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After Aunt Ye finished writing the girl’s autumn sports last time, many boys left a message in the background and asked the aunt to make a boy’s autumn dress. It seems that Aimei is not only a patent for girls, but boys have also begun to pay attention to exercise. In Aunt Ye’s eyes, as long as the sports boys are very attractive, and use snacks on the sports equipment, it is almost invincible beauty.

Squid is the kind of young and tall typical handsome guy. In addition, he often laughed with big white teeth, so a handsome boy like him would not make a mistake if you wear it. Many people have misunderstandings about good -looking people, thinking that they are just florals and have no strength, but in fact, the training of squid privately is very hard.

Aunt in the circle of friends witnessed the high -intensity training process from 6 to 4 distribution speed. Now, whether it is running or off -road, he is already a great god, so his sports wear is not only good -looking. Also high.

Autumn is here, we must pay attention to keeping warm, especially runners who love night running, long trousers are standard. The first thing we need to consider at night is the safety issue, so in addition to the reflective logo of the night running equipment, we will also choose the color of the color. Red is the first choice.

This ASICS Autumn windproof jacket has coatings inside, which can cope with the complex weather of wind and rain at any time in autumn. The semi -suture design of the back is to assist the heat dissipation and wetting, and improve the breathability. The cuffs and the back of the back of the cuffs improve the safety of night running.

The trousers that have just entered autumn should choose thinner and thinner, so that it won’t run hot. Turn the official website of Asics and find that this trousers are very special. The first thing that attracted me was the large -area gum printing logo on one side. As the legs were running during the running process, the printing would also appear with faintness. It was dazzling.

This trousers are not pure tights. His waist and stalls are loose, and thighs and calves are tight, which will make those runners who wear tight pants feel embarrassing naturally.

My first pair of running shoes is Article, so when many of the newly started runners let me recommend running shoes, I will recommend Article of Article. GEL-NIMBUS 22 is the flagship cushioning running shoes of ASS. Flytefoam double -layer midsole plus the large GEL, in addition to attracting the impact of the ground, it can also provide comfortable cushionability.

This shoe is excellent, so most runners choose him as long -distance training shoes. This time, in order to protect the better, GEL has been around and surrounded by a circle, and the midsole is also thicker by about 2mm. The weather that is not cold or hot in autumn is the best time for runners to train long-distance training, so I recommend these GEL-Nimbus 22.

In the store, I also found a luminous T -shirt. It is said that this T -shirt uses luminous yarn plus flowering technology. After accepting enough light, it can show the luminous effect. In addition to ensuring safety, I feel very technological. It is also cool to run with light.

What is the other runner I know? Basically, I woke up. He also finished the card in the circle of friends, and it was generally 15km. Pay attention to him, in addition to renting his legs, in fact, he also wants to grab his equipment.

After reading the picture above, do you find that Yan Shen loves to collect the entire set of equipment of the same brand. It may be Salmon, maybe 2xu, or the ancestral bird or others. In order to cure him such obsessive -compulsive disorder, Aunt Ye deliberately found out a few different brands of items from his equipment to see what the effect would be.

There is a jacket that many sports boys want to have it, and they are planted. It is the assault jacket of The North Face in the north. This subsequent jacket enters everyone’s sight is 19 years of Mogan Mountain 100 kilometers off -road.

The first thing that attracted me was this color matching. Emerald green was still rare on boys’ jackets. It is also brighter than the dark green powder of the windbreaker before, and the lines on the shoulders also increase the sense of fashion.

The products in the north are mostly used for off -road tracks. This charge is a lightweight model, windproof, waterproof and breathable, so it is also suitable for running in late autumn. The price of nearly 3,000 yuan when it was just launched was dismissed for most runners. Now it can be bought by more than a thousand yuan in a platform, depending on whether there is a suitable code.

In addition to being a sportsman, Yan Shen is also an evaluation master, and countless shoes. Seeing him recently said that he recently liked Hoka Oneone Carbon X. This is a pair of racing running shoes prepared for elite players. Because of the blessing of carbon plates and excellent wrapping and shock absorption, the runners can run away naturally, coordinated with action, suitable for running running within 330 throughout Malaysia. By.

