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Eat sugar while reducing sugar. How can functional candy attract young people?

On July 6, Minayo, a functional food brand, launched the first “Fudan” dosage nutrition package specially customized for Chinese women. Female demand for age.

“Eating sugar health” has gradually become a new fashion for young consumers. Sleeping is not good, and sleeping sugar; brushing your mobile phone to hurt your eyes and protect your eyes; if you are too fat, you can control the sugar. In the context of reducing sugar to become a global trend, why can functional candy popular against the trend?

Picture source: minayo

A variety of enterprises enter the bureau, startups develop rapidly

Before discussing functional candy, we need to clarify a concept, that is,

Functional candy is functional food, and functional foods are not the same concepts as health foods.

From the perspective of the current laws and regulations of China, health food has a clear legal status. It has clear regulations in terms of functional claims, product promotion and efficacy review before the listing of the product. The functional food does not have a clear legal status in China. Its essence is still ordinary food. The products cannot claim the function. From the aspects of available raw materials, product access qualifications, and product promotion, they are supervised in accordance with ordinary food.


Health food and functional foods are facing different legal status and industry supervision in China, which directly leads to completely different development paths in product types, marketing publicity, and sales channels. Enterprises also face different industry entry thresholds.

Photo source: iResearch

Return to the category of functional candy, although in February 2021, the General Administration of Market Supervision issued relevant documents such as the “Auditable Accessories and its use regulations (2021)” such as health food filing products, which pointed out that the powder and gel candy was included in health food filing records The dosage form has been implemented since June 1, 2021. but

At present, there are only a handful of “health snacks” with the “blue hat” logo. Most of the candy with various nutrients can only be regarded as “functional food”.

Image source: State Administration of Market Supervision

From the perspective of the development of functional food, its explosive power is quite powerful. Not only did consumers increase sharply,

Traditional food companies, health products, pharmaceutical companies, raw materials suppliers

At the same time, a large number of start -up brands have also won the favor of capital, including Sequoia Capital, IDG, Jingwei China, Plum Capital and other well -known institutions. Irai consultation data shows,

As of 2021, there were 24 functional food projects that have received financing and 43 investment events

The establishment time of these financing projects and the time for financing were concentrated in 2020 and 2021.

Among many functional foods, functional fudge is very popular. Tmall’s consumption data shows that in 2020, functional fugitives have become the fastest -growing health care product consumer dosage in young groups such as post -90s and generations.

Next, we will cut in from the perspective of startups to see how these emerging brands use candy to capture the “heart” of young people.

How to attract young people with functional candy?

Candy -based new brands include BUFFX, Minayo, WonderLab, Nelo, Tipsyou, Joliyoyo, Jie You Releaseu, Zero Heroes, and Nature. Throughout the development of these emerging brands, we summarize the following three points.

Comprehensively meet the needs of young people

To sort out the product line of the emerging brand, it is not difficult to see that the demand for sleeping, improving health, beauty and beauty, eye protection, and weight management can be met.

Function: Sleep; mainstream ingredients: GABA

Image source: WonderLab, Minayo, NELO official flagship store

Function: improve health; mainstream ingredients: vitamins, probiotics, trace elements, DHA

Image source: minayo official flagship store

Function: eye protection; mainstream ingredients: lutein ester

Image source: MINAYO, WONDERLAB, BUFFX official flagship store

Function: Weight management; mainstream ingredients: white kidney bean extract (rich in α-amylase inhibitors)

Image source: BUFFX, WONDERLAB, Tipsyou official flagship store

Function: beauty and beauty; mainstream ingredients: collagen peptide, sodium hyaluronic acid, Chinese herbal medicine

Image source: BUFFX, NELO, Tipsyou official flagship store

It’s delicious and convenient

It is not just the functions of candy promotional to young people, and it is the focus of young people’s attention. The brand also knows this point. Almost all functional candy is packaged independently for easy carrying. Taking the newly launched female fudge nutrition package launched by MINAYO as an example, the patented fresh packaging packaged — 3 pieces a day, unlocking and independent, while meeting daily nutritional needs, providing a stable preservation environment for sugar, It is more convenient to go out and carry, suitable for any scene.

In terms of face value and taste, the brands have made all their best to attract young people’s eyes.

