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Purple Sand Preparation Fan Jianjun

Fan Jianjun, the word Yiming and Yiming, the provincial master is senior arts and crafts, the master of arts and crafts in Jiangsu Province, a master of ceramic art in Jiangsu Province, a director of Jiangsu Provincial Arts and Crafts Society, and vice chairman of the Jiangsu Ceramic Art Committee.

In August 1962, Fan Jianjun was born in the Purple Sand Family in Yixing, Jiangsu. In 1979, he was taught by the famous Tao Carved master Teacher Yao Kun. In 1980, he entered the Yixing Zisha Craft Factory to systematically learn calligraphy and painting and purple sand pottery carving skills with Master Bao Zhiqiang. He has long been strictly taught and seriously guided by Teacher Bao for a long time. Fa Xian is skilled, the style is fresh, and the unique style of the purple sand “slightly engraved” decoration is formed. From 1982 to 1983, Fan Jianjun entered the design department of Wuxi Light Industry College for further studies, and maintained the design and decoration of ceramic modeling. In 1988, he graduated from the decoration and art of Wuxi Light Industry University. After returning to the factory, he learned the skills of pot -making with his mother Cao Wanfen (Chinese Ceramics Art Master) and engaged in the design of purple sand pottery. Fan Jianjun inherited his mother’s pot style, his works were elegant, and he was incorporated into the individual director. He incorporated the techniques such as calligraphy, seal engraving, and seal into the production of purple sand pots.

Fan Jianjun’s “micro -engraving” decoration has made exquisite arrangements from the overall layout to the details of the details, turning them into a complete picture composed of a strong pen and ink and a dot -line surface. One point is more, a little less, it is also weak, and it is also a pot. Fan Jianjun’s work comes with paintings, full of charm, and a clear and chic.

Fan Jianjun’s work “Qiu Yan”

Fan Jianjun’s works are rich in themes and diverse decorative methods. They have both traditional shapes and more creative ideas. Fan Jianjun associated painting and painting with Purple Sands through pottery carved, and perfectly combined the two. In terms of style, Fan Jianjun was deeply influenced by Master Bao Zhiqiang. Ceramics decoration and poetry, books, and paintings, such as “Mingyue Songjian Zhao”, “Ling Fengjin Festival”, “Iron Bone Ice Pose”, work “Bamboo Yunmei “Xin”, “Dongli Cai Chrysanthemum”, “Jiao Jiao Canglong”, “Qiu Yan”, “Competitive Show” and other tea utensils.

Fan Jianjun’s works “Salva Fang Pot”

After continuous exploration and practice, Fan Jianjun not only practiced solid technical skills, but also continued to improve innovation from the traditional pottery method. Therefore, Fan Jianjun’s work is loved by the purple sand pot enthusiasts and has won various awards. “Putty” won the second prize of the National Ceramics Evaluation, and the second prize of Jingdezhen International Ceramics Boutique Grand Prix. “Zisha Stationery” won the first prize of the National Ceramics Evaluation, “Four Seasons” group has won the National Ceramics Evaluation Outstanding Award for the National Ceramics. “Tea Set” won the second prize of Jiangsu Provincial Arts and Crafts Evaluation in the year, and “Ye Luo Gui Gen Tea Set” was selected into the Hong Kong Return to a famous work exhibition in 1997.

Fan Jianjun’s purple sand -made pot technology is pure green, and his career is still on the rise. It has the potential to become a master of Chinese purple sand making pots. His works have high collection value.

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