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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

In order to further standardize the use of drug and device operations of the oral clinic and ensure the safety of the use of medicine and abal of the masses, the Cangnan County Bureau of Wenzhou carefully deployed the special examination of the drug and device for the oral cavity clinic, and focused on cracking down on illegal and illegal behaviors.

Check the purchase link

Strictly check whether the medical device used by the dental clinic is purchased from a legal enterprise, whether to ask for business qualifications and establish a complete supplier file; Whether to obtain information such as the “Medical Device Registration Certificate” and the Qualification Certificate of Products, and whether there are no “medical device registration certificates” and “medical device production enterprise license” to process customized dentures.

Two check -up links

Check whether the stomatology clinic uses medical devices that have not been registered, unqualified, expired, and eliminated; the disposable use of sterile equipment and disposable use of the dental equipment box are reused.


Three inspection maintenance storage links

Check whether to complete the maintenance of medical devices on time and establish a complete maintenance record; whether the original data of large medical devices such as comprehensive treatment machines in the dental department is kept complete, whether maintenance and maintenance and maintenance records are left;

In response to the problems found in the inspection, law enforcement officers ordered the relevant clinics to rectify immediately. At the same time, the problem of the purchase, storage, and maintenance of medical devices on the spot was required to assume the person in charge of the oral clinic as the first responsibility for the quality and safety of medical and medical device quality and equipment. Human responsibilities, improve the overall quality of employees, strengthen the sense of safety, responsibility, and risk awareness, and ensure the safety of the general public for medication. The Cangnan County Bureau immediately conducted a case for investigation and punishment for the use of outdated medical devices and sales labels that did not meet medical devices.

Source: Municipal Supervision Study Station