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Common saying

Life is short and must be sexy

Have a fascinating tens of thousands of men

S -shaped section

It can be said to be the ultimate dream of every girl

Beautiful chest and hip long legs

All of you

Proud capital




Especially a pair of tall twin peaks

Definitely a man’s heart, the existence of women’s jealousy

Want to build

Deep V business line


All women are indispensable

that is

Sexy bras that make your chest are very tilted at all times

For every woman

It is undoubtedly our closest girlfriend

From adolescence to old age

Always witness our development and maturity

And as the most close friend every day

The “good or bad” of the bra

It is also directly related to our breast health

There are about every year in the world


1200,000 women suffer from breast cancer

The incidence of breast cancer in my country in recent years


Increase at a speed of 3%per year

The occurrence of breast disease

To a large extent because of

We wear inappropriate bra


Inappropriate bra

Will compress the breast tissue


Affects breast tissue and lymphatic tissue cycle

Causes hidden dangers of hyperplasia

Authoritative survey shows

Ordinary bras wearing too long

The chance of suffering from breast disease will be more than 20 times higher


If you sleep at night, continue to wear

Then meet

100 times higher!

See this data,

7 Sister is really sad for women!

Women’s health has always been ignored,

Even women yourself!

But find a suitable underwear

It’s hard to find like a suitable husband

Is there no health and comfortable

Is it perfectly shaped?

Sister 7 today comes to send benefits


Recommend a model for everyone

From Japan


Vanvene no steel ring bra

Spring / Summer 2018

Comfortless, no trace,

Help you reshape the perfect breast type

Enjoy the proud career line without steel circle!

In order to give women the most comfortable experience

Our vanvene no steel ring bras were born


Long production cycle

French designers are specially invited to study hundreds of days and nights

Moderate testing with hundreds of human body

Persist in fine work

Only the high -quality bras in front of us

Just listed for a week

The sales volume breaks through


All women in Japan are unreasonable, one person is one

——Depad V design to create your little sexy –

Deep V design

I have always been the favorite of actresses

Either the red carpet or the press conference

Whether you are “airport” or “Boba”

Deep V upper body is always incomparable

Vanvene unique

Deep V -neck

Effective addition of side -by -side functions

Prevent chest shape extension

While shaping the perfect appearance of the chest


Gathering and holding up




Perfectly highlight the chest curve

Increase grace


Sexy with a little playful and playful

Make you beautiful just right

Vanvene genuine black technology bra

Original price 99 yuan

The current price is 59 yuan

That is, equivalent to 50 % off!

The inventory is very small, until it is grabbed!

——The steel rim zero restraint, do the real self–

At night,

Finally, you can take off the underwear that is tightly tightly,

Release your small chest and chest.

But the embarrassing is,

When I go to bed,


Our chest collapsed ~

It doesn’t matter if a single dog is,


There are men who are male or married,

The dry chest always seems to be

It makes people lose such a “interest” …

According to Japanese scientific research,

The number of people who go to sleep every night is 20-33 times.

During the turning process,

No chest,

It is easy to affect because of bad sleeping positions,

And being pulled and squeezed,


This causes the chest deformation,

Such as expansion, drooping, etc.

It seems,

Sleep at night wearing underwear

It is still very necessary!


This Vanvene underwear

On the basis of ordinary bra

Relying on cutting the chest support,

According to medicine, aesthetics, fat, ergonomics, etc.

Special one -piece triangular cup design

No steel ring is tight

Even breathing is much smoother

You can also hold it on a large exercise

There will be no embarrassing situation that shifts up the cup at all

Putting on extremely closely

Follow your skin and suck

help you

Fixed shaping

Show proud career line

No steel ring, no glue bone.

There are fewer sutures,

I can be seamless when I sleep,


Let you turn over what you want,

It does not cause any discomfort and burden.

Sleeping stability also gives the best protection of the chest.

It is the most secure sleeping bra.

——The light and breathable, breathing freely on the chest-

Summer temperatures are high

Wearing a cool short T also sweaty


If the close -up bra is not breathable enough

The whole person always feels sticky

Very uncomfortable

Vanvene adoption

Imported resin fabric in Italy,

Polyamide fiber high -elastic fabric,

Point -like glue seamless technology.


Light, soft, breathable.



Thousands of small pores,

Make your breasts freely at any time.

The extension of the portable and the gentle touch

Completely naked

It’s so good to make you forget to wear underwear

Compared with ordinary underwear

The skin -friendly and personal, there is no trace at all,

The thickness is only 0.48cm,

Beyond imagination!

What is even more incredible is that


Vanvene than ordinary underwear


Light 80g,

It is exciting,

I’m forgetting to wear underwear today!

Materials are added

Modal fiber

More than traditional underwear

Sweat -absorbent

Thick and lower thin breathable chest pad

Avoid the sense of sultry,

Put on cool 5 °

Stretch shoulder strap,

Set out of it,

Make your shoulders and underarms without sense of pressure,


Point -chose fat process 100%

Settlement of health shaping,

Stable non -slip,


No more cups!

Light fabric

It is also very convenient to clean up

On rainy days


Even hand washing can be dry quickly


Avoid the breeding of bacteria

You should not worry about the moldy smell of dryness

——Colin the support, beautiful chest and beautiful back-


Although traditional underwear can “squeeze” the business line

But more than ten hours a day

There will be great restraint and oppression on the chest

But our bras are completely possible



At the same time

Make the chest naturally strong, the curve is perfect

3/4 cups perfectly cover the breast

Aterior chest V -type bracket design

Hand -type chest lifting, effectively supporting the chest base

More effective


Gather your chest to prevent sagging

Increase elastic design on both sides



The strong gathering effect allows you to put on your body

You can feel amazing changes in one second

Reasonably distribute the loose fat fat

Gathering is tilted,

The cup is from A to C for one second

Say goodbye to the airport

The little girl no longer needs to worry about

Adjustable shoulder strap

Make adjustment, flexible plasticity

Effectively relieve shoulder pressure, and also effectively anti -slip

Back U -shaped dual -breasted design


Choose the bottom of the siege that suits you

Settle the back of the back

Create a U -shaped back

——The underwear that can be folded a thousand times-

Many girls have such experience

Happy and happy to buy new bras

When I go home and put it in the water as soon as I wash it, the color fell seriously

It takes a long time and it is easy to get the ball, hardening

The quality is so bad!


Even with careful hand washing,

Underwear still changed in three months,

But with this Japanese vanvene

The folding one thousand times will not

Destroy its shaping effect!

Throw it into the washing machine to wash,

Will not deform for a year!

Xiaobian pro -test,

Two cars pull to both ends at the same time,

It will not be broken at all,

Elasticity is so explosive!

Japan Vanvene underwear printing and dyeing technology

Origin from the Tang Dynasty of our country

Extracting pure natural plant pigments

Combined with modern mechanical printing and dyeing

Repeated research experiments

Not only dyed

The color is more bright


Never fall off


Can’t afford the ball, keep it hard

Quality has been strictly tested by national authoritative institutions,

You are comfortable,

We can rest assured!

Unique anti -counterfeit code

Genuine guarantee!


Tailoring for Asian women

6 colors optional

There is always the one that belongs to you

The real feedback from the little fairy,

The love of this underwear is almost overflowing the screen!

Put on this vanvene bra

Let you say goodbye to the airport

This summer


The sexiest fairy in the crowd!


Japanese vanvene genuine

No trace black technology breathing chest

Taobao has the only official flagship store

Original price 218 yuan


Activity price is 99 yuan

Jianjia good thing starts

Thanks to the fans for their support

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