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When it comes to art, some people will think that this is a deep thing, but in the opinion of my neighbor’s “thick soil” sister, a small flower and a basket of small persimmons are also art. Friends learn together and use brush to create the scenery in life into artworks.

I was fortunate to see these works in the group. When I was appreciating the paintings, I felt her love for life. In order to let everyone appreciate the art of life, I moved these paintings to the headlines. Intersection


Work 1 “Lingbei Little Lantern”


For the first time

Northern foot of Qinling

Deep in the early winter, Tai Bai County just set off the first snow. The mountain forest was stained by the snow frost, and the face was red and yellow. The persimmon tree suddenly emerged in the mountains caught the old lady of the whole car.

A few times, the old driver was overwhelmed and finally stopped on a few red persimmons. Everyone’s “long gun and short cannon” attracted the owner of the persimmon. The owner of the hospitality was filled with the fruit of our pockets. The process was unexpected and the result was very sweet.

Work 2 “Winter Red”

The little persimmon brought back is red and brilliant, as not as noticeable in the snow, so warm but cute, they are reluctant to move it, let alone eat it.


Work 3 “Quiet Gardenia”


Hometown Chengdu


The most ordinary. In the early summer, she could sleep well when she smelled her incense. The flower is raised in the yard, while painting these white elves while accompanying her mother. Maybe this means that this is good …

Work 4 “Yinyun Lakeside”


Remember this day


When sketching, the sky was raining, and several paintings raised nylon umbrellas and tables and chairs in advance. After a while, the rain came, and the five people squeezed under a large umbrella and continued to work. Fortunately, it stopped for a while, but the mosquito hit, and the careful painter contributed the mosquito repellent. Truely of mind, painting is really working hard, but he is happy.

Work 5 “Under the Sweet Sun”


Put a few iron pots in a few flowers on the chair. The weather is good.

She said: “Painting is to find someone who play together, happy together, and feel that learning painting like a childhood game, you have to find it. Find a new discovery, find a better place today than yesterday, find a group of groups of yesterday, find a group of groups of yesterday On the same passers -by. At the beginning, the original intention is that when you hang your own paintings on your own wall, you have a lot of paintings. When the brush is finally dyed on the canvas, it is unexpectedly found that the world is so quiet and wonderful. “

In fact, art is not mysterious at all. As long as you pay attention to it, you are willing to give time to create, express your love for life, and art everywhere in life.

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