”

After lunch, everyone was ready to go and embarked on a new journey …

The colorful flowers of the Moral Garden surprised us. The huge printing machines in the printing factory make us breathtaking. The punk Jupiter in the artistic gas film space makes us red stars. This is too cute …

Time flies, and it is time to go home all at once. We reluctantly took a photo on the square as a commemorative journey.

“Science and technology are the first productive forces.” Grandpa Deng Xiaoping said. Moier’s advanced science and technology has become a symbol of China’s soft power. May our motherland be stronger and prosperous!

Fructive golden autumn

Hunan Normal University Affiliated to Binjiang School X1802 Pan Peng Siting Instructor: Liu Qiuqiu

On a silent morning, the water surface was fascinated, and the river seemed to be half awake and half asleep. The ripples flashed with ripples, bright. The mist drifted into the campus. At this time, the students walked into the campus with a smiley face, and the campus immediately became lively.

“Dudu Dudu” immediately made us cheer. The bus was going to take us to the Hunan Daily Moier Factory to start a day of research.

Over time, we came to the first project “Mysterious Secret Room”. After listening to the password of the tour guide, we picked up the puzzles on the table and compared the pictures to start the puzzle. After a while, the voice of “finished!” However, there are also a group that is still half the same. The team leader asked us to cooperate in division of labor. In the end, our group also completed the task.

Immediately after we came to the “maze”, we asked us to find seven targets to check in in the maze to complete the task. When I walked in, I saw that the light was dim, and the four sides were composed of mirrors. It was exactly the same everywhere, so that we could not distinguish between east and south and south. Some students are scratched everywhere, like headless flies, and some students calmly look for their goals, as if they have a compass on their bodies. “”. I followed the large army with a boldness, thinking: It’s not wrong to follow everyone. Suddenly, a little girl was afraid to squat on the ground and shrunk into a ball. I immediately held her hand and said to her, “Don’t be afraid, let’s go together!” The team’s power successfully poured out the maze.

After experiencing a thrilling maze, we came to the “Future News Pavilion”. We entered our own class and printed our own newspapers.

We followed the tour guide to the Botanical Garden. The botanical garden was like a big treasure, with plum blossoms with “Ling Han opened alone”, a lotus flower with “sludge without dyeing”, osmanthus with fragrant desert, rose, chrysanthemum … A burning rhododendron attracted it, approaching the careful view, the azalea is like a small speaker, very delicate, and it looks like a lady to show the world of shameful flowers to the world … I seem to have become a bunch of hot spicy spicy spicy spicy spicy The azalea dances in the sun. Each flower has its own beautiful form and valuable use value.

The short -term and meaningful research activities are over. I not only learned to face difficulties bravely, help each other with my classmates, but also appreciate the charm of nature. This is really a profound research activity.

Huasheng Moer Factory Study Store

研学共文采飞扬 师大滨江800多名学子华声研学“学无止境”

Hunan Normal University Affiliated to Binjiang School X1806 Ban Zhang Siyi Instructor: Meng Lijie

Today, the teacher took us to a place called “Moier Factory”.

The most striking is the two “big meat buns” -mo Mo Er gas film space. Here, we know hackers and are divided into two types: white hats hackers and black hats hackers, white hats hackers represent justice, while black hats hackers represent evil.

Then we went to the “maze”. The goal of this level is to find five checkup points first, and finally find the outlet of the checkup point. When I entered the maze with my good friends, I looked around, but how can I find it so well? So I moved out my trick-guarding the rabbit! I and my good friends were waiting, and finally someone shouted, “I found a punch! Find the checkup! Click! There is a punch! “I was overjoyed, and my heart was happy, and finally someone hooked! So with this method, we continued to find two punch points, plus the final exit, there were only two left left, there were only two left left, there were only two left left, there were only two left left. Ah! Well! When we find a punching point again following the voice, how can we squeeze in here! So I calmly analyzed it, and I felt that I would give up this punch point, otherwise it would waste a lot of time. Essence In the end, I racked my brain, finally found the other two punch points, and then found the exit follow the sound. Finally, I passed this level smoothly!

