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In a blink of an eye, spring is coming, and spring has naturally become the mainstream of the fashion industry. For example, every woman’s wardrobe has jeans. I believe that each woman’s wardrobe has a common item, that is, jeans, it has been popular since the 1970s and 1980s. Just buy it when you pants.

However, many people do n’t like it. In addition to being too common, there are also cheaper to pick the right version. Especially the older women, the shape of the body is a problem of most people. Therefore, universal pants like jeans need more foreign to look better than others.

Then I came to talk about how to wear jeans to wear jeans for older women. Let’s take a look.

For pants like jeans, you need to pay attention to the version. If the version is not selected, it is easy to expose the figure defect.

The most important state of the version is

: ① Fit out without tightness ② Adapt to body figure-to avoid weaknesses.

1. Tight -fitting jeans need to be cautious


Women with thick legs try to choose too little tight jeans, such as small pants, too tight, and women with not straight legs will also expose your shortcomings.




Middle -aged women with thinner abdomen and slightly fat legs, recommend micro -trousers

, Specifier design is foreign and fashionable. But when you buy micro -pants, you still need to

Be careful not to choose the version of the trouser tube to cover the back of the instep

, Too procrastinating.

2. Select the straight version version

The straight -type wide -leg jeans are more suitable for most women

, Like the problem of thick legs or straightened legs, it is easy to improve, high waist wide leg pants, retro and fashionable,

The small man chose nine -point short model, exposing the slender place of the calf

When matching a shirt or sweater, the wrist is exposed, which is fashionable in spring and the outbound wear of retro film style.

Because the area of ​​wide -leg pants is relatively large,

It is recommended to choose a more soft fabric, which is more coordinated with the body

It is also more textured. With a suspender, walking is also windy.

3. Edition details

Secondly, the jeans should be blocked, but also pay attention to the cutting of the pants.


From the whole, the sharp tailoring can more modify the figure


And look at the cutting of pants,

You must pay attention to these three parts

, That is, the head of the pants is not shown, and then the folds of the knee should be small. Finally, the lines on the thighs.

The streamlined type highlights the curve more feminine.



Compared to the waist is H version of jeans, it is recommended to be A -line, such as wide -leg pants,

It is more modified for the crotch.

Finally, the small details in the method of wear

Women with fat fat on the abdomen should also pay attention to as much as possible, especially this loose version, which will be more fat.


You can choose a short top

, The hem of the clothes should be wrapped in the abdomen slightly, both covering the meat and fashion, such as the match between the vest and the suit.

Or use the belt,


It is also a fashionable with a medium -length jacket.

Why do middle -aged women wearing jeans show cheap and old -fashioned? In addition to the version, color choices are also important. There is a sentence in the fashion industry that color is your expression.


The reason why jeans are called jeans is because it is made of denim fabrics, not the same denim blue, and black and white gray.

But for the overall color of jeans, you need to pay more attention to the color.

▼ What is color, except what we said

Cold and warm color, as well as color saturation and brightness of color.

1. Lighter color-cold tone-age reduction

Like white light blue, cold tone, more suitable for brightening

Then the upper body can be paired with dark clothes. For example, white jeans with Tibetan blue grandma shirts, choose light colors in the upper body, have a more layered sense.

If the whole is light -colored, it is recommended to brighten with accessories.


In order to keep the lower body coherent, it is recommended that shoes choice and pants are also light -colored shoes


, Age reduction and high.


Note: Because this type of color is relatively shallow,

It is not recommended to wear slightly fat women with thick legs.


2. Deep color-lightly familiar

Most of the older women choose to choose darker jeans in order to avoid tender clothes. For fat women, choosing dark colors in the lower body is a way to be thin, but it is also the most old -fashioned.

Especially for denim blue with a high and low saturation, its color is a dark tone similar to the earth color

For example, the mix of blue and black tones.

It is recommended to choose a moderate color when choosing a dark denim blue.

And this kind of color often adds an appropriate amount of white tone. Or choose black and gray,

Relatively, the frequency of errors is relatively low.

The upper body is matched with the same dark color,

It is more retro with the inside to brighten, and the light -colored top is more refreshing.

For example, with a black suit and a V -neck red shirt inside, the color contrast is obvious, retro and fashionable.

They are all ordinary people. Why do you wear more foreign? In addition to the texture and texture of the pants itself, you need to pay attention to some details of the matching.

Such as shoes,

Nine -point straight -up jeans with thin boots

Compared to the combination of consistent small feet pants and Martin boots, it is more capable and stylish.


If it is a slightly higher boot with heels,


It is also recommended to choose straight pants

, Small pants are more old.

Of course, many elegant women also choose to use grandma shoes to match, but grandma’s shoes should be careful not to choose round heads, it looks very dull and old,

Toe -shoes or square shoes are relatively suitable.

If you want


The casual retro style of jeans

You may wish to choose daddy shoes or sneakers.


Shoes are a detail that cannot be ignored, as is accessories. For middle -aged women, what other accessories can be compared to the elegance and fashion of silk scarves.


Wang Ziwen’s grandma shirt and jeans,

She chose to tie the scarf on the feet of the pants, but it is recommended that women with slender ankles

Essence Generally speaking, it is more elegant on the waist buckle.


In the end, this is here for the content of middle -aged women to dress up. If you still have questions about fashion and wear, please leave a message in the comment area, thank you for reading, QY ~

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