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The stream shoes are a kind of sneakers. The streaming shoes are often out of the water and water. This requires the drainability of the shoes to be well drained, and the sediment can be discharged with the water to reduce the wear of the feet.

When you climb the waterfall through the equipment and even bare hands, you are also required to have a certain climbing characteristics: in addition to the good friction effect, the more pointed toe design of the ripar -like shoe can be well designed. Finding the support point, and the harder toe will also help protect the toes and play a sufficient protective role.




There are many sand and stone in the environment, so the environmental shoe is strong instead of excellent grip. For some V -type


When walking on the naked rock surface in Zhongxi, sometimes its slope may exceed 40 or 50 degrees, and the tooth shape of the sole is not as deep as some hiking shoes. This friction is except for



The design of the pattern, such as suction cup or wave type, is the most important thing depends on the performance of the use of rubber itself. Just like most

Rock climbing

The same does not require the soles to have a special pattern design, but the environment of the stream is more complicated. In addition to considering the situation in the water, it is also necessary to meet the requirements of the jungle crossing or row. The grip performance of complex terrain.

1. Differences of stream shoes and sandals:

The types, applicable occasions and materials, and functions are different in streaming shoes and sandals.

1. Different shoe types

Sandals are exposed toes, mainly wearing barefoot, ventilated cooling like slippers, sandals such as flat heels, slopes, high heels and other types. The stream shoes are a kind of sports shoes, with a single type of style.

2. Different occasions

Sandals are not suitable for attending solemn occasions, running sports, and driving vehicles, amateur leisure life, etc. are most suitable for sandals. Creek shoes are often out of water and water. When the equipment is climbed by the equipment and even bare hands, it is also required to have a certain climbing characteristics of Xiushu shoes, which is more suitable for outdoor wading and sand.

3. Different materials and functions

Sandals are mainly manufactured with soft glue, artificial leather, cowhide, pork skin, plant skin, bamboo skin, vine, laser skin and so on. Sandals are the earliest feet in human history. It has evolved from the original package. Essence Tie with straps or ropes on a strong sole. Mash -breathable mesh cloths with breathable PU and large mesh eyes are mostly drained, and sediment can be discharged with water to reduce wear on the feet.

Second, design and materials:


Mesh breathable mesh cloth of breathable PU and large mesh eyes.


The unique elastic “holding the feet” design, some necklines are soft, you can step on the flat as a slippers.


Anti -slip and wear -resistant rubber, design with drainage grooves; flippling the upper on the side, and drainage holes; some styles are designed with suction cup pattern; The friction of the time plays the role of “sudden braking”.


Quickly pull, equipped with rope clip; some styles have no shoelaces.

3. Design principle:

1. In addition to the fine lines of the soles of the soles, in addition to the wavy fine lines to prevent the moss stepped on the water, there are six deeper lines to improve the foot grip of walking in the water, and in these six In the deeper lines, there are six air -conditioning windows from the inside of the shoe warehouse to the soles of the shoe warehouse. This is the key to ensuring that the water in the shoe can be fully discharged.

2. Similarly, the feet and the heels also have anti -slip lines and air -conditioned windows designed for drainage.

3. From the inside of the shoes, you can see the light outside directly from the air conditioning window.


4. When buying a stroke shoes, the insoles with holes are also air -conditioned insoles with holes.

5. In order to ensure that the shoes can quickly emit water quickly and restore dryness, a large number of quick -drying fabrics+punching and breathable design are used on the stream shoes.

6. The materials of the upper, including the stitching materials, are plastic fiber, which resist and corrosion resistance.

7. The tip of the foot adopts a thickened collision anti -collision design to prevent stones or hard objects in the water from damaging the toes.

8. The length of the shoelaces is just enough, and it will never affect the speed of progress because the lace is wrapped into the water grass.


KEEN started in 2003, which originated from the base camp of outdoor sports, Portland, and here is also the birthplace of Nike and Columbia. The birth of Keen comes from how to protect his toes in outdoor sports, and Keen’s first shoe type Newport was born, and since then, the growth of the Keen brand.

Keen Uneek

Although Keen is an outdoor brand, in addition to providing functionality and technology, they are more advocating innovation and comfort, and the innovation and comfort of the UNEEK shoes launched later are On the top floor.

classic style


Next, I recommend a few Keen’s stream shoes. The characteristics of each style are different. You can choose according to your preference ~

The original intention of Keen’s launch of these shoes is to design a stroke shoes with both functional and fashionable and versatile attributes. The woven upper consisting of two ropes can not only fit the foot type perfectly, but also provide good wrapping properties. It can also be easily presented to different colors. Such a upper is combined with the training of the menstruation. The soft and moderate sole has a good comfort.

Of course, the popularity of this pair of shoes is inseparable from the influence of mountain culture in recent years and the Urban Outdoor style. Some fashion magazines and the grass of bloggers have made this pair of shoes the darling of fashion enthusiasts. Interested friends, these shoes will be a good choice in the hot summer.

Keen newport


Keen’s NEWPORT shoes, the original intention of designing is to protect the toe sandals in the sailing competition, which was rated as “the honor on the idol” by “Times” magazine. This pair of Newport shoes use an enhanced toe to prevent impact on the toe, which can protect the big toe, and the human engineering design of the sole can provide support for the feet and reduce the chance of twisting.

The upper uses a washing polyester fiber band, which has a quick -drying function and can also provide many color matching choices. Like UNEEK shoes, the shoelace fast lace system is used, which is more convenient and easy to wear.


Keen Zerraport II

In addition to the above two pairs of shoes, Zerraport is also a good choice. The strap design is more like a general sandals style, but this simpler design can meet the versatile needs of more people.

Keen Uneek

Keen Uneek


Keen newport