This sole is designed as the upper, middle, and lower three layers, thick foam on the upper layer, and the lower rubber outsole. During the running process, every foot can feel the weakening of energy impact on the foot, but this weakening is not as exaggerated as the professional shock -absorbing running shoes, so the movement can be quickly and smooth without mud.

In the usual training, Yan Shen was still more when wearing compressive pants, and often appeared in this 2xu compressed pants. The gradient compression pants of the 2xu use the gradient compression process, which decreases step by step from bottom to top pressure to promote blood circulation and accelerate physical recovery.

Many people think that the compressive pants are either too tight or either pop it out and cannot be loosened. This 2xu compression pants use independently developed fabrics such as PWX, which can achieve lightweight and high bombs and flexibility. After repeated pulling, it has strong compression force. Therefore, the great gods often wear compressed pants in long -distance training. One is to shrink the excess muscles to make the running smoother, and the other is to quickly restore the physical fitness to make the LSD training effect better.

Speaking of the evaluation, I have to say that the famous big cousin in the running circle has been in time, and all kinds of sports watches can see his article. Let’s take a look at how the big cousin is matched in autumn.

The autumn in Jiangnan is actually not too cold, and it is similar to wearing a long sleeve. This long sleeve introduced today is very special. He is a compressionport switch. Why is it called a switch? This compressport is dug -of -air pores dug the switching function. When the amount of exercise increases, your cardiopulmonary demand for oxygen is increasing. When the chest cavity continuously expands the body’s heat and rises urgently, the switching clothing will be in an open state to quickly dissipate heat. Fiber optimizing the fiber structure, accelerate sweating and heat dissipation, and keep your body dry. When the amount of exercise is reduced, the switching jacket is automatically closed to retain body temperature, giving the body the necessary compression to ensure normal blood flow.

Compressport switching clothes compressed area adopts seamless overall weaving technology to ensure that the movement is free and maximum comfort. The upper body effect is comfortable and breathable, even lighter than the vest, and the compression effect is not particularly strong, but it is very comfortable as the second layer of skin.

Products similar to the CS switch compression clothes, I like the close layer of the CRAFT Quavter’s family. Quif specially stickers are divided into red labels, green standards, and blue standards. The red standard is suitable for -5 5 degrees to 25 degrees winter. In autumn, you can wear a comfortable green label, which is suitable for 10 degrees to -5 degrees.

My CRAFT products are relatively many. It is very comfortable to wear, and I like to tighten but not oppress. His fabric can also perceive temperature, sweat or warm, and it is enough to wear a layer in autumn. When northeast was minus 20 or 30 degrees, I wore a layer of red label and a layer of vests in the middle, and a thin windproof outside was enough. It should be noted that the CRAFT is the European standard. It is more suitable to wear a size or two yards when buying.

The big cousin provides another way to wear a public runner. This set of autumn is cost -effective. The jacket is the thin windbreaker of Benny Road. The trousers are Decathlon’s autumn running trousers. This set is done 300 yuan.

The big cousin’s favorite shoes are the high -value and racing ASESS tiger. This series is widely recognized among elite runners. In large -scale events, especially Japanese players, wearing a lot of tigers.

The ASEST tiger is suitable for runners with high steps. Lightweight and excellent parcel performances make these runners run up at the foot of the feet, and it is easy to run for PB. At the same time, it should be noted that this series of soles of the shoe are not the popular sole now. The buffer protection is limited when running long distances. For those large -sized power runners, the marathon may not be so comfortable in the second half of the foot.

Looking at the muscles of the big cousin, he knows that he is a powerful runner. In contrast, he likes to put on the more enchanting color of the red powder on his body. I usually use clothes to match shoes, and big cousins ​​use watches to match shoes. You can feel it.

Overall, the sports matching of boys in autumn can start from several aspects: first, keep warm, long trousers with a bright color; second, fast -drying short -sleeved + windproof jacket + shorts, suitable for the south Big place. And this combination of length is my favorite boy match, which is light and energetic for this style; the third is to wear it according to the brand like Yan Shen, because a series of a brand is designed according to my style to design it. The same nature, so it won’t make an error when wearing it.

The running boys must also be a little ruthless in the equipment. They like to wear them on their bodies, and sweat running out will also flash.