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■ Wen 丨 City Well Finance column writer Ye Kefei

Some time ago, when the epidemic raging caused the city, “not cutting hair for a long time” is also a common stalk in the circle of friends. As a result, many flat -headed brothers also became fluttering with long hair, looking forward to the barbershop every day.

Foreigners also face this problem. However, the habits of Europeans and Americans are different from us. They go to the barber shop haircuts mainly for modeling. As for simple haircuts, they often solve them at home. Therefore, a home haircut is standard for the family.

The Chinese family is generally used to make a haircut with a haircut. In the future, the haircut used by adults may also become more and more people’s choices.

History of Bagger

What we call the haircut is electric push cutting, and its invention has just been a hundred years. In 1919, Wall Corporation invented the world’s first practical electric push shear.

The inventor Rio J. Wall experienced the legend. As early as middle school, he tried to make an electromagnetic vibration motor and opened up the road of invention Wall push. During his studies at the University of Illinois, he designed a vibration medical massage device for his uncle Frank Walt.

In college, he already had awareness of improving existing barber tools, and started to design new electric push cuts.

On October 14, 1919, Rio applied for a patent for the newly developed electric push shear and put into production at Wall Corporation. This is the first practical electrical push cutting that drives the driving motor in the fuselage, which overcomes the inconvenience of the past to push the fuselage and independent motor with a soft shaft connection. At the end of the 1920s, Walls produced thousands of electric push and scissors, using its barber shops to the United States.

This electric push shear quickly spread to China and changed the lives of urban people.

In ancient China, there was no general concept of haircuts. After all, the parents of their bodies were granted to their parents. Of course, the necessary trimming is still needed. There are special shavedrs in the Han Dynasty. The workshops and industry associations of production barriers appeared in the Song Dynasty. However, the main tasks were actually scraping and shaving for men. As for women’s hair, there are popular hair styles in the dynasties, but they are mainly tossing at home.

It is precisely because of the symbolic meaning of the hair, so Manchu’s “left no hair, no hair is left”, which has caused strong resistance of the Han nation, and also caused tragedy such as “Jiading Three Tu”.

Because the people of the Qing Dynasty had the need to shave their heads, the barber industry also rose, and the “Bagiacis Picks” sold along the street can be seen everywhere.

However, the emergence of modern development industry is still after the Revolution of 1911. Men began to leave short hair, avant -garde women also joined the trend of hair cutting and began to cater to Western hair aesthetics. The invention of electric push cuts quickly won the favor of people.

The situation in the West is actually similar. Women cannot enter the barber shop for a long time, and they did not start to enjoy hairdressing services at the barber shop until the end of the 19th century. Prior to this, the main work of Western hairdressers was to repair and shave men. Because of this, barber shops are also men’s social venues, and even politicians choose to speak in barber shops. After the invention of the Gillette shaving knife, men no longer have the need to shake the barber shop, and the function of the barber shop has been completely disrupted.

Speaking back to Wall, as a pioneer of electric push shear, it has also undergone technical progress of electric push shear.

In the early 1940s, Walls expanded production capacity and once produced hundreds of thousands of micro -electric switches. It was also during this period that Wall Company basically achieved one -stop production.

In 1950, Walls began to produce products that comply with international voltage and frequency standards for exports, and established the world’s sales service network.

On May 20, 1957, Rio J. Wall died, leaving more than 100 invention patents.

In 1965, Wall Company once again ushered in a huge technological innovation, invented the electric push -cutting equipped with vacuum collection devices, which can be collected at the same time as hair cutting and will not stick to clothes.

In 1966, Wall Company invented the world’s first general -purpose reckless motor push, and then used permanent magnet motors instead of rotary motor. In 1967, Walls designed the first wireless charging hair repairer.

However, now I want to buy a household electric push shear, but there are not only Wall, but also many other brands.

There are a lot of electric push cutting brands, and the technology is mature

Today, the Waldin push shear that can be bought in China is basically produced by the joint venture Ningbo Wall Corporation. In addition, well -known brands also include international brands such as Philips, Panasonic, and Bon Lang, and domestic brands such as Feike, Pentium, Kangfu, Oaks and Riwei.

Everyone will immediately find that these brands are highly overwhelmed by the market in the shaver, because electric push and shaver are “homologous”, and they have always been regardless of their homes.

The most important part of the electric push shear is the head of the knife. The knife head is generally divided into two types of stainless steel and ceramics. The biggest feature of the stainless steel knife is hard, but it is not wear -resistant enough, and it will gradually lose sharpness after a long time. The ceramic knife head is more abrasion, and the hardness is also very high, but it is easy to break. Judging from the current products on the market, the lower -cost stainless steel is the mainstream.

The motor is also very important. The stronger the motor, the faster the speed, and the smoother hair cutting. However, motor power varies from person to person. For example, children’s hair quality is soft, and only low -power motors are required.

The waterproof level also needs to be considered. If it is washing the head of the head, it must be removed and cleaned. If it is washing the whole body, it is much simpler.

In terms of charging, it is basically a charger, a lithium battery and a normal battery. The former fast charging function is the most pleased.

The body material is not the most important in terms of functionality, but it often determines the grade of electric push, but if it is used by family and not particularly particular about it, there is no need to consider too much in this link, otherwise It will really waste money.

Among the entry -level products, Feike’s FC5806 is a pretty good choice. The price of tens of yuan is very cost -effective. However, because the price is too cheap, there are many problems, such as great noise. The upgraded version of the FC5908 price was explored to 100 yuan, and the price -performance ratio was also good. Feike also has high -end products, with the price of more than 200 yuan, and the cost performance is still good.

Kangfu KF-T69 is known as a professional low noise and a high speed. The price is in the early a hundred yuan, but the appearance of Kangfu’s product has always been criticized. Oaks’s mainstream products are basically less than 100 yuan, and they are also good entry products.

Philips is the most popular brand and the highest market share. Its products basically start nearly 200 yuan, such as QC5130 and HC1099. As a mature big name, its performance is very balanced in all aspects, good feel, high comfort, small noise, and very durable.

The quality of Boran is of course guaranteed, but the price is also high, the range of five or six hundred yuan is obviously not cost -effective.

The biggest advantage of Panasonic is the motor, which has excellent performance and noise control, but in addition to more than 200 yuan of entry products, most models are also high. For example, ER-PGF80 is priced at more than 400 yuan, ER-GC70 is priced at 799 yuan, and ER-1611-K is priced at more than 2,000 yuan, which is more suitable for local tyrants.

In the field of high -end products, not only Panasonic, Philips also has particularly high -end products, such as QC5572 priced at nearly 2,000 yuan.

The best reputation in the unpopular brand is Leimington. The price of four or five hundred yuan is not low, but the shape is peculiar, the lightning fast charging function is very practical, and the powerful portability is suitable for going out. In addition, it also has haircuts and shaving functions.

If it is a baby haircut, the German maternal and infant brand EnsSu (Sakura Shu) has a good reputation, which is a common choice for foreigners. The mute waterproof and ceramic knife head is also practical with large capacity storage positions, and the entry -level products are only 99 yuan.


Household haircuts that have long been popular in European and American families are still a fresh thing in China, which also means huge market space. Even if only one -fifth of urban family configuration household haircuters, the market will explode.

The current home haircut is mainly based on infant hairdresser, but the more potential is the male market. The epidemic will obviously give the market opportunity. However, even if there is no epidemic, many men need home haircuts very much, such as those who do not like to run to the hair salon to be tossed for a long time.

This article is an independent point of view of the author, does not represent the city’s financial position, and does not constitute investment proposals.