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High -quality music often requires high -quality audio equipment to reflect. However, due to construction costs, the original audio system configuration of most models is relatively average. This is the case for this BMW Mini Coopers. Therefore, the music played by the original car is also difficult to meet the listening needs of the owner. In order to improve the audio performance of the car, the owner came to Shanghai Yinhao and upgraded the sound of the car.

Through in -depth communication with the modified technician, the technician learned that the owner likes lyric and classic songs, and has high requirements for the hearing, details and vocals of music. According to the owner’s listening preferences and the shortcomings of the original car audio system, the technician has a reasonable audio system upgrade plan for the owner.

System Configuration

Audio processor: Japanese JVC KS-AX810P

Earlier speaker: Germany Eaton RSR60 mid -tone+Dana 232 medium bass

Astrobatvian power amplifier: Eaton MINI 300.2 two amplifiers

Wiring: Zhengli Chefu Professional Protection Auxiliary Cable

The front sound field did not choose a set of speakers directly. Instead, a set of three -point horn was selected from the German Eaton RSR60 mid -to -tone and Danish Dana 232 medium bass. Dana mid -bass uses Dana’s iconic MSP magnesium siliconate mixture, which makes the subwoofer thick and transparent, and the original sound reproduction ability is very good. And use the rubber hanging edge for protection, so that the intermediate frequency part of the sound is full and infectious; the treble unit of Eaton RSR60 uses hand -made silk soft ball top vibration membrane, which has the characteristics of softness, clear and natural pronunciation, through the professionalism of technicians. Installation and debugging can highlight the warmth and sweetness of human voice, make the three -frequency smooth, smooth, and layered, which is very in line with the auditory preferences of the owner.

At the sound source, the technician added a Japanese JVC KS-AX810P audio processor to the car. It can optimize the sound source, make the sound clear and delicate, and lay a solid foundation for good sound performance. With one Eaton MINI 300.2 two amplifiers, it provides sufficient power output for the horn to make the sound performance clearer and textured. The upgraded wire is also the professional protection auxiliary wires of Zhengli Carford, ensuring that the system can run safely and efficiently.

The installation location of audio equipment is also very important. After repeated sound field positioning, technicians are installed on the A -pillar of the car. Music achieves the center, allowing the owner to be in the right listening position. The audio processor and amplifier are installed at the bottom of the trunk to avoid the storage space of the trunk.

Conclusion: The technician’s technical level is superb and has rich experience in modification. Not only is the matching of audio equipment reasonably and full of personalization, even the layout of the audio equipment is just right, so that the upgraded audio system fully exerts its due effect.