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2018 is a year of prosperity and rapid growth for whiskey, accounting for 15%of global spiritual wine consumption, and sales of 10 million boxes (9 liters/box) compared with 2017.

The world’s best -selling whiskey brand list in 2018 is as follows:

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盘点全球 30 个最畅销威士忌品牌,印度成最大赢家

Ranking and Data Source: “Drinks International” June 2019

Wine Encyclopedia

1. Indian whiskey has the most influential influence, 13 brands are on the list and occupied the top 4

Essence The fastest -growing brand -Bangalorer is also from India. India is the first consumer country of whiskey. In 2014, the Indian people drank more than 1.5 billion liters of whiskey in total, and the 2nd US ranked less than 500 million liters. It is worth mentioning. The open Indian people, the open Indian whiskey!

盘点全球 30 个最畅销威士忌品牌,印度成最大赢家

2. Scottish whiskey has 10 brands on the list

Essence Johnny’s Great increased slowly in 2018, ranking fifth; treasures have fallen a lot, which may be related to the high -end of the global whiskey market. Scottish harmony of whiskey still dominates, but Microsoft whiskeys are becoming more and more popular.

盘点全球 30 个最畅销威士忌品牌,印度成最大赢家

3. American whiskey has 3 brands on the list

Except for the Jinbin under Bin Sanchali, other growths have been slowly or simply declined sharply. The development of US whiskey was affected by the tariff trade war. In the first half of 2018, global trade increased by 28%, but in the second half of the year, it fell 11%.

4. There are two other Japanese whiskey, 1 Canadian whiskey, and 1 Irish whiskey brand on the list. These brands have greatly increased. Surprisingly, the beauty is beautiful, and the growth rate has reached 9%, which is better than the two -day Wei brand.

Detailed explanation of 30 major whiskey brands around the world

盘点全球 30 个最畅销威士忌品牌,印度成最大赢家

1. Choice of Chiefs

India is a large country of sugarcane planting. Most of the Indian winery brews whiskey raw materials. It is not composed of corn, wheat, and rye, as well as the “orthodox” barley of Scotland, but a by -product of the sugar industry– Honey.

The Indians distilled the liquor with low costs as raw materials, and then reconciled with some grains or malt whiskey, which became Indian whiskey, and the taste and style were more like rum. This approach does not conform to the definition of whiskey in the European Union’s law. Therefore, it cannot be sold in the European market in the European market, but can only be “spirits beverages”.

The church selection was established in 1988 and mixed with mixed liquor and malt whiskey. The brand encourages consumers to make the right choice in their lives and awaken the chief of “justice” in their hearts. The IWSR survey shows that the reason why the chief of the chief can grow so fast is because it focuses on a brand and has stabilized the heels in the middle class. The positioning is different.

盘点全球 30 个最畅销威士忌品牌,印度成最大赢家

Since the selection of the chief in 2013 defeated Johnny and became the best -selling whiskey in the world, it has won the championship throne many times. In 2015, SMIRNOFF also surpassed Saminov Vodka, and became the world’s best -selling spirits with a sales volume of 312 million.

盘点全球 30 个最畅销威士忌品牌,印度成最大赢家

2. McDower No. 1

The history of McDowell’s No.1 can be traced back to 1826. Its predecessor was Asare-Takyi, which belongs to the global wine giant Emperor Emperor’s subsidiary in India United Fragrance Company (USL ), And it is USL’s flagship brand.

McDower No. 1 mainly produces three types of flames -whiskey, White Lan and Rum, and Bailan Di is its first spiritual wine product. Today, the brand’s sales have reached 52 million boxes, and the product exports to more than 20 countries.

McDow 1 is a harmonious whiskey to mix the imported Scottish whiskey and the selected Indian malt whiskey and grain whiskey to get a smooth and delicate taste. There are three main whiskey products, McDowell ’s No. 1 Original, McDowell’ s Platinum, and McDowell ’s Luxury.

盘点全球 30 个最畅销威士忌品牌,印度成最大赢家

3. The blue of the empire

Imperial Blue is a whiskey brand in India, the brand sponsored a Indian movie “Men, a man! “Men Will Be Men, and became a brand propaganda.

