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In response to the problem of children with light eye protection, children’s eye lights have been launched, and this luminaire has received many parents. There are also many brands of children’s eye protection. Which brand is good? Let Xiaojiao will introduce you.

Which brand of children’s eye protection is good

Top ten brands of children’s eye protection light: 1. Panasonic

Founded in 1994, Matsushita Electric (China) Co., Ltd. began in 1918, early “national”, and then renamed as “Panasonic”, in 2002, it is mainly responsible for the wholesale and after-sales of home appliances and system products. Service activities. It involves home appliances, digital audiovisual electronics, office products, aviation and many other fields, and world famous international comprehensive electronic technology enterprise groups.

Children’s eye protection lights top ten brands: 2. Op

Op Lighting Co., Ltd., starting from 1996 to produce high-tech enterprises integrated with LED and traditional light sources, lamps, electrical appliances, etc. Op Lighting is a well-known brand-name product in the lighting world, and eye protection is also a very important product, and performance is very good.

Top ten brands of children’s eye protection: 3. Philips

Philips’s eye light is also more well-known, and friends who use Philips products feel that Philips is very good. Philips (China) Investment Co.

儿童护眼灯哪个牌子好 儿童护眼灯最新报价

Children’s eye protection lights top ten brands: 4. Crown

Guan Ya is a product brand manufactured by Zhongshan Sunshine Electrotechnics Co., Ltd., a mobile eye lamp, fixed luminaire and some electronic energy-saving lamps are its main products. It is the lighting capital of my country. The product is still very trustworthy.

Children’s eye protection lights top ten brands: 5. Mingda

Mingka is one of the earliest production of lamps in China. In the world’s first high-power phosphometer, the products are exported to the whole country, the performance and quality of products are very high, because their own companies have more advanced production equipment.

Children’s eye protection lights top ten brands: 6. Oshram

Many people should have more understanding of Osuram, and the eye light is also a very powerful product.

Top ten brands of children’s eye protection light: 7. Huayi

Huayong Lighting Lighting is located in my country’s furniture capital, Zhongshan Guzhen, is a model of China’s green energy-saving lamp.

Children’s eye protection lights top ten brands: 8. Ya

Guangdong Taigel Power Sports Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, a professional engaging flashlight, LED flashlight, LED headlight, LED small table lamp, electric mosquito shot, portable power, emergency light, fire emergency light and other electrical source products Large-scale technology groups in R & D, design, production, and sales. Yage, Guangdong famous trademark, Guangdong famous brand.

Children’s eye protection lights top ten brands: 9. Beautiful lighting

Jiangxi Midea’s Gui Lighting Co., Ltd., China Lighting Electrical Competitiveness Brand, the United States Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary, was established in December 2009, all-round energy-saving lighting solution providers, integrating R & D, design, production and sales Lighting electrical enterprises, products mainly include home lighting, commercial lighting, office lighting, outdoor lighting, LED, switch socket, power converter, low voltage electrical, lighting appliances.

Top ten brands of children’s eye protection light: 10. Liangliang

Ningbo Liangliang Decoration Factory, founded in 1975, the top ten brands of eye protection, the establishment of a special table lamp, LED environmental lighting and furniture decoration lamps, etc. Modern, design, production, and sales of modern comprehensive enterprises

Child protection eye lamp latest offer

Ou LED table lamp children’s eye protection eye lamp learning book bedroom student table lamp bed headlights dormitory small lamp

儿童护眼灯哪个牌子好 儿童护眼灯最新报价

Reference price: 49 yuan

Xinlan Yasai lamp eye light student learning bedroom bedside lamp LED work reading lamp children folding clip small table lamp

Reference price: 45 yuan

儿童护眼灯哪个牌子好 儿童护眼灯最新报价

Light Fuji LED eye desk lamp student learning office desk lamp child creative bedroom bed headlights

儿童护眼灯哪个牌子好 儿童护眼灯最新报价

Reference price: 85 yuan

儿童护眼灯哪个牌子好 儿童护眼灯最新报价

Vetrum LED eye clip clip table lamp can be charged children student learning dormitory reading table bedroom bedside lamp

Reference price: 69 yuan

The above Xiaobian will introduce you to the current relatively good children’s eye-catching brand. At the same time, I also tell you a quote of the current child’s eye-catching light, I hope to help everyone.