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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

The weekend is the Dragon Boat Festival, you are working hard,

Is it also in the travel destination where the “conspiracy” is going to go?

Start with Shanghai -level tourist attractions in Shanghai, Shanghai Yiolai,

Set off for travel equipment at the first stop of the travel destination,

Go to the net red lavender park to walk around the flower road,

Open your hands & flowers to open the three -day early summer ideal journey.

Don’t forget the benefits at the end of the text!

At the same time, in order for everyone to have more time to choose travel equipment,

We extend the business hours during the Dragon Boat Festival!

Whether it is a single noble, sweet couple or a family of three,

You can find the perfect travel equipment in Shanghai Yiolai,

You can’t drag the water when you go to the trip, you can’t drag water,

Portable luggage must also be interesting and fashionable.

Traveling in Europe, lighting is the most important thing,

But before flying to Paris,

You can take a look in Shanghai Yi Ou first,

The upcoming French fashion brand -Kenzo

After visiting Shanghai Yio,

Girls have 20 -inch Loewe suitcases,

The size is suitable for small objects that can be plugged in some destinations,

The boy puts on the big travel package of all in one,

Easily recessed the petty bourgeoisie to fly abroad to feed pigeons abroad.

LOEWE Cross Patriot Black Cortex suitcase

Current price: 9750 yuan

Current price: 7800 yuan

Kate Spade New York Fun Printed T -shirt

Tag price: 800 yuan

Current price: 384 yuan

Lee dark denim jacket

Tag price: 999 yuan

Current price: 699 yuan

Kate Spade New York classic white shoes

Tag price: 1000 yuan

Current price: 400 yuan

Chloé hexagonal geometric flower art sunglasses

Tag price: 3980 yuan

Current price: 1980 yuan

Evisu white minimalist logo baseball cap

Tag price: 599 yuan

Current price: 359 yuan

Coach holiday weaving tote bag

Tag price: 5200 yuan

Current price: 1820 yuan

TRUSSARDI diamond -shaped checkered leather men’s big travel bag

Tag price: 6990 yuan

Current price: 2880 yuan

G-Star raw long-sleeved denim shirt

Tag price: 1198 yuan

Current price: 839 yuan

Levi’s logo printed white T -shirt

Tag price: 249 yuan

Current price: 174 yuan

Roberto Cavalli red line decoration casual shorts

Tag price: 3700 yuan

Current price: 1750 yuan

G-Star raw pattern to help biscuit canvas shoes

Tag price: 998 yuan

Current price: 649 yuan

Ray · ban 板 color board sunglasses

Tag price: 1980 yuan

Current price: 1782 yuan

Brooks Brothers Red Blue Wave Point Socks

Tag price: 190 yuan

Current price: 95 yuan

Guess black logo pocket

Tag price: 499 yuan

Current price: 349 yuan

How can a couple travel?

Drag on Samsonite classic shell 24 -inch suitcase,

Double golden size makes the “territory” distribution of the suitcase no longer a problem.

A reasonable capacity of the island is perfect.

SAMSONITE China Red 24 -inch Thousand Wheel Tiebox

Tag price: 5280 yuan

Current price: 3696 yuan

Kate spade new york Tianlan obliquely collar printing conjoined shorts

Tag price: 3100 yuan

Current price: 930 yuan

Michael Kors white clip -toed sandals

Tag price: 2000 yuan

Current price: 800 yuan

Coach weaving holiday bucket bag

Tag price: 4450 yuan

Current price: 1558 yuan

Michael Kors coral orange fashion sunglasses

Tag price: 1780 yuan

Current price: 712 yuan

Michael Kors postcard printing leather cortex

Mousey Sly Ribbon Decoration Straw Hat

Tag price: 498 yuan

Current price: 249 yuan

Dsquared2 from o’blu beach printed white T -shirt

Tag price: 1630 yuan

Current price: 815 yuan

Levi’s Cavedo Men’s denim shorts

Tag price: 699 yuan

Current price: 489 yuan

Msgm from o’blu logo pattern casual slippers

Tag price: 920 yuan

Current price: 460 yuan

Ray · ban Zhang Yixing’s same pilot sunglasses

Tag price: 1380 yuan

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Michael Kors Monteque series baseball cap

Tag price: 700 yuan

Current price: 280 yuan

Armani black simplicity quartz watch

Tag price: 1900 yuan

Current price: 1194 yuan

With a baby travel, you must consider all aspects,

When most luggage spaces are filled with children’s things,

The journey of travel is also full of considerations as parents,

Use a 29 -inch TUMI Giant Fighting Full of the whole family to travel happily!

TUMI Champagne Gold 29 -inch Mandarin Wheel Travers

Tag price: 5590 yuan

Current price: 2516 yuan

Michael Kors lemon yellow suspender dress

Tag price: 3200 yuan

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Michael Kors White Mulles Ping Shoes

Tag price: 4200 yuan

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MCM ravioli relief sunglasses

Tag price: 2400 yuan

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Michael Kors Silver PU Totbag

Tag price: 6600 yuan

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Kate spade new york lemon yellow small hand bag

Tag price: 1500 yuan

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Swarovski palm tree emerald necklace

Tag price: 1190 yuan

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Coccinelle blue cherry decorative buckle

Tag price: 550 yuan

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Mcm rabbit trend print T -shirt

Current price: 1200 yuan

Mcm logo printing color stitching trousers

Tag price: 3000 yuan

Current price: 1500 yuan

TRUSSARDI Ge Lingci Stitch White Shoes

Tag price: 3890 yuan

Current price: 1480 yuan

Hugo boss logo printed black baseball cap

Tag price: 560 yuan

Current price: 390 yuan

Ray · Ban pine stone green fashion sunglasses

Tag price: 1480 yuan

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Roberto Cavalli black gold leather wristband automatic mechanical watch

Tag price: 9000 yuan

Current price: 5880 yuan

E. Land Kids yellow and white striped off -shoulder dress

Tag price: 598 yuan

Current price: 299 yuan

TARTINE ET CHOCOLAT Golden Sequenant Children’s Shoes

Current price: 189 yuan

Ray · ban coral red children sunglasses

Tag price: 580 yuan

Current price: 522 yuan

E · Land Kids Golden Bid Ribbon Small Bag

Tag price: 398 yuan

Current price: 119 yuan

Tartine et chocolat pink bow headwear

Tag price: 158 yuan

Current price: 60 yuan

Furla watermelon accessories washing bag

Of course, there are more big -name discounts during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday,

Hurry up for holiday travels, set up a lot of good things!

On the Dragon Boat Festival, no longer envy the beautiful scene in the reality show,

In Shanghai Yio Lai Get holiday equipment,

Take the exquisite suitcase and put on some casual Look,

Let’s go, the journey you yearn for is near you!

Sustainable environmental protection and then setting off fashion new style

*The above information is for reference only. For details of the specific product information and preferential activities, please consult the store staff, or the store is explicit.

Tag price: 2000 yuan

Current price: 800 yuan

Tag price: 498 yuan

Tag price: 2400 yuan

Tag price: 1190 yuan

Current price: 595 yuan