The brand was released in 1997 and made remarkable progress in the market, and quickly became one of the leading whiskey brands in the field. It is a mixture of Scottish malt whiskey and Indian grain whiskey. It focuses on low -quality and excellent price. In the Monde Selection in 2018, it also won the Gold Quality Award. Like other Indian whiskey, it has a variety of packaging size to choose from, including 90ml, 180ml, 375ml, and 750ml, 1L and 2L.

盘点全球 30 个最畅销威士忌品牌,印度成最大赢家

4. Royal Deer

盘点全球 30 个最畅销威士忌品牌,印度成最大赢家

Like the blue of the Empire, the Royal Stag is the core brand of Polyrics in India. It is also prepared by Indian grain and imported Scottish malt. History is 2 years earlier than the former, the first India, the first in India. The whiskey brand does not add artificial flavoring agents.

Its brand name comes from a special deer species famous for antlers, so the Royal Deer also uses this deer as the brand image.

In recent years, the sales of Royal Deer have been in a steady growth stage. Before the rise of the Empire’s blue, the brand was the third whiskey brand in India, and the sales of the two in 2015 were very close.

5. Junni

盘点全球 30 个最畅销威士忌品牌,印度成最大赢家

Whether you are a whiskey veteran or a starter, you must have seen a wine label pattern that holds a gentleman’s cane walking. This is the famous Johnnie Walker.

Johnny John Winery was founded by John Walker, who was only 14 years old in 1820. John was used to use the experience of modulating mixed tea in the deployment of whiskey, and began an attempt to prepare whiskey. This is the first harmonious whiskey brand in the world, and it has exported to 120 countries around the world in 1920.

盘点全球 30 个最畅销威士忌品牌,印度成最大赢家

In the past, Johnny has been the best -selling whiskey in the international market. However, with the change of consumer awareness, cost -effectiveness seems to be a factor that people value more. Johnny won the main high -end product, and the price is relatively high, so sales have lost some Indian brands in recent years.

In the hearts of global whiskey enthusiasts, the supreme status of Johnny’s addition is still irreplaceable, of course, this is also inseparable from its high -end quality and long -term effective brand promotion and promotion strategies. The most distinctive feature of this brand of products is the product label with distinctive color. Red, black, green, gold, and blue brand have their own characteristics.

6. Jack Danny

Jack Daniel’s is a well -deserved leader in the American whiskey industry. It can be said without exaggeration that people who like American whiskey must know Jack Danny.

Jack Danny was founded in 1866, which is said to be the oldest winery in the United States. All of their oak barrels are made in the winery. In addition to occupying the North American market, Jack Danny also includes European countries such as the United Kingdom, France and Poland.

盘点全球 30 个最畅销威士忌品牌,印度成最大赢家

Its products can be divided into 3 series. The Family, including the 4 most famous wines of Jack Danny, is Old No. 7 Black Label, Gentleman Jack, Tennessee Honey, and a single barrel. Single Barrel.

Special Limited & SPECIAL EDITIONS, generally whiskey produced with special purposes, including Sinatra Select, Tennessee Fire, Winter Jack, etc.

The number of inheritance series (Legacy Editions) has a large number. Most wines are award -winning wines for large -scale competitions, including some commemorative wines, such as commemorating Jack Danny 160 birthday.

7. Original choice

盘点全球 30 个最畅销威士忌品牌,印度成最大赢家

John distilled company is a Indian wine company specializing in distilled spirits. It was established in 1992. Its flagship brand is Original Choice.

盘点全球 30 个最畅销威士忌品牌,印度成最大赢家

Whether it is the reputation of this whiskey brand or the popularity of its company, it is not as good as other best -selling whiskey. However, as far as John distilled companies are concerned, the original choice is still the absolute boss, and its sales have long occupied more than 90% of the company’s total sales.

The original chosen whiskey has a slight malt aroma and a trace of smooth oak aroma, because its malt spirits have been aged in American oak barrels for a while. In addition to different sizes of glass bottle packaging, it also has carton packaging.

盘点全球 30 个最畅销威士忌品牌,印度成最大赢家

8. Jinbin

The BEAM family started brewing in Washington County in 1795, but until 1933, James Beam applied for a winemaking license and built a new distilled plant in Clermont in Clemont. Only the nickname of Jim Beam, James Beam) restarted the brewing of Ben whiskey.

The brand belongs to the world’s 3rd Greater wine brand Beam Suntory. Bin Sandei’s predecessor was Japan’s Sanchali Group. It is an old -fashioned company that produces and sells beer, foreign wine, and soft beverages. In 2014, the company named Bin San Deeli through the acquisition of Beam Inc..