In the next level, we go to the Filin Magic House. This level requires the required words and numbers to choose from the card that moves above, and then insert the corresponding word card according to the number on the socket. At first, everyone was a little confused. Slowly, we knew the importance of division of labor cooperation. Some people were responsible for finding. Some people were responsible for watching the mobile card, and some people were responsible for inserting the card. I was responsible for watching the mobile card, turning around around the mobile card, and I was in a hurry in my heart. Although it would consume time, although it would consume time, but the team cooperation was more fast than the single soldiers!

After lunch, we went to visit how to print! In the end, we returned to the “big meat buns” because we have to do handmade work here! First of all, we know what punk style is, that is a style that is re -assembled to be split. And we must use a wooden block and some parts to assemble punk robots. Then, the teacher sent the materials. My friend said that his wooden block was too ugly and wanted to change it with me. I secretly thought that every piece of wood was unique and each piece had its characteristics! I exchanged materials with him. The production started. I picked up the drill, turned left and right, and finally finished the first hole. Looking at the time again, there are only 20 minutes left, and there are 8 holes that need to be drilled! Suddenly anxious like an ant on a hot pot, speeding up the speed. In the end, I still worsened two holes and didn’t get rid of it, ashamed!

This trip was very happy and made me gain more knowledge.

“There is a tour in school, there is learning in the tour”

——Tagis Shengmo Factory Research Study

Instructor Liu Orange, Class X1808, Class of Binjiang School affiliated to Hunan Normal University: Deng Jing

Looking forward to it, from the autumn of “the most orange and orange green” to the winter of “Winter Winter Light, Ming Nuan is really cute”, we finally look forward to the winter study journey of the fourth grade of the Normal University Binjiang. This research destination is a brand new and unknown place -Hunan Daily Huato Moier Factory. What surprises will it give us this group of curious new visitors? I was excited to embark on the study bus with excitement.

After more than half an hour’s drive, we arrived at the base. At first glance after getting off the bus, I was shocked by the majestic and magnificent of the Moier factory: it was spliced ​​from the iron pillar and iron plate of a giant robot arm part, which was a cool in industrial style and technology. Hyun big “castle”. The air film space after “Castle” is full of fairy tales: it is a giant Mongolian bag with a blast and soft white cloud in the sky, a giant Mongolian bag on the grassland, or the alien No. 7 of the Yangtze River The newly replaced spacecraft … The magical beauty in front of me made me almost swimming in the outer space of the universe. The urging of teachers and classmates pulled me back to reality. I quickly followed the class of the class and walked into the Magic factory.

研学共文采飞扬 师大滨江800多名学子华声研学“学无止境”

Here, we understand the development history of the party newspaper “Hunan Daily”. For the first time, it is not easy for the small newspaper. One of the most memorable of these is that I just visited the ancient Chinese character printing in the printing workshop. It was admiring the ingenuity of the ancients. The next step, I saw the domineering and three or four floors as high as the three or four floors. Modern printing machine, with an efficient and convenient production line, can print 1.5 million newspapers daily! This ancient and modern technology power is really shocking!

Out of the Magic factory, we came to the green Moral Garden. The classmates have a hand of “Demon Plant Class” and participated in the “Little Gardening Artist Skills Evaluation” answer. Some three or five teams, some single -horses, carefully searching for clues on the signs. The classmates are squatting or lying, and the intimate dialogue with each flower or every tree increases the accumulation of nature.

Under the guidance of the teacher, we also made their own punk Jupiter. After a while, the punk Jupiter with wood wax oil became a unique artwork and showed it in the hands of each classmate. Finally, when I experienced the journalistic professional grouping, I was fortunate to divide the light and filmmaker group who wanted to experience the most. I experienced the profession of a photographer “immersed”. Not easy …

Unconsciously, the study was nearing the end, and I was really reluctant to leave this magical “happy factory”. After a day of interesting and fun experience, I opened up my horizons, saw a larger world, and understood that knowledge was not only in textbooks and classrooms, but also in various experiences and independent thinking. Magic factory, look forward to seeing you next time!

