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Recently, a small partner said privately. I said that choosing clothes is too difficult. Many of the popular styles are not so fit today, and the lazy combination is even more so. Looseness has become a daily life at will.

Therefore, you don’t have to be entangled in whether it is completely fit, but from partial point of view, if it is suitable for your tailoring length, even if you are loose, you can be loose and thin.

About mid -length dress:


This is the season that is suitable for wearing a dress, so we need to choose the length of the dress. The length of choice according to height is the simplest and fastest, and you can find tailoring that suits you.

For young children: 100-105 cm

For tall children: 110-115 cm


Both of these lengths belong to the length of the medium and long models, and the biggest advantage of the medium long model is mainly reflected in the following two.


1 type:

For most girls, the most slender part of the leg curve is the calf except the ankle, so choosing to show half of the calf not only appears straight, but also looks slender.

So we can see that whether it is a small girl or a tall girl, it is very suitable for medium -length skirts, because this length is very suitable for modifying figures.

The second type:

It is in style. Because a person’s style is really important, you can easily stand out when you choose the right style and style.

For us, choosing a more stable matching shape is more suitable for daily life. The medium long model is more stable and practical than short skirts. Not only in daily life, but also workplace life is also very applicable.

About the skirt dress:

Since there are even medium -length models, there are naturally middle -style dresses. Different from ordinary medium -length models, the middle -style dress has more legs, so the leg shape is higher.

Therefore, we are required to have more slender lines, which is especially suitable for interpretation of intellectual elegance and full of atmosphere.

Generally speaking, the dress of the middle model is in the upper and lower positions of the knee. Compared with the bottom of the knee, it is actually more high above the knee. Therefore, there are two types of long skirts.

For young children: 85-90 cm

For tall children: 95-100 cm

Regarding the choice of skirts:

The easiest way to make is not laborious to become fashionable. Choose a strong skirt with a strong sense of design. The skirt is also divided into length. Compared with long skirts, it is actually more suitable for everyone.


There are two specifications of long skirts: the following two:

For young children: 65-70 cm

For tall children: 80-85 cm


The choice of short skirts may break the imagination of many people, because the shorter skirt is not as short as possible, and it should also be moderate for young children.

Because the most important thing for short skirts is not fashion, but the problem of lighting, you should choose the appropriate length when choosing a short skirt.

For young children: 38-41 cm

For tall children: 43-45 cm

The choice of trousers:

The length of the top does not need to do too much requirements. Because tops can generally be stuffed into the lower jackets, it does not require long -term consideration.


And pants are not good, no matter what he is, it can directly affect our figure. So we should choose the length of the pants, and we should be cautious. There are suggestions for the selection of pants.

For young children: 90-97 cm

For tall children: 105-110 cm

The above length suggestions are selected for trousers, of course, without nine -point pants. If it is a cropped pants, you need to shorten about 5 cm.

If you are ordinary height, but if you want to have the effect of nine -point pants, it is completely possible to choose more than 90 centimeters. The operability is also relatively strong. If it is too long, you can choose the way to fold your pants.


I am a settlement. If you are confused, you can trust me privately, and welcome to leave a message to discuss! Following it and learning to wear, we become better and beautiful people together!

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