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Sony MDR-1AM2 headset comparison experience: the best representative of “Sony Sound”

Summary: If you want a “signature product” of Sony’s sound style, you must recognize the MDR-1 series. Compared with the predecessors, what are the upgrades of the 1AM2 after four years? What are the differences compared with the fine products such as the Triangle MSR7?

In the field of portable audio, Sony’s new product changes are very fast, even more than many manufacturers in the field of specialized audio. Especially in the category of headphones, Sony already has a very rich product line.

If you are in appearance control, the H.Ear series will meet your needs very much; if you like heavy bass, the XB series will be a good choice. But if you want a “signature product” of Sony’s sound style, you must recognize the MDR-1 series.

It is worth mentioning that compared with most “annual goods” products, the MDR-1 series is updated to replace the rate much slower. In 2012, the first model of the series MDR-1R was released. To some extent, it can be said to create a benchmark for the sound style of the Sony headset. In 2014, the second-generation model MDR-1A was released (hereinafter referred to as 1A). It added Sony’s high-resolution playback technology and launched different versions such as Bluetooth and built-in DAC at the same time. Four years later, the third-generation product of the series MDR-1AM2 (hereinafter referred to as 1AM2) of this series met with you.

In a rapidly developing market environment, it still maintains a relatively conservative change frequency, which is enough to glimpse Sony’s emphasis on the MDR-1 series. Compared with the predecessors, what are the upgrades of the 1AM2 after four years?

Wearing comfort will be improved again

Among the chosen headphones that have been experienced, 1A can definitely be ranked in the top three, and this time Sony optimizes some details, which has further improved the comfort of 1AM2.

First of all, the first feeling of getting 1AM2 is light, and the feeling of paper parameters also confirmed: 1AM2’s weight is 187g, 1A is 225g, and successfully lost 38g. Don’t underestimate the changes in more than 30 grams. For the weight of the “baht must compare” headset, it brings a real wearing feeling.

In addition to lightweight efforts, the ear pads with intimate contact with the ears have also been optimized. The synthetic leather on the surface of the 1AM2 ear pad is upgraded to a two-way telescopic material (the same paragraph as WH-1000XM2), and the low-elastic polyurethane foam developed by Sony is filled with the inside. The benefits brought by these changes are that 1AM2 ear pads and ears have higher fit, and it is also very comfortable to wear for a long time.

In appearance, 1AM2 basically continues the design style of 1A. After comparison, we found that the size of the 1AM2 shell is smaller (the unit size is not changed), and the rotation structure of the head beam is more concise (the side pressure of the head beam is also smaller), which is actually conducive to the weight loss of the entire headset. There is also a small detail that the folding part of the 1AM2 shell also covers the synthetic leather. The touch of the headset will be more “soft”.

The 1AM2 uses the inner tilt shaft structure design, so that the rotating shaft of the outer coat of the headset faces the inside, which improves the stability of wearing. In addition, the rotating design is still retained. With the random standard storage bag, the headphones will not take up too much when they are carried.

For the convenience of everyone’s reference, we have found another classic product that is close to the actual transaction price of 1AM2 -Iron Triangle MSR7 (nicknamed “Strangers”).

The first feeling of using 1AM2 and changing to MSR7 is heavy, not ordinary. Compared with the 187G 1 am2, the weight of up to 300g of MSR7 is not a magnitude of the product. Although the MSR7’s more exquisite metal shell is a bit bonus, the texture is also not bad, but the light 1AM2 is wearing the innate advantage.

In terms of wearing comfort, the MSR7 belongs to the closed headset, but it is better than 1AM2. It is obviously worse than 1AM2. In addition to the reason for weight, the head beam of the MSR7 is a bit tight, and the ears are easier to feel the sense of oppression after wearing it for a long time.

In summary, MDR-1 is not a product series dominated, so there is no need to carry out “big sword” reform in appearance. The change of 1AM2 in appearance is more for weight loss, which brings very good wearing comfort in similar products.

More “ease” sound performance

In terms of sound quality, the biggest improvement of 1AM2 comes from high -frequency links.

Under normal circumstances, the vibration quality of the headset drive unit is the basic guarantee of its sound performance, and the MDR-1 series has been upgrading and evolving. The first generation of MDR-1R uses a liquid crystal polymer diaphragm, and 1A uses an aluminum-plated LCD polymer diaphragm. The 1AM2 uses the same 40mm driver unit as 1A, and the material of the diaphragm is also consistent, but the former increases the size of the central ball of the vibration film (the rigidity of the ball top), which brings clearer and natural high -frequency performance.

In addition, when we introduced the Sony flag ship’s headset MDR-Z1R, we mentioned that its driving unit used a new structure called Fibonacci pattern grille. This time Sony put this structure on 1AM2. According to the official introduction, the Fibonacci pattern grille is not easy to hinder air transmission, and it can achieve a natural treble with tension.

The right is 1AM2 grille, the picture comes from the official website of Sony

In the actual sense of hearing, the biggest surprise brought by 1AM2 is indeed from high -frequency performance. The player of the Jike just has a MDR-1ADAC (the sound is consistent with 1A when the DAC is not opened). In contrast, the control of 1AM2 in the high frequency band is better. Yes, the 1AM2 is done in a very comfortable posture.

For example, The Cranberries’s “Linger” will be paved at the beginning of the song. 1AM2 restores the details of the instrument, and it still has a high degree of recognition in other musical instruments entering the string part.

相比起我们上面提到的铁三角MSR7,1AM2 整体的声音表现要更均衡,适用音乐的范围更广,虽然MSR7 在高频部分的确有着精致舒适的听感(「女毒」),但我们It is still more biased to 1AM2 balanced and comfortable sound, and 1AM2 is easier to push than MSR7.

其实除了振膜、格栅上的改变,1AM2 在音质方面还有一个「杀手锏」:这一次索尼为1AM2 标配了一根4.4 mm 平衡连接线,配合同样支持4.4 mm 平衡接口的播放器使用( For example, ZX300) can effectively reduce signal transmission loss and sound attenuation (because the signal of the left and right channels will be separated). Of course, you can also find a 3.5mm connector with a line control in the packaging.

It is worth mentioning that the 4.4mm balance line basically belongs to the purchase of accessories in the past. This time, Sony added it to a random attachment of 1AM2, which also reflects Sony’s determination to promote this balance standard. It should be noted that although the sound improvement brought by the balance line is easily captured by human ears (the sound is tighter, the sound field is more open, etc.), the premise is It is not enough to make up for the deterioration of the sound source itself, so its value is more of the function of adding a icing (or “tossing”) function for music enthusiasts.

What exactly the sound of “Sony tastes” is difficult to quantify with specific values, but a relatively easy consensus is that Sony’s headphones have a unique style in terms of sound rendering. Infectious human voice interpretation effects are easy to “please ears.”

While 1AM2 continues this sound style as a whole, it can go further in detail performance (high frequency), improve the “strike surface” of the headset, and resonate with different music enthusiasts. From this perspective, the MDR-1 series that was updated only after a lapse of four years has taken a step again to “popularization”.

In terms of price, the current official price of MDR-1AM2 is 1899 yuan, and the MDR-1A price of the previous generation product is 1399 yuan. Whether it is based on “buying new or buying old” or a better use experience, 1AM2 is more worth buying.

In addition, 1AM2 has a perfect partner is Sony’s latest ZX300 player. The two not only match the appearance (silver), but also support the 4.4mm balance line. If you intend to upgrade the player and headsets at the same time, you can consider such a combination combination Essence

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about pu ear plug foam, hope it can help you.