Candy appears in various shapes such as flowers, fruits, smiley faces, animals, cartoon characters, etc., completely abandon the image of “pills” and “capsules”, so that young people have no “medicine”. The taste is rolled out of new tricks. Fruit taste is already conventional. White peasters, apples, oranges, strawberries, grapes and other flavors can be seen everywhere, and innovative tastes such as velvet latte and white peach oolong are endless. Many young people even said that the mentality of eating functional candy has changed from “having to take” to “actively taking” or even “can’t help but eat more”.

Precision marketing play method with online channels

The change of consumer channels is a key element of the growth of new consumer food and beverage brands. The consumer channels of early food and drinking industry are concentrated in offline merchants super -convenient stores. In recent years,

The rapidly rising e -commerce platform allows residents to transfer large -scale consumption of the food and drink industry to online. The rise of live e -commerce companies is changing the user’s channel choice habits

According to the survey data, more than 40 % of users have said that the frequency of food and beverages has increased significantly through live broadcasts and video e -commerce e -commerce e -commerce in the past year, and more than 50 % of users have expressed their repurchase for their favorite products.

Image source: Yipuzo & huge countless calculation of emerging brand consumption surveys

Start -up companies usually have strong marketing capabilities, and online channels are their main sales channels. Through accurate marketing methods, they use the live broadcast of e -commerce and grass -planting grass -planting platforms such as Douyin, Xiaohongshu, and the content of grass to reach young consumers and eventually open the market.

Picture source: Xiaohongshu user

At the same time, it is also facing doubts

While winning market attention, functional candy also faces many questions

The weak effect is the most criticized point of consumers, and the serious homogeneity is the start -up enterprise to make big and stronger Land Rover.

The dose of functional raw materials is one of the key factors that determine whether the product can exert its efficacy.

Functional foods have problems with low limit of product functional ingredients and problems that cannot be used in some functional raw materials

As a result, many consumers have criticized the products to eat “useless” and “no effect”, and even accused the product of “IQ tax”.

Severe homogeneity is the most serious problem facing functional candy brands at present

In terms of product form, functions, effects, and selling points, they are seriously homogeneous, and there is no difference in consumer experience. The development and production of start -up companies are found to find manufacturers’ foundry, and the concentration of upstream manufacturers is high. Many companies are looking for the same generation of factories to develop and produce, resulting in the confidentiality and differentiation of product formulas.


According to the advertising method, functional food advertisements must not promote health care ingredients. Therefore, most brands choose raw materials with higher market awareness, such as GABA, probiotics, vitamins, lutein esters, collagen peptides, sodium hyaluronate, etc.

In order to save the cost of communicating with consumers, this has led to the more serious homogeneity of the product in the core component, and the niche raw materials cannot be effectively developed.

Picture source: brand flagship store

A variety of sleep aids use GABA, which are high in ingredients, tastes, and promotional words.

Generally speaking, the track of domestic functional foods is still very young. It is in the early stage of development. There is no real head enterprise. It is normal for problems such as serious homogeneity and weak effects. We can refer to the mature Japanese market and find some inspiration for the future development of the emerging brand.

In the Japanese market, foods are divided into two types: general food and health function foods. Among them, health care foods are divided into

Specific health foods, nutritional foods and functional label food

Three categories. The target of domestic functional food is a functional labeling food (FFC). This category is introduced in 2015. The enterprise can record with the Consumer Affairs Office 60 days before listing.

Unlike domestic,

Japanese FFC products tend to apply multiple functional ingredients

From April 2020-March 2021, 85%of products used two or more functional ingredients. The popular ingredients include

GABA, black ginger -derived polymettetrolavonoids, difficulty digestion of paste, albumose paste, chrysanthemum powder, shrimp greenin and so on.

In addition, it is worth noting,

The maturity and scientific literature of Japan’s research on functional ingredients have increased significantly

This has also promoted the innovation of functional food, which greatly enhances the attractiveness of products to consumers.


The fiery functional candy market has attracted many emerging brands to enter. In the face of competition from many other similar brands,

A variety of efficacy raw materials are reproducible, proved product efficacy through functional tests

It is a combination of a brand that breaks the homogeneous competition. In the future, it is expected that domestic brands can develop their own moats, so that we can see “FANCL” belonging to China as soon as possible.

The head map is derived from pixabay, picture address: love-3554898/

Photo source: iResearch

Photo source: iResearch

Image source: minayo official flagship store

Image source: minayo official flagship store

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