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The first two articles introduced the dissemination and evolution of the image of the big god and wetto of India. Today I want to talk about the family situation of Shiva.

The love of Shiva and Snow Mountain Goddess

Shiva’s most famous wife is Pārvatī (Pārvatī). According to legend, after Shiva’s first wife, Sati, who was reborn into the daughter of the king of the mountain (Himalayan’s personality), Pa Ervati. When Parvati was born, the Great Immortal of the Rana Toro predicted that she would marry a ascetic as a wife in the future. Hima Beier and his wife were very worried at first. Which pair of parents are willing to follow a bitter daughter to sleep with an asceticist? Later, I heard that Nallower explained that this asceticist was a great wet woyal god, and then turned to worry.

When Parvati grew up, Shiva came to the city ruled by the Himajer. After hearing about it, Himahal brought a lot of precious gifts and daughters to see Shiva. He asked Shiva to stay with Palvati for a long time and accept her service. But Shiva rejected the beauty of the Himahel, and he said: “Women are obstacles to men’s practice.” This sentence caused Palvati to be unhappy, and she reasonably refuted Shiva’s point of view. Shiva admired Parvati’s wisdom very much, so she accepted her servant.

【Snow Mountain Goddess】


However, although such a graceful girl accompanied by her every day, carefully and carefully took care of his diet, Shiva never had the slightest fantasy about Palvati. This was worried about the gods of the sky. The reason was mentioned in the previous article, because at that time, a demon Doroa disrupted the Three Realms and blessed by Brahma to Doroga. defeat him. Therefore, in order to get Shiva to get married and have children as soon as possible, the gods formed the most powerful assists in history.

One day, Shiva is in the same time as usual. The gods make the ground full of flowers, let the golden sunlight fall between petals and grass leaves, creating a romantic atmosphere. It is also called A God Gamo to pull his bow and shoot the arrows that can ignite the love of men and women to Shiva. The Indian love God is reminiscent of the God of Love in Greek mythology (called “Cupid” in Roman mythology). Is the two of the two?

After saying that Shiva got the arrow of God, opened his eyes to see the nearby Parvati, and he could not help but have an admiration and praise Parvati’s virtue and appearance. All this made the goddess be flattered. But soon Shiva realized that something was wrong. He thought about what power stirred up in his calm mind, and then saw the love God hiding far away, and he was ecstatic for his mana. As soon as Shiva opened her third eye in anger, she shot the light, and instantly burned the love god Gamore into ashes. Then Shiva left Parvati and left alone.

【Shiva and Snow Mountain Goddess】


In order to be able to see Shiva again, Palvati began a great ascetic of three thousand years. And the gods on the side, because I saw Shiva who burned to love God in the anger, so I was so scared that she couldn’t continue to create, but it only stopped for three thousand years. The second time they asked Vishnu to join the reminder.

The great god first stated the Snow Mountain God’s unparalleled ascetic practice to Shiva. Secondly, she clarified the harm of Demon Doroa to the Three Realms. She requested Shiva to think of the well -being of all beings in the Three Realms and marry Parvati as a wife. His words finally moved Shiva, so Shiva and Palvati settled in the blessings of the gods as husband and wife.

Shiva’s children

After Shiva married Palvati, a long time was immersed in the love river for a long time, and their love lasted for a whole thousand years. The gods saw that Shiva had been indulging in desire, but never gave birth to a child, and began to worry, so she came to urge Shiva.

Dampo said to the gods: “If you can bear my sexual power, then you can take it.” After speaking, he spilled his sexual power on the land. Fire God Ayuni became a pigeon swallowing the sexual power of Shiva, and then flew to the country of Bowaa. While the seven immortal wives bathed in the river, they drank the sexual power of Shiva into the river. Six of them were pregnant. They gave birth to a fetus together and threw it on the Himalayas, but the kings of the mountain could not bear the product of Shiva’s sexual power, and discarded it to the Ganges. In Milogan Dalin, the War God Kumara (also known as “Mori Jian Tuo” Skanda, which was born here,

Or “Gahi Gaye” Kartikeya). Later, Kumoros killed the demon Doroga.

From the marriage of Shiva and the Snow Mountain Goddess to the birth of the God of War Houmoro, there is an obvious crack in the middle. This is like putting together the two original two -piece puzzles to the connection parts to produce gaps. The gods were hard -working to make Shiva and Palvati together, but the child of Shiva was not the product of directly combining him and Palvati. This sense of break shows that the two stories were originally independent of each other.


In addition, the story of Kumarlo has two mythicals. Fire God Ayuni became a pigeon to plant Shiva’s sexual force into the wives of the immortals. This paragraph is similar to the story of “Destiny Birds, Born and Business” in Chinese mythology. The process of Kumoro’s transfer belongs to the parent of the drifting infant.

[Shiva family portrait, Kumoro (first from right)]

In addition to Kumoro, Shiva’s children also have a more famous one, that is, Ganesha. There are two different claims about the life of Kennisa.

The first way. Because Parvati has never nurtured her children, her mother’s wish has never been satisfied, so she asked Shiva to give her a child. Shiva just torn off the corner of his clothes and handed it to the goddess and said, “You can treat it as your son, and how long you want to hold it.” The goddess thought that Shiva deliberately humiliated her, but when she was really like this, she was really like this. When doing it, the cloth became a real baby.