Remember an unforgettable study journey

Li Yuchen, Class X1810, Binjiang School affiliated to Hunan Normal University

Last Friday was the long -awaited day of my classmates -because we were going to the Magic factory to study.

In the early morning, we stepped on the first morning light and got into a bus. Along the way, the classmates couldn’t hold the joy in their hearts: some students’ eyes became a curved crescent, and the corners of their mouths rose; some students patted their hands happily in the seat …

As soon as we got out of the car, we came to the maze first, and there were blue light and white light in it. It was very quiet around. Except for the discussion of the students’ whispering, there was no other sound. I and everyone carefully entered the maze and started looking for punching points. Suddenly, there was a sound sounded above: “Please evacuate quickly, the door is about to be closed!” “The classmates were stunned. I seemed to be thrown into a bottomless ice cellar, and the ice water stabbed me … … Everyone quickly looked for exports. At this time, the voice appeared again: “Please evacuate quickly and close the door immediately! “”what! “Everyone screamed. I shouted calmly:” Classmates, don’t panic, as long as we are united, we can find out. “Everyone was quiet and looking for way together. Finally, we saw a trace of light, exporting! Everyone ran towards the exit excitedly. At this time, I seemed to fly into the clouds, and the birds sang around me happily …

After leaving the terrible maze, we came to the Fill Magic House. The rule here is to guess the words with the help of the picture, and then insert the letters into the card slot, so that all the red lights are on. At the beginning, everyone looked for them, but for a long time, a red light was not lit. At this time, four students took out their cards and inserted them into the card slot to form the word Pink. The red light suddenly flashed and slowly lit up. Everyone saw very excited, and said, “Let us unite and make the rest of the red lights on!” So everyone looked around and looked at the card carefully, one, two, and the red light was on. indivual. Finally, all the red lights turned on, everyone cheered: “Victory!”

This study is not only fun, but also cultivates our team cooperation spirit, which makes me understand a truth: as long as everyone works together and united cooperation, there is no bad thing in the world!

Interesting research activities -Remembering the trip to China Scholars Research Base

Hunan Normal University Affiliated to Binjiang School Fourth Grade 1812 Class 1812 Song Yuxin Instructor: Li Yilan

Huh? Why is there a laugh in the classroom? Oh, it turns out that everyone knows to participate in research activities and is discussing it warmly!

This time, our trip was to go to the Hunan Daily Huasheng Research Practice Base. Before I set off, I was worried that Tiangong would not be beautiful. Fortunately, the Sun Grandpa seemed to feel our heart -ups and let go of a big sunny.

I took the bus full of longing and started a day of journey. Looking at the scenery outside the window and the sunny sun, I can’t help but feel fascinated. What will this base look like? How fun is it? Imagine in our hearts, and unknowingly, we arrived at our destination -Hunan Daily Huasheng Research Base.

The base is particularly big as I imagined. It is divided into four areas, namely Moral Garden, Moier’s gas film space, legal education base, and Moier factory.

First of all, we came to Moral Garden. When I walked into the Magic Garden, a refreshing flower fragrance rushed into my nose, and a row of large and tall trees came into view. Here, we have seen cities in various places, with light yellow and exuding fragrant osmanthus flowers, lush and shadey camphor, and leafs like small fans. There are also plum blossoms that slowly spit out the stamens … We are in the ocean of this plant, as if we are also a member of nature, and talk closely with nature.

Then, we came to the process of visiting the printing machine and printing newspapers, and then went to the Magic gas film space to do punk Jupiter to understand how the printing workers work. Finally, we went to the Filin Magic House to create a picture, Printing in the printing workshop.

