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The season of exposed skin is here! Any body is not cumbersome but our flash point.

Exposing beautiful back lines, picky butterfly bones and white skin,

Is it a charm that can be described.

Every time I want to ask everyone a private topic:

What kind of underwear do you wear? Intersection

…. Because it is not embarrassing because it is not right.

I don’t know when it starts, this season

“Sports underwear”, “No Trace Underwear”

Began to enter everyone’s vision, conquering most people because of light and comfortable, and occupy a place in today’s underwear industry.

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One said that we also wear sports underwear. I recognize the comfort, but

Aesthetics … approximately 0️ 约.

The big breasts are still sexy, but the flat chest is difficult to say.

Or pursue gathered, in fact

Relying on Le, stuffy, impermeable, and uncomfortable!

It can even affect the health and development of the chest.

As contemporary women, I still like it

On the basis of ensuring comfort, the value of the face should be high,

This is in line with my selection of underwear standards.

I bought a lot of models with this belief. After the comparison of many parties, I finally found both face value and comfort, and became my destiny underwear-

Mu Jun Xiaomei Back underwear


Vest+suspender+underwear three -in -one!

It is not embarrassing to penetrate the dew point inside.

Alas, it’s it

Is it tempting to fried chicken?

And besides good -looking!

There are also styles to choose from:

Lace, Chibirdi Crane Tibetan!

Basically, it can satisfy most people and contract for a summer.


“Health Magazine”

The same style is also turned.

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“I want others to look sexy” to “I want to be more comfortable myself”,

Probably the journey of all girls when choosing underwear.

Only when you are really comfortable and suitable for you can you use it for a long time.

Mu Jie these two small backs are both

Abandoned the traditional steel rim bra design,

Choose a hard -bone -free support for natural somatoscope.

Not only comfortable to wear, but also

Leaving squeezing and restraint will also make your chest healthier.

The wrapping is not perfunctory at all, as if it is the second layer of the body. even if

Significant exercise will not cause the chest to shake excessively, and the comfort is not lost at all.

There will be no sense of burden at all, just rush to this point, not losing money!

Ordinary bra

In addition, it has a flat line. There is no stitching interface for stitches as a whole. The fabric is breathable and there is no foreign body sensation.

Both of them here are let me talk about it!

The shoulder straps are replaced by integrated high -bullet fabric width, and there is a lace modification next to it.

It is not as hard as the lace underwear worn before, and it will inevitably panic when it is affixed to the chest for a long time.

This one was very soft and smooth, which reminded me of the slogan of a certain: enjoy the silky.

The details are

With hollow stitching and convex texture, it is not afraid of the high -definition lens.

I can’t help but love this detail ~

The material also uses high -quality nylon fabrics,

The feel is soft and skinny, and good moisture absorption.

It is