Golden Bin’s products are very rich, including Straight Bourbon, Black Extra-Aged, Single Barrel, Double Oak, Devil’s Cut, Bonded ) Bobbon whiskey. Kim Bin’s Pochimoto whiskey has a very strong, rich and sweet flavor and a tight wood texture

In addition, Jinbin also includes omnel whiskey, seasoning wave Ben whiskey (add honey, vanilla, apples and other flavors). From time to time, there will be innovation, such as Small Batch, and successfully enter the high -end wave market.

9. Haiwo Boutique

Hayward Square is also from India’s United Ledo, which is very famous in India and other African regions or the Middle East countries. The whiskey of this brand is low in price and is made of neutral spirits, and sales have risen year by year.

盘点全球 30 个最畅销威士忌品牌,印度成最大赢家


According to statistics from the Irish Whiskey Association, Irish whiskey is the fastest growing spirits industry in the world, and in 2017, it sold nearly 120 million bottles (10 million liters). In 2014, Ireland had only four whiskey brewing. Today, this number has risen to 18, and it is expected to increase to more than 30 by 2020.

盘点全球 30 个最畅销威士忌品牌,印度成最大赢家

When it comes to Irish whiskey, Jameson will be mentioned. As the most popular Irish whiskey, it has maintained a year -on -year growth in the increasingly competitive spirits market, making it a 2018 supreme brand champion honor.

The production of Zunmei alcoholic began in 1780, when it was called Bow Street Distillery. In 1971, the winery was closed and the production site was transferred to Midleton. Today, this brand belongs to Polyga.

11. Bai Lingtan

盘点全球 30 个最畅销威士忌品牌,印度成最大赢家

Ballantine ’s reconciliation of whiskey was founded in 1827, and the brand name came from the founder George Ballantine. In 1895, Bailian Tan was clicked by Queen Victoria in the United Kingdom as Royal Royal Wine. In 1910, Bailian Tan entered the golden period of development, and the company began to export whiskey.

In 1930, Bai Lingtan entered its heyday, and whiskey exported a lot to the United States, Europe and Asia. In 1937, Bai Lingtan owned the title of “Scottish Noble Enterprise”. In 2005, Bailian Tan was acquired by the global wine giant Pernod Ricard and became one of its most important brands.

Its products include Ballantine’s Finest (Ballantine’s Finest); mid -range products Bailing Temple for 12 years; 17 years of Bailing Altar, and in 2011, British famous wine critic Jim Murrary will comment For the “Best Whiskey of the Year”; 21 years of Bailing Temple, Queen Victoria Points Royal Royal Wine; Bailing Altar for 30 years, collectors’ choice; Ballantine’s Limited The most precious malt whiskey and grain whiskey are made up.

12. Crown

Crown Royal is a brand of Diageo in Canada. In 1939, in order to commemorate Emperor Georgia VI and Empress Mali for the first time visiting Canada, Gimli, Manitoba, Canada, launched a noble and noble masterpiece. The crown was born. It is said that this was finally determined by trying more than 600 recipes. Even the bottle body is unique, symbolizing the crown of the king, and it shows the temperament of the aristocracy.

In 2016, Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye was rated as the world’s best whiskey in the world in the famous wine book “Whisky Bible”. This honor), the Crown quickly attracted public attention.

Crown whiskey can basically be divided into 3 series. There are classic series, the products include Blender’s Mash, Deluxe, Rye, and Black; Whiskey, such as collecting wine, crossing wine barrels, cognac buckets, etc.; Flavor, such as peach flavor and salty caramel pieces.

13. The pride of the bartender

Blender ’s Pride is another brand of Paulle plus in India. It was launched for the first time in 1995. It mixes some malt whiskey imported from the Chinese brothers of Scotch, and the high -quality grain whiskey in India. Today, this brand occupies a market share of 55% of the Indian boutique whiskey market.

Due to the pride of the bartender, Paullega continued to launch the Blender ’s Pride Reserve Collection in 2011 in 2011. It has become the top whiskey in India. It is composed of India’s best quality grain wine and Scotland imported maltibrite. Scottish maltic liquor has gone through a unique way of Solera.

14. Chief Management Hei Fang Special Selection

盘点全球 30 个最畅销威士忌品牌,印度成最大赢家

Director ’s Special Black is affiliated to India United Ledry Company. The brand was actually launched by Shaw Wallace in 1988. In 2005, India United Wedey Wine Company merged Sean Volius into its own.