The game that impressed me is the Filin Magic House.

The rules of the game here are: Each group illustrates the clues to insert the corresponding picture into the groove of the black box, and the light above the black box is on, which means that the insertion is inserted. We tried to fight hard to the last moment, and the lights on the heads were not on, and the fourth group and the fifth group completed the barrier. Everyone lowered the heads and was a little annoyed. At this time, I did n’t know who yelled. The mother, we summarize the lessons, and we won’t lose if we give us a chance! “These words made us full of confidence again, and everyone started to explore knowledge again.

Everyone has gained a lot of gains this time, not only let us open up our horizons, increase knowledge, but also exercise our hands -on ability and thinking ability. We also cultivate our perseverance. Failure, we have experienced fun in knowledge, and gained friendship and memories.

Autumn Traveling Sound -Hunan Daily Huasheng Magic Factory Study Store

Instructor of Tang Yuchen, Class X1814, Class of Binjiang School affiliated to Hunan Normal University: Chen Xin

研学共文采飞扬 师大滨江800多名学子华声研学“学无止境”


Today is the long -lasting autumn tour day. I have a snack full of a schoolbag and can’t wait to run to the school.

研学共文采飞扬 师大滨江800多名学子华声研学“学无止境”

Lively symphony

As soon as I walked into the classroom door, I saw the classmates discuss today’s autumn tour. As soon as my girlfriend Qiu Sizhen saw me, I started to turn over what snacks I brought in my schoolbag. As a result, I turned out to two books, and she shouted, “Look! Tang Yuchen Qiuyou also brought a book!” Then, there was a harsh voice: “Wow!”

After a while, Mr. Jiang came. We got on the car and embarked on today’s autumn tour with joy and excitement.

Handmade symphony

After a while, I arrived at the autumn tour site. We first came to a bright hall and found a chair and sat down. Then, the teacher began to explain to us how to make a handmade -Punk Jupiter.

At the beginning, I was still interested, and I became more and more tired. Not only these, I saw others finished, which put me more pressure, because at this time I was still drilling! The classmates around said that I was too slow, and I said, “That’s because I pursue perfectionism!” Okay, I really shirk responsibility.

After a long time, I finally finished, and my hands were almost scrapped. However, “Kung Fu is worthy of the person with the heart” I think I do it well!

Magic symphony

After finishing handmade, we came to the Magic factory. There are four colors on the walls of the Magic factory, with fiery red, golden yellow, blue blue, and gray. One teacher told us a lot of knowledge there, and we also watched a good -looking video! After the class, he led us to the Film Magic House. The moment when he stepped into the door, a sound came out in the house, as if we were asking us to complete the task. However, because my classmates have been talking, I did not hear it clearly, and I understood what to do later.

Gourmet symphony

It’s time for lunch! My stomach began to grunt, as if I was saying, “Little Tang, hurry up! I am starved to death!” I couldn’t wait to take out my food, and then hurriedly stuffed it into my mouth. “It’s so fragrant Ah! “I said. Suddenly, Hu Ruoxi gave me a Magisu, sweet, making people feel as sweet as eating honey! Then, Wu Yixuan gave me a few pieces of chocolate. Seriously, it was all good! Of course, I also gave others a few jelly and crayon chocolate. Sure enough, sharing is the happiest!

Newspaper symphony

After lunch, we came to the future newspaper and printed our own newspapers. This newspaper is much better than I think! Five colorful, beautiful! It seems to be saying to me, “Am I beautiful?”


“Autumn Tour Sound” is played, goodbye, I look forward to next year’s “Autumn Tour Sound”!

Traveling in China Research, full of gains

Hunan Normal University Affiliated to Binjiang School X1815 Panbushe, instructor: Huang Zishan

Stimulated the imagination of punk Jupiter, the intense and interesting secret room puzzle, the escape of the maze escaping the mind, the novel and magical newspaper production … These colorful research activities really benefited me a lot.

