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When buying a camera, you will choose a lightweight and portable camera product. Many readers and users are confused about how to choose such cameras. To be honest, with the improvement of smartphones’ camera ability, the home card camera did not stand in the same place, but some of the existing portable and high -quality cameras still attracted much attention and popularity in the market. Today this article is recommended Several high -quality and portable camera products.

When buying a camera, you need to recognize your needs to place an order, and don’t regret it. Because each camera has its own distinctive personality. As a user, if you buy it right, it is treasure. If you do n’t buy right, it is idle, causing waste of money and products, which is not worth it.

What kind of camera is buying right? For a simple example, if you like the moment you like daily records and take some literary small scenes, then the GR IIIX of Ri Guang is a good choice. After all, the 24-megapixel APS-C format sensor, plus 40mm fixed focus lens, Coupled with the color performance of the Ricoh GR series, you can help you complete most of the shooting needs.

Many people now like to shoot VLOG and record life with videos. This type of camera has a long video ability, easy to use and easy to use, and the quality is second. The most important thing is that the cost is relatively high.

Next, I recommend some portable portable cameras with outstanding characteristics, for your reference only.


轻巧便携画质出色 这些便携相机值得推荐

The biggest highlight of DJI OSMO Pocket 2 is small and easy to carry. OSMO Pocket 2 is a product that combines traditional cameras with stabilizers. It provides 64 million pixels and 20mm lens focal lengths. It is very suitable for VLOG shooting and daily home users. As an entry -level video shooting equipment, the functionality is slightly weak and the picture quality is general, but it is easy to operate and the price is not high. It is very suitable for entry users.

· DJI OSMO Acith 2

In recent years, with the rise of short video shooting, more and more people have begun to record and share the fun of work and life with video recording and sharing of work and life. The video shooting products with VLOG has gradually become a product that many users pay attention to. DJI OSMO Action 2 Sports camera, changing the appearance of the traditional motion camera, can link the battery life module and screen module through magnetic suction, expand the use of the camera, and the accessories are richer.

轻巧便携画质出色 这些便携相机值得推荐

In the video shooting, DJI OSMO Action 2 supports up to 4K 120FPS video shooting, provides a 155 -degree perspective, providing dual anti -shake, even if the distance exercise can ensure the stability of the screen.

· Sony ZV-1

The Sony ZV-1 camera uses a 200 million pixel 1-inch stack EXMOR RS CMOS sensor, which can shoot 4K ultra-high-definition video, with 315 phase detection autofocus points and 425 comparison detection autofite points.

轻巧便携画质出色 这些便携相机值得推荐

In terms of function, Sony ZV-1 supports three-level skin beauty effects, real-time eye focusing, real-time animal eye focusing, and F1.8 large aperture lens, which can get excellent background blur effect. Very suitable for VLOG bloggers and users who like to record life everyday.

· Ri Guang GR IIIX

The Ricoh GR series digital camera does not need to introduce too much, the hottest portable camera products nowadays. Ri Guang GR IIIX still uses 24.24 million pixels, APS-C format sensors. Compared with Ri Guang GR III, GR IIIX’s biggest improvement is to upgrade the 28mm focal length lens to 40mm, and the maximum aperture of the lens is still F2.8.

Compared to the 28mm GR III, the 40mm focal length of Ri Guang GR IIIX is easier to control, and 24 million pixels can provide sufficient image quality assurance. It is a highly recommended high -quality portable camera.

· Canon G7 X Mark III

The Canon G7 X Mark III camera uses the 201 million pixel 1-inch stack CMOS sensor, with the DIGIC 8 image processor, 4.2 times optical zoom, and F1.8-2.8 optical zoom lens.

Canon positions the G7 X Mark III as a tourist VLOG artifact, so the camera supports 4K non -tailor videos, supports full HD 120P video shooting, and the camera has added a microphone interface and other convenient external devices. Suitable for a portable camera for VLOG users.

轻巧便携画质出色 这些便携相机值得推荐

· Fuji X-S10

Fuji X-S10 is currently the most cost-effective machine. The Fuji X-S10 uses 26.1 million Pixel APS-C format sensors, with excellent image quality. At the same time, the camera is equipped with a new fuselage five -axis image stabilization, and cooperates with a more petite fuselage shape. The size of the anti -shake component is reduced by 30%, but the anti -shake effect is more outstanding. , The highest can reach the 6th gear anti -shake effect.

In terms of color, the Fuji X-S10 has a wealth of built-in color schemes and custom functions like the previous Fuji camera. It can adjust many shooting parameters during shooting, such as adjusting the color of color, blue color freshness, highlight shadow curve curve Wait, this also makes the color of this camera has more space that can be “DIY”. You can adjust the color mode that is more suitable for your shooting habits according to your preference.

In terms of video, Fuji X-S10 supports 4K 30P, and the highest code flow can reach 200Mbps. In addition, it supports the inner record F-LOG curve, which is easier for the later color adjustment of the video. The upgrade video of this camera is a highlight. It not only supports 240P’s upgrade video shooting, but can shoot up to 10 times the slow movement, but also supports autofocus and eye focusing on 240P. It is very convenient to shoot the character video.

轻巧便携画质出色 这些便携相机值得推荐

· Sima FP L

轻巧便携画质出色 这些便携相机值得推荐

Sima is currently the only anti -counter camera that uses a full -frame 61 -megapixel sensor in the camera market. Sima FP L adopts a compact body design, and the fuselage accessories use a modular design, which is excellent.

Sima FP L has excellent image quality in imaging. The 61 -megapixel provides excellent details. In addition, in the video shooting, the Shima FP L provides a rich video shooting function including RAW specification video, which can fully meet professional video shooting users The need.