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Leisure style is loved by people because of its simplicity, generous, easy -to -act, comfortable, comfortable, comfortable, and comfortable. But do you know that although the simple wind seems to be simple, if you want to escape the public and wear texture, it still tested the matching skills. Today, we will take Zeng Li’s casual style with OUTFIT as an example to learn about the casual style of mature women!

Zeng Li is a senior actor who has a certain qualifications in the circle. The fame has always been tepid. The field was extremely impressed by the audience. And Zeng Li’s black and white match at the airport is also seemingly simple and simple on the surface, but in fact, there are many hidden collocation, which is a classic minimalist leisure style with a high level!

Zeng Li’s selection skills

[1] A small amount of white long -sleeved T -shirt, simple and refreshing without interest

The white T -shirt believes that everyone has it, but the reason why Zeng Li can wear the basic white T is precisely because she has worked hard on the selection. She is wearing this long -sleeved white T and has a blue smiley face pattern in her chest, which makes simple clothes have a highlight, full of innocent taste, very age reduction and pleasure. The design of the small round neck can not only extend the neck lines, but also make the overall shape more refreshing and breathable, full of leisure.

[2] Black casual wide -leg pants, chic and casual sex

In terms of lowering, Zeng Li is wearing a slightly loose black casual pants. It is well known that black is a contraction color. It can appear slender in the lower body and the effect of obvious visual thinness! The wide -leg version can not only modify the leg shape and cover the flesh, but also very breathable and cool. It can be said that it is a must -have for home travel. The comfort is full. In addition, the material of this pants is relatively elegant, and it shows a chic and casual temperament in the wind, and it also adds a lot of grades to the overall shape.

[3] Beautiful accessories manufacture highlights,

In the case of relatively simple colors of clothes and pants, Zeng Li’s choice of accessories is also collected, so that the shape has a certain highlight while maintaining the overall unity, it seems not so dull. The addition of the black fisherman’s hat and black glasses adds the richness of the shape, and at the same time cleverly moves the center of gravity, making people more tall. The exquisite and shiny key shape earrings, and the looming necklace between the neck, adds a little personality details to the shape. While adding color and cute pale green bags, it also makes the overall shape a relaxed and comfortable literary atmosphere. The details are 100 points!

Mature women create casual style styling more fashionable

Tip 1: The version should not be too loose

If mature women want to successfully create a fashionable leisure style, they must pay more attention in terms of version selection, because the generally casual single product design is relatively loose, but it is too oversized In terms of, the loose style of the slightly larger number and a moderate laziness and leisure sense is enough, otherwise it is easy to overwhelm, the leisure is not possible, but it will be sloppy.

Tips 2: Simple color matching is more advanced

In terms of color matching, it is recommended to avoid some high -saturated colors, such as fluorescent green, fluorescent powder and so on. Choosing a simple color scheme can be said to be the most secure, such as classic black, white, gray, khaki, hidden blue, dark green, etc. can be combined at will. At the same time, the color of these colors is also very complemented by the temperament of the generous mature women. The shape created is more likely to exclaim!

Tips 3: Learn to “appropriate exposure” to be thin and profitable

In the overall shape, proper skin exposure is also a dressed skills for Bailing. For example, the slender and white wrist is exposed through the rolling cuffs, the elegant swan neck is displayed through the round neck V -neck, and the charming and sensible ankle is displayed through the nine -point pants. The most common daily leisure style can also hide the temperament of your bones and make you the most beautiful scenery walking in the crowd!