In the morning in the late autumn, although the temperature was a bit cold, it could not stop our enthusiasm for participating in research activities in the class. Under the leadership of Teacher Huang and Teacher Cai, our class of 1815 class was neatly dressed and shaken, and took the bus to study. A poetry conference and singing competition were held in the car. They all laughing and laughing. Everyone was enthusiastic, interesting, and full of expectations.

After about 40 minutes of drive, we finally reached the research base. The first project is punk Jupiter, who needs to be assembled as his beloved alien with many hardware materials. Everyone gives full play to their imagination, twisting drills with their hands, and then unique works assembled with screws. This project exercises hands -on ability and creativity.

The second project is the mysterious room puzzle. You need to spell a bunch of scattered pictures into a complete picture. Twelve we persons are in a group, and we have divided labor according to the picture position, which can improve the efficiency of puzzle. Although unfortunately we failed to complete the task within the prescribed time, our spirit of unity and cooperation laid the foundation for future.

The third project is the hidden maze escape. You need to finish all the cards within the prescribed time before you can escape the maze. Duan Kaixiang, and Wang Ziqian pulled hands to find every punch point together. In order to prevent getting lost, I marked at every fork in every fork. Finally, we successfully cleared the customs. Everyone cheered.

The fourth project is the entire process of experiencing newspapers. According to the guidance of the tour guide, I entered the class, name and other information on the machine, and generated a picture, and then sent to the printing factory. Finally, I was looking forward to my newspaper works. This experience let me know how to arrange newspapers and how to make the newspaper more exquisite.

It is full of fun, and the full research activities are about to end. We reluctantly embarked on the vehicle back to school, and the students were happy to talk about their own experience in the car. This research activity allowed me to learn new knowledge, enhance observation and hands -on ability, and enhance the feelings of classmates. It was a fulfilling and unforgettable experience.

My heart is beating

Hunan Normal University Binjiang School X1809 Class Wang Yifei

Research practice activities are an anticipated day. In the morning, when I jumped out of the warm quilt early, the father -in -law of Dayang was still “sleeping” halfway. I came to school early and walked into the classroom, only to find that everyone came earlier than usual. Students, you said, so excited and eager, finally waited until the queue was queuing on the bus, and the beautiful research practice finally started.

研学共文采飞扬 师大滨江800多名学子华声研学“学无止境”

In the morning, we visited the origin of the newspaper, learned multiple steps for the birth of a newspaper, and experienced the value and hardships of the journalistic profession; we saw a lot of succulents and flowers in the Magic Garden of the Moier Factory. Many popular science knowledge about flowers. After learning punk culture, I also handmade a cute punk Jupiter!

The morning activity was rich, but the most of my pounding was in the afternoon activities. After enjoying the food at noon, we went to learn how to be a small reporter. When we arrived at the classroom to start class, the staff turned off all the lights and used projection to give us class. However, when we heard it, we suddenly, the alarm sounded, the red lights flickered, and there was a signal of help on the projection: SOS. Suddenly, I got a drum in my heart, what’s the matter? It turned out that Kaman’s body had a failure. Before I reacted, we got the instructions and needed to complete the five groups of puzzles in the secret room to get out of the secret room. Our class and the eighth class were divided into five teams together. Each team was a group of puzzles. All the teams could go out of the secret room together after fighting. Because some puzzles are bad, there are differences with my teammates when they fight, because the opinions are inconsistent, so we did not quickly complete the puzzle. After the other teams were completed, some students came to help us and give us analysis. We realized the problem of our team, everyone accepted it with an open mind, and then we soon worked together to complete the puzzle, and everyone walked out of the secret room together. The little reporter let us know: Reporters must not only have to write, but also learn teamwork.