The brand is actually extended by Director ’s Special Black. It is a luxurious Indian whiskey brand, which combines extremely high -quality malt spirits and has amazing smoothness. The design with a glass bottle with carving logo and eye -catching packaging is very recognizable.

15. Old tavern

Old tavern is affiliated with India United Ledry Company. It has always been a whiskey brand in India. In addition to the development of the local Asian market, the brand has also achieved a certain success in Africa.

A few years ago, the old tavern has been the fastest brand in India. Its increase has reached 61%, and the decline in the next growth has even increased negative growth. However, in 2018, the brand rose an alarming increase, 44%!


Bagpiper is also a brand owned by India’s United Wedey Company. This brand started in 1976 and is a mixture of Scotch whiskey and Indian malt and spirits. It has a faint malt aroma and a trace of wood or soil characteristics in the background.

The wind whistlers have always been closely linked to Bollywood stars, including Ashok Kumar, Jackie Shroff, DHARENDRA, Sunny Deol, Shahrukh Khan, and Ajay Devgn. The slogan used when Dharmentra was the brand ambassador in 1993- “Khoob Jamega Rang Jab Mil Bhaitenge Teen Yaar. AAP, Mein Aur Bagpiper (approximately the meaning of Google translated is: Whenever you find that life is very colorful, you must be around. “Wind piller)” “, has become the brand of the brand, and is deeply rooted in popular culture.

盘点全球 30 个最畅销威士忌品牌,印度成最大赢家

17. Emperor Shizun crown

The Royal Challene is also created by Sean Volius and is currently in India Union Wedey Company.

The brand was first launched in India in the early 1980s and was one of the popular whiskey brands made by India. It is mixed with neutral spirits made of Indian grain whiskey, Scottish malt whiskey and neutrophils.

In the 1980s and 90s, it was the leader in the Indian high-quality whiskey market. With the introduction of the royal deer and bartender, its market share gradually became smaller.

Huang Shizun crown claimed that he was the first brand in the medium price whiskey to sell more than one million boxes.

盘点全球 30 个最畅销威士忌品牌,印度成最大赢家

18. Bangalore

It is affiliated with John distillation, Bangalore Malt, and has expanded the Indian domestic market in recent years, and the effect is very good. In 2013, the sales volume was only 100,000 boxes, but in 2017, it reached 3.5 million boxes. Perhaps it was because it was too eye -catching. In 2017, Sazerac, a North American spirits company, also joined the ranks of the shareholders of John distilled company.

19, horn bottle

The history of Japanese whiskey began in Nobita Nobuya and bamboo cranes. In 1923, Toribu founded Yamazaki (Yamazaki) and hired bamboo cranes to assist wine with very rich salary conditions. However, the first wine market launched is not good, and the blood is not returned. Toributo believes that the taste of the oriental people is different from the Western people, and the taste of Japanese whiskey should be localized; the bamboo cranes insist on brewing the traditional Scottish style of whiskey. Different from this, the bamboo crane left Yamazaki in the end.

After the bamboo crane left, Toribao quickly adjusted the product line. In 1937, a series of light -flavored Japanese whiskey cottage bottle (Kakubin) was launched, and it quickly opened the market.

The horn bottle is based on Yamazaki distilled Pochimon Bubbon malt whiskey. The grain whiskey that has been mixed for many years has a classic flavor and high -quality aroma.

The packaging design of the corner bottle is also very unique. The four -corner bottle body is inspired by the turtle shell pattern symbolizing the longevity Fulu. It also uses the traditional Japanese cutting glass process carving. The design full of oriental charm is loved by many people.

20. Grand

Grant’s was founded in 1886 by William Grant and developed to a well -known world wine today. It is particularly praised for the small wineries that are independent from the family. Essence

The Grand whiskey wine feels refreshing and masculine. The triangular bottle is a very obvious feature of this brand.

This is a harmonious whiskey brand. Its standards are Standfast (Standfast, founder William Grand, often said “you fight”). (Grant’s Royal, 12 years of aging) and 21 years of Grand (Need for whiskey) and so on.

21. Chiva

ChiVas Regal was born in 1801 and was created by two brothers, James Chivas and John Chivas. In 1843, the Queen Victoria visited Scottish, and the Chronch brothers got the opportunity to give the queen a gift. Their whiskey was favored by the royal family with excellent quality and was awarded the royal certification.

