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In the autumn and winter season, it is inevitable to choose some thick and single to shape the shape, but many times, with the enhancement of the single product, the fashion effect of dressing and matching will become more difficult, which gives a lot of men. Bring a problem.

In fact, in the autumn and winter season, high-level and fashionable is not difficult, a high-collar shirt can easily create superior shape. Easy high-neck sweaters can show a good effect regardless of single wear or inner, so that the wearing texture is greatly improved.

If there is no high collar sweater in autumn and winter, it can be lost, and this textured man’s wardrobe will not so much, and it can make you feel so much, combined with a variety of wearing methods easy to create a diverse style.

First, high collar sweater as the main body


Many times, men will be due to the designs of the sweaters, after all, in many people, the high-end design represents dull and thick, combined with soft materials, more difficult to highlight the dried breath. In fact, the high collar sweater can be quite practical, and it can even be used as a subject piece, and it is easy to show the modeling effect of literary style.


1 Select the version with a loose version


If you want to make a high collar sweater as the body single product, you will pay a maximum characteristics of this item, you must pay attention to the selection of the version. Since this single product has a high-collar design, it is not advisable to choose a single-slim style to make a single dress, but to properly enhance the relaxation, prevent the matching too dull.

In the same time, the high collar sweater can also attract eyeballs, at this time, pay attention to the selection of the version. The version with loose sense is an inner, which can create a more eye-catching effect, with simple and low-key jackets, which greatly increases fashion and texture.

2 Light thin coat does not affect the eye effect of high collar sweater

Of course, I want to highlight the “subject status” of high-neck sweaters in the overall match, and do not have to choose loose version. At this time, the coat factors can also be considered, and the advanced wear is present. When the jacket has a light feeling, the existence of the high collar sweater in the overall match will be stronger, even if the slim version, the comparison of the thickness and color will also add a fashionable effect.


Second, the multi-color match of the high collar sweater, presenting texture


In addition to the presence of high-necked sweaters as the main item, in daily life, more people will choose to use it as a inner, showing a texture, strengthening advanced elegant temperament.

1 unified color matching more harmonious

When high-collar sweaters are used as an inner, they should pay attention to the combination of coloring when other items. Usually, the same color matching of the inner and jacket is comparative “safe”, which can make the shape look more decent, and it is also simpler. At this time, the same color will not bring a single tone. After all, the difference is enough to highlight the level.


Of course, select the same color system and different color matching, the layers present will be more winning. The depth of the shadow is to make the shape look more and more, and the outside is more secure, and it seems that there is no difference between the differences.

2 contrast color combination is bright eye-catching

Although the single product of the high collar sweater seems to be difficult to wear “jumping” trend, you can try to combine it with the jacket to create a bright eye-catching effect. The most classic black and white color is a good choice. In the overall dark shape, using white high-necked sweaters as an inner, not only advanced, but also more cost flies.


3 black wild does not pick people


To ensure that we can wear, black high-end sweaters are always a classic choice. Choose a material with a light feeling, combined with a slim version of the design, easy to create an unparalleled Confucian breath, with a gentleman’s style, and more advanced gas fields in combination with the coat.

Third, combined with the trend model, show different styles

The scope of high-neck sweaters is actually not narrow, although it usually combines with windbreaks, suits, etc., can show Confucian high-level atmosphere. In fact, the boys who will wear will also like to combine them with the trend model, showing different styles.


1 with shirt dress, create a cool street wind

High-neck sweaters with generous sites with the Oversize version of the shirt, the shape created is bright. With a full-time wearing, the whole person looks handsome. At this time, the high collar sweater did not choose a common slim version, and also cooperated with “loose” single product, showing a cool street wind.

2 with the garment shaped big boy

In everyone’s impression, the two items of sweaters and high collar sweaters seem to never be the same box. After all, the functionality of the two is similar, men often use them to shape the shape.

In the loose sweater, it may make you feel unexpected, but you have to admit that this kind of wearing is really very new, and the breath of the vital boy is full, showing a full age.

You can cooperate with round neck sweaters, direct exposure of sweaters, showing unique layers. Alternatively, you can also choose a stand-alone sweater with sports style, complement with high collar sweaters, easy to draw the neck ratio.

No matter how to wear, high-neck sweaters brought to overall temperament, it is not overlooked. Simple and generous design will not make your wear look too much, but it can greatly improve texture, showing unusual Advanced model. This fall, you can try a high collar sweater, you can also create a diverse stylish shape.


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