Parvati, who got the child, was very happy and invited the gods to come to visit her son. But a guest in the guests, Saturn, has been lowered her head and did not look at Parvati’s children. Parvati was a little angry and asked Sani why he didn’t look at his son. Shani explained that he was cursed by his wife, no matter who he saw, anyone would lose his life. Palvati did not believe in such ridiculous things, so he had to ask Shani to look at her son. Shani had to agree to it. As a result, as he said, he glanced at the child in a hurry, and the child was separated immediately. The goddess saw his child died, and he cried on the spot. She picked up the child’s first and again, but couldn’t get it.

[Snow Mountain Goddess, Shiva, Xiangtou God]

In order to rescue live Ninasa, Shiva sent his own mount Shen Nandi to north, cutting back the head of the first living creature he met. As a result, the first living creature that Nandi met in the north was the king of the gods, Infanto, the white elephant Luo Po, and then cut off the white elephant’s head with a knife. The scream from Bai Xiang died alarmed Inbaro. Instalo rushed over to kill Nandi, but defeated Nandi’s hands. Nandi returned to his life with Bai Xiang’s head. Shiva put Xiangan on the body of Kennisa, and Kennisa was resurrected.

The second statement is that Shiva often breaks the bathroom when he is bathing in Palvati. Although the two are husbands and wives, the goddess still minds. So she pinched the mud as a child and was responsible for seeing the door, and she was not allowed to enter. This is Kennisa.

When Shiva came over, she wanted to enter the bathroom. Kennisa blocked Shiva and attacked Shiva. So Shiva cut off his head in anger. The latter story follows the same legends, and Shiva took the elephant head for Kennisa, allowing him to be resurrected.


After the rehabilitation of Kennisa, the goddess of wisdom gave him ink and pen. As a result, Kennisa became the god of learning, and gradually expanded into the protector of the god of business and travelers. His mount is a mouse.

【Xiangtou God, Kennisa】


If you look closely at the statue of the Kennisa, you will find that the ivory of Ginisa is broken. This is because when Shiva was sleeping, he visited Shiva with ax of Rama, but Kennisa’s order from his father to block everything while he was resting. The result was because of the looking at the door to fight with the ax Rama. Holding the ax Rama throwing his ax to Gunisa. This god of god was given to the ax of the ax of the ax. The power was endless. Kennisa did not know. He used the ivory to resist, but he was cut off.


Snow Mountain Goddess of Snow Mountain

The Snow Mountain God, like Shiva, was originally a god that belongs to the non -Yalian system. In the early days, the classic Vedic, Vatican and Aoyi books did not see records of the Snow Mountain Goddess, and it was not until the two epics. She also has two vicious incarnations: then the mother and difficult mother.

[One of the fierce appearances of the Snow Mountain Goddess of Snow Mountain]

According to legend, Once Ashura defeated the gods under the leadership of the two brothers Shunba and Nishunba. The gods fled north of the Ganges, and they just met the snowy mountain goddess who was going to the Ganges. After hearing the gods explained the reasons for their escape. The goddess of Snow Mountain was very angry and was born from her anger. Carly’s skin is dark, and her name itself represents “black”. She has four arms, a necklace with cranial skewers hanging around her neck, and apron in her waist skewed around her arm. The image is very scary.

This time it was the god of turn to Asura to challenge. With the powerful Carrie goddess, the gods took advantage of the upper hand. Ashura broke down under the fierce offensive of the Protoss. However, the two brothers Shunba and Nishunba sent the most powerful Ashuraka Tava to fight. Lac Tava has a very tricky ability, that is, every drop of blood he fell to the ground can immediately turn into a samurai to fight. This makes him always frustrated on the battlefield. The gods had no way to take him, so he had to ask the goddess Carly to kill Lax Tava in person. After some fierce battles, the goddess Carly not only killed Lac Tava, but also ate all the soldiers from his blood, and drank every drop of blood he left. In the end, the goddess also killed the two brothers of Shunba and Nishunba.

[The horrible goddess Kali holds Ashura’s skull, stepped on her husband Shiva’s body]


But that’s the end. The goddess Carrie had killed her eyes because of the fierce battle for too long. Although the enemy had already fled, there were only a bunch of corpses left on the battlefield, but the goddess still stomped the ground with his feet. The earth emitted a severe shock, and it was about to collapse. At this time, Shiva lay down at the feet of the goddess and used her body to block the power of Carrie. When Carrie stepped on her husband, she immediately woke up, realizing the mistakes she made, so she put away the terrible power, and the whole world regained tranquility.


The 7-8th century AD, one of the main gods of the Tanhara (also known as “sexual power”) in India was the hard-to-getting mother. Her near -mother is another anger of the Snow Mountain Goddess. She also helped the gods to remove the devil that was difficult to fight. According to legend, there are ten arms (or eight, or eighteen), which are difficult to get near, and hold the Trident of the Wanpo God, Vishnu’s French snails and Miaojian Temple, the Bow of the Wind God, the heaven Emperor In Tuo Tuo Tuo Luo’s diamond pestle and other weapons, her mounts are lions or tigers. Due to the disappointment of the religion of the male architecture, the Tanhara faction revives the worship of the mother god in ancient society and believes that the power of women is the origin of the universe, so the wet wife’s wife is in the lofty position, and the wetness of men’s wetness Po was placed in the position of the subordinates.

【Difficulty Mother】

【Shiva and Snow Mountain Goddess】