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At the cold winter, you all in the heating life at home, but I can’t wait to buy a marten at home (I have to wait until January 1, 2017), so I am really not good at working at home this winter, even if I am really hard to work, even if I am really hard to work, even if I am really hard to work, even if I am really hard to work, even if I am really hard to work, even if I am really hard to work, even if I really have a good heart, even if I really have a good heart, even if I really have a good heart, even if I am really hard to work, even There are air conditioners, and the quilt still has to bake by the electric water bag. It really feels like returning to liberation. But because of the bad environment, I found that the two fabrics were good, that is, the flaw and coral velvet that was warm as a lover. It really improves my entire winter life to put on the French velvet pajamas. It is really one of the best ways to spend small money to improve the quality of life. So I decided to share it with people who are in the same situation as me.

▲ Why are these two fabrics passing warm?

The energy sources of French velvet and coral velvet fabrics are constantly absorbing the temperature you emit, and it emitted slowly, so it plays a role in heat preservation, so warm?


▲ Will there be static electricity?

In fact, a large part of the reason for this kind of fabric is to be afraid of static electricity, but although it is chemical fiber, these two fabrics are much better than those inferior chemical ciliars. It doesn’t have much impact on you. No matter how good the washing fluid of anti -static laundry, it has a good effect.

▲ Are these two fabrics really so difficult to distinguish?

It is certain that there are still some people who can’t distinguish between the two fabrics of flavors and coral velvet, because each treasure of the first pajamas will include the first two keywords, such as:


Another example :


But after careful research, I understand it, and sharing with you may be less confused when you buy it.

▲ This flange is not the same


Let’s first see that someone has asked this question on this question


Why are there two different flaws?

One type of flaw is used to make shirts, and it is not a plush fabric; and the other is usually used to make pajamas and bedding, which is a very thick plush cloth. These two different but popular fabrics are just Chinese translations? How to distinguish business?

One of them gave a more accurate answer:

Flat is also called flange. The English name is Flannel. Used as a shirt and autumn and winter coat.


However, there are also cotton spinning and polyester -cotton blended flawn. Some flavors will go through the brushing process, both sides or single -sided brushes. Generally used as bedding.


But now the market is chaotic, as dogs, there are a lot of all -polyporated cloth. What Rasher, Flat, and coral velvet are actually similar. The hair is high, the hair is short, the hair is thin and dense, and the difference between the hair is dense. The flange blanket on the market is actually not the traditional flange blanket. The flame blanket on the market is finer than the coral velvet blanket. I personally think that the fabric of the flange shirt is originally what the French velvet fabric looks like. The one centimeter long is just called the flange.

This answer is basically clearly said. The flange and flaws of the shirts we often say are called flanges, but they are two fundamental different fabrics. What we mainly introduce today is This flange fabric for pajamas.

▲ So how does the flaw and coral velvet different?

Coral velvet is a new type of fabric. Coral velvet refers to coral textile fabrics with good color coverage. The address is delicate, the feel is soft and not easy to get the ball, there is no irritation to the skin, slightly hair loss, and the excellent water absorption performance is three times that of all cotton products.

This is a flange ~

Flash down details ~

This is coral velvet ~

The difference between the two is:

1. In terms of appearance, there are small coral -shaped particles on the surface of the coral velvet, the surface of the flavors is smoother fluff, the surface of the flavors is more delicate and soft;

2. The plush of flavors is more delicate and dense, and the plush of coral velvet is relatively thick and sparse; so coral velvet is easier to lose hair, and the flaw is not easy to lose hair;


3. The flange is relatively high, the fabric is relatively thick, but the coral velvet blanket is warmer;

4. In the same pattern, the coral velvet looks more vague, and the flaws will be clearer and bright. The flaw is relatively new, and the requirements for the process are relatively high, so the price is a little more expensive than coral velvet.

So seeing this, although a little bit boring, is it really clear? Generally speaking, the flavor is less likely to lose hair and the appearance. If you are a person with high requirements on the appearance, you still choose the flang. If you pay more attention to the comfort, the coral velvet is relatively good. big.


If you really want to pajamas or cute, the material is critical, bad plush materials and printing and tailoring will be low. I will give everyone an Amway brand, Oysho. This brand belongs to the Inditex Group, and Zara The same belonging to the group, mainly for women’s underwear. Their family’s style, color, or texture belong to the best in parity, and basically it is easy to buy it. Her winter pajamas are mainly made of coral velvet materials.


The blanket is super cute and there is wood ~


Monster blanket


Pajamas with my ears


The set is a particularly advanced color such as nude powder, white, gray

And bear paw ~

Fafu’s little mouse ~

It’s Christmas, and there are new Christmas products. I feel that each one has broken our girl’s heart.

Finally, I want to say that in fact, whether the flaw is or coral velvet, the key is to see which texture you like. The vision is really important. Is it impossible to wear an ugly pajamas?

Is this really an advertisement, but just sharing. I just hope that you can live a comfortable and warm winter in the same way as me.