The last event was the maze. As soon as I stepped into the maze, I regretted it. The lamp in the maze was very dark, all mirrors, halfway, and suddenly the sound of “咚! 咚! 咚! 咚!”, At the moment, my heart mentioned my throat and the atmosphere did not dare to come out. Whose footsteps? The more I thought, the more scared, and I felt cold behind it, as if there was a monster opened the blood of the blood, I wanted to eat me. I took a breath, and all the hair was erected. Suddenly, another alarm sounded that the maze was all dark. Several students around me screamed, crying scared, and suddenly became a mess. When I went out, I touched my head, encouraged each other along the way, and finally walked out of the maze along the instructions on the ground.

Although this study made my heart pounding, it made me understand that in the face of any difficulties, as long as the team cooperates and cooperates closely, it will definitely work hard.

Research Travel — Hunan Daily Huasheng Research Parent -Children

Hunan Normal University Affiliated to Binjiang School X1817 Song Chenchen Instructor: Wang Juan

In the winter, we took a healthy step and invited our study trip. Early, I packed up the small but “heavy” brutal sac, and I climbed up without waiting for the alarm sound that day.

We were carrying a deep “explosive bag”, but we were jumping lightly in their feet. As soon as we arrived at the destination, we couldn’t help but get out of the car. I saw a “Mongolian bag” with large and small snow -sized “Mongolian bags” around them. It turned out that this is the legendary Magic gas film space. With curious and nervous mood, we followed the tour guide sister to the “Punk Jupiter to make a house for making a house. “It is small and exquisite punk Jupiter to make their own shapes.

研学共文采飞扬 师大滨江800多名学子华声研学“学无止境”

Immediately after we entered the highlight of today’s study, it was also the newspaper printing process I was most interested in and most longing for. Along the way, we followed the tour guides carefully to visit the mysterious room, future newspaper, printing workshop, and large printing machinery. The deepest impression is the printing workshop. After observation, I found that the words on the print template are reversed. Here we got valuable opportunities, experienced the older printing model, and simply felt how the printing in the “Four Great Inventions” achieved the process of mass production newspaper books. I deeply lamented a newspaper from the selection material, editing content, layout, and the last detailed correction printing and tailoring until it was delivered to our hands, each of which was not tolerant of a little carelessness. On the one hand, it was even more surprised. The original simple words and some original meaningless symbols became vivid, emotional, and even after the arrangement of people’s arrangement and combination. It becomes deafening. And these articles, after printing into newspaper books, can spread the knowledge information and the power of articles, so that more people can feel it. I think this is why newspaper books are called spiritual food!

The time of studying is always so short and beautiful. I only learned a little bit about the birth of a newspaper. Looking forward to going to experience different links next time, look forward to the next research trip!

Hunan Daily Huasheng Research Base Travel Book

Instructor Wang Yunchen, Class 1816 of Binjiang School affiliated to Hunan Normal University: Liu Jia

研学共文采飞扬 师大滨江800多名学子华声研学“学无止境”

Looking forward to, looking forward to the research travel activities this fall this fall! Everyone boarded the bus to study with her expectations. In the car, the students sang songs and chatted together. They were extremely excited, and I was no exception.

Finally arrived at the destination, Hunan Daily Huasheng Research and Education Base. A super -big Magic factory made us shine and felt very shocking.

In the first stop, we “fly” to the handmade workshop “Mo Er gas film factory” and make “punk Jupiter”. The teacher first let us watch a video, tell us how to make “Jupiter”, and then assist the teacher to give it to the teacher to give it to the teacher. We send materials. The students couldn’t wait to start the action after getting the materials.

Looking at the classmates around, some of them have worked hard, and they have been hit with several holes, as if immersed in their own world and not being disturbed by the outside world; some have to install parts; Only a hole was spin; others turned the wooden blocks over and over, I don’t know where to start, huh!

Seeing that everyone was so serious, I was not willing to show weakness, so I started making my own “punk Jupiter”.

