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Friends who have recently worked along Chang’an Street, probably saw the National Day flower beds began to arrange! Although it is just a prototype, many people who pass by have begun to “reare”! The flower beds have been hot in the past years. What are the points of this year?

京城提醒| 揭秘今年十一花坛大看点!

Point 1

3D printing big flower bed!

(Reference for the National Day flower basket in previous years)

京城提醒| 揭秘今年十一花坛大看点!

Everyone knows that the 3D printing technology has been hot in recent years, but do you know? The flower bed in the square has been added with 3D printing technology! But it used to be used only on the central flower bed. All the flower beds were “upgraded” this year. This is not only more accurate, but also more vivid. It is also more vivid. Use flowers to present various aircraft, the Great Wall, fruit … Take photos to look better!

Highlight 2

Plaza center flower bed: 3.5 meters “big peony”!

(The flower basket picture is being arranged from: People’s Daily Online)

This year’s flower bed in the square still uses flower basket shape, the theme “Bless the Motherland”. The overall flower basket is 17 meters high, divided into two parts: flower plate and basket body: the diameter of the flower plate is 11.6 meters, and more than 300 simulation flowers are inserted inside. Essence The largest simulation flower is a peony with a diameter of 3.5 meters, with a total weight of more than 600 kg; the basket part is 15.3 meters high and 50 meters in diameter; the words “Bless the Motherland”, “Happy National Day” and “1949-2016”.

After shooting? anything else! The north side of the people’s hero monument and the east and west sides also have a flower platform this year. The themes are “don’t forget the original intention” and “continue to move forward”. In addition, the 12 flower pillars on both sides of the square use laser projection colorful patterns for the first time. After the lights at night, they will continue to change patterns such as Xiangyun and Bamboo. Not only do you want to come during the day, but also come to see it at night!

(There is also a flower bed layout next to the monument this year, remember to see it)


: Friends who want to take pictures, pay attention ↓↓

According to the professionals of Beijing Huamu Company: At the beginning of the design, the square flower bed took into account the combination with surrounding buildings such as Tiananmen City Tower and Chairman Mao Memorial Hall. Therefore, it is recommended to stand on

The position of 30 meters to 35 meters in front of the flower bed, the best photo effect


Highlight 3

Along Chang’an Street: There are too many flowers!

After talking about Tiananmen Square, look at the flower beds from Jianguo to Fuxingmen. This year, there are 10 three -dimensional flower beds from Jianguo to Dongdan and Xidan to Fuxingmen, which will be integrated into the Long March, the Winter Olympics, and the Beijing World Garden Association.

京城提醒| 揭秘今年十一花坛大看点!

Southwest corner of Jianguo Gate

Flower beds will show Chinese manufacturing elements such as high -scoring satellite lens, C919 large aircraft, high -speed rail, and Haidou;

Dongdan southeast corner

The flower bed is called “Silk Road Golden Bridge”. Taking the Zhaozhou Bridge as the prototype, the national flowers and city flowers along the “Belt and Road” are integrated into the transparent BRICS Golden Globe, forming a world peaceful world peaceful, peaceful development, and win -win situation. Bridge, open bridge.

(Picture from: Vision China)

Dongdan Northeast Corner

京城提醒| 揭秘今年十一花坛大看点!

The flower bed is called “Coordinated Development”, which consists of the three landscape elements of Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei. In addition, in order to give the 2019 Beijing World Garden and the 2022 Winter Olympics, the flower bed also brings elements of the World Garden and the Winter Olympics.

Northeast corner of Fuxingmen

Flower beds will be placed in a set of flower beds that reflect the theme of the Long March. The flower bed will also embed the full text of the Mao Zedong verse “Seven Laws · Long March”;

It’s not over yet …

In order to highlight the festival atmosphere, 100 sets of red and yellow container flowers and 25,000 square meters of ground flowers will be arranged from Jianguo to Fuxingmen this year. In addition, important liaison lines such as the Second Ring Road, Wanquan River Road, Lianshi Road, Majiabao, Ximai Avenue, and parks, squares, and traffic bridge nodes will also place more than 200 stereoscopic flower beds, using more than 15 million pots of flowers Native

Okay, Xiaobian can only help you here. This year’s flower bed is placed until mid -October.

Text Source: Beijing Evening News Official Website -Beinjian New Visual Network

Adapted: Yushan

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