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Technology | What is linen digital printing, and what are its characteristics?

The concept of linen digital printing

The linen digital printing technology is a high -tech product integrating machinery and computer electronic information technology that gradually formed with the continuous development of computer technology. It first appeared in the mid -1990s. The emergence and continuous improvement of this technology. It has brought a new concept to the textile printing and dyeing industry. Its advanced production principles and means, bringing an unprecedented development opportunity to textile printing and dyeing.

Features of linen digital printing

The production process of linen digital printing is simply speaking through various digital methods such as: scanning, digital photos, images, or computer production processing and processing. By printing a variety of special dyes (activity, decentralized, acidic main coatings) directly to various fabrics or other media, after processing, after processing High -precision printing products.

Compared with the traditional printing and dyeing process, there are several advantages:


The production process of linen digital printing greatly shortens the original process route, the speed of order is fast, and the cost of proofing is greatly reduced.

Because the production process of linen digital printing has gone away from the traditional printing process, the process of coloring, production, and networking in the production process, which greatly shortens the production time.

Accepting tricks, you can use a variety of advanced methods such as CD-ROM, E-Mail, etc. generally do not exceed one working day, and the traditional proofing cycle is generally about a week.

In addition, due to the simplification of craftsmanship, the cost of proofing is greatly reduced.

The shortening of the proofing cycle and the reduction of the cost of proofing. This is money today, and the efficiency is the law of life in the market competition, which undoubtedly brings more market opportunities to enterprises.


The linen digital printing is very diverse, and there are diverse referring to two or more different images in the pattern screen, or the color of the opposite nature.

For example, the square and straight lines and curves, black and white, red and green, smooth and rough, forming different psychological feelings such as bright, dark, quiet, cold and hot, light and heavy.

Unity refers to the small differences such as the shape, color, and techniques of several patterns in a pattern. There are many approximation points, which produces a psychological feeling of coordination, calmness and qi. Of course, the excessive unity will make the pattern monotonous without anger. A good pattern work should be unified in diversity and change in unity.

The production of linen digital printing really realizes the production process of small batches and fast reactions, and the production batch is not limited by any restrictions.

Because the production process of linen digital printing all realizes computerized digital production, which greatly improves production flexibility, some products can even be delivered on the same day, and it is advisable.

In addition, due to the application of computer technology, a series of patterns with different colors of the same pattern, and the continuous modification of the designer’s continuous modification of the pattern into the pattern during the production process has become a major technical advantage that is different from traditional printing production.

The high -precision jet process makes it without water and color without water during the printing process.

The use of dyes during the printing process is “allocated on demand” by the computer, so that during the printing process, there is no waste of dyeing materials and no wastewater generation. Do not produce pollution, realize the green production process, so that the production of textile printing has got rid of the production process of high energy consumption, high pollution, and high noise in the past, and achieved low energy consumption and pollution -free production process. A technological revolution.

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