First of all, I quickly used a punching to make a lot of holes, and then took out some nails to make the eyes of “Punk Jupiter”. However, I made a surprise: I made a special “Little Punk Jupiter”! One eye, small eyes, and then let it have five feet. So, I twisted the nails and spined another hole at the bottom, and took out 5 iron nails in the bottom of the bottom. The “Jupiter “‘s feet were successful. I took out two other iron nails and a screw hat, overlapped one of the nails and screw caps, turned into big eyes, and made the other iron nail into small eyes. With my unremitting efforts, both eyes finally made great achievements! In the end, the arm of “Little Jupiter” was also completed, and my unique “Jupiter” was finally completed.

In that cheers, this activity also came to an end! I looked at my unique “punk Jupiter”, and I seemed to hear it and said to me, “Little master, you are so amazing!”

研学共文采飞扬 师大滨江800多名学子华声研学“学无止境”

Then, the teacher took us to visit the “Mysterious Church” and the colorful and psychedelic “Magic circuit maze”, which made us feel dazzling and unable to stop; and the beautiful “Magic Garden”. The plants, carefully observed and recorded in the book, let us understand a lot of knowledge about plants, and let us experience more happiness of exploration … Today’s itinerary is really rich! It made me a bit overwhelming.

At around three in the afternoon, we reluctantly left the research base in the bus. On the bus of the return bus, I thought about the happy and fulfilling itinerary today, and fell asleep unconsciously.

Study journey

研学共文采飞扬 师大滨江800多名学子华声研学“学无止境”

Instructor of Binjiang School of Hunan Normal University 1816 Panlong Peirong: Liu Jia

The long -awaited study journey finally came! Early in the morning, I came to the classroom carrying a schoolbag and found that all the students were shaking and smiling, and each classmate was filled with various delicious snacks in the schoolbags. Essence As soon as the gathering time came, under the leadership of the teacher, our neat team boarded the bus. Everyone couldn’t restrain their excitement in the car. Unconsciously, we arrived at this research destination, Hunan Daily Huasheng Research and Education Base.

After arriving at our destination, we quickly sorted out the team. Under the leadership of the tour guide, we took a light step and walked into the house that looked like a huge “Mongolian bag.” In the first stop, we came to the Magic gas film factory. As soon as I stepped into the door, my eyeball was immediately shocked. There was extremely spacious space. Many exquisite creative small ornaments were placed in the entrance hall. What kind of challenges? First of all, we understand the punk culture and learn the handmade process. Next, we have to make a punk Jupiter by ourselves. After getting the materials, the students can’t wait to start making it! The small wooden block is so hard. I held a screwdriver with a small screw of small screws. Because it was the first production, there were several screws that did not firmly fix it in the small hole in the wooden holes, which made it made, and it made it made. I was panicked, and my little hands didn’t listen. At this time, the teacher came to me and said, “It is necessary to calm down and not be impatient before you can complete the production.” So I adjusted my mentality, and kung fu on the heart. A punk Jupiter who was not perfect for making was finally born in my hands. I completed the challenge!

The second stop is the unforgettable and colorful and psychedelic Magic circuit maze. For the first time I played the labyrinth, I was still a little nervous in my heart at first. What kind of adventurous journey would this be? The blue light in the dark environment in the maze has been flashing, which is dazzling. On both sides of the aisle, there are glass walls. We need to find the right exit by ourselves. I and my friends and I quietly touch it with my hands, touch it with my feet, and find a punch point. This The process is surprising and interesting, inspiring us to continue to find exploration, we can’t stop, this is the happy experience brought by technology, the charm of technology.

After the classmates sat around and enjoyed the “food party” at noon, we came to the Magic Plant Class. Here we use “nature as a teacher”. Looking for the answer, the students carefully recorded them one by one. After completing the experience courses in various spaces of the Moier factory, we were familiar with the birth of a newspaper, met advanced printing equipment of more than ten meters high, met a detailed understanding of the printing process, and harvested.

Happy research activities have ended in our laughter. The study journey not only enriches our knowledge, but also expands our vision. This is an unforgettable study journey.

[Responsible editor: Wang Dehe]

[Source: New Hunan Client]