In the 1850s, the taste of malt whiskey was still bad. In order to make a more export sense of export, Chi Huas began to try to reconcile a variety of old Scotland malt whiskey. This is born.

With a more stable taste performance after reconciliation, Chi Huasi also represented it. In 2002, Chi Huasi also released a royal ritual whiskey to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II.

22. Special Selection of the General Manager

Compared to the special selection of the head of Hei Fang, the special selection will be lower -end.

23. William

盘点全球 30 个最畅销威士忌品牌,印度成最大赢家

Bridge of Bargain Group’s harmonious whiskey brand. William Lawson ’s was born in Scotland in the 1850s and moved to Ireland to work in E & H Burke. In 1889, the name W Lawson & Co appeared. The name later disappeared.

In 1972, the William Rochest distilled factory was established and was included in His Majesty by Bargam in 1993. William’s products are relatively simple. You can only see a whiskey on the official website, or there is no year.

William Rosheng has signed a two -year cooperation agreement with the Premier League Chelsea Football Club, becoming the official Blue Army’s official whiskey partner.

24. One is refreshing

Produced by Japan’s second largest whiskey producer Nikka (Nikka), it uses a completely opposite approach to black beard during production. It is the first whiskey brand that does not use mud drying malt at all, but pursue fresh malt aromatic Essence The fragrance is soft, the taste is smooth, the entrance is refreshing, and the entrance is full of drinking, so the name is “clear”. One Jiajia refreshing (Black Nikka Clear

) It is a relaxed and refreshing style, the type of daily drinking.

盘点全球 30 个最畅销威士忌品牌,印度成最大赢家

25. Treasure

盘点全球 30 个最畅销威士忌品牌,印度成最大赢家

The full name “Justerini & Brooks” was founded in London, England in 1749. The Treasure whiskey has obtained the “Royal Royal Royal Wine License” issued by the 8th generation of British King, and has become the most popular whiskey brand that has won the most British king, including George III, George IV, William IV, Queen Victoria, Edward VII, and Edward VII. George V, George VI and Queen Elizabeth II have given him high recognition.

盘点全球 30 个最畅销威士忌品牌,印度成最大赢家

Two whiskey products are currently available on the official website, J & B Rare and J & B Honey. On the rare yellow wine label of Treasure, there are also the names of the major British kings granted the glory of the treasure.

26. William Pele

William Peel is a Scottish reconciliation whiskey brand, which is affiliated with MBWS (Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits) and part of the snow tree Vodka.

The brand started in 1964. Its whiskey mixed with 18 kinds of whiskey original liquid, including malt rescue from highlands and Spey, as well as raw wine from lowlands.

盘点全球 30 个最畅销威士忌品牌,印度成最大赢家

Its products include a basic harmonious peace whiskey with basic models, as well as a double barrel of blended whiskey.

27. Emperor

Emperor Dewar ’s brand was founded in Scotland in 1846 by John Dewar. Since then, Emperor whiskey has been inherited and carried out in the hands of John Dewar Junior, John Dewar Junior, and Tommy Dewar, and gradually grew into become the Scottish whiskey. The best.

In addition to the popular emperor for 12 years, the Emperor whiskey family also has the treasures of real whiskey -the emperor 18 years and the Dewar ’s Signature.

28, black and white dog

In 1884, Black & WHITE was founded by Mr. James Buchanan.

In 1885 it was invited to become a member of the British Parliament to designate whiskey suppliers (this contract has not been interrupted since 122 years). In 1899, he was clicked by the British royal family to designate whiskey brand for Queen Victoria and Prince Wils.

The image of the two black and white hounds on the wine label is impressive. Black and white dogs used to be very popular, and they also appeared in James Bond 007 novels, as well as the movie “Father Goose”.

29. Schglan Seven Crown Crown

The Seagram ’s 7 Crown is a US reconciliation whiskey brand, which is affiliated with Diageo and is released in the name of Schragm. This brand was very popular in the 1970s.

30. Leibao No. 5

Label 5 (Label 5) has been regarded as a representation of Scotch whiskey. The essence of 4 major production areas is integrated, the highland is stable and strong, the unique seaweed mud in Eray island, the dense and slender flavor of the low ground, and the elegant aroma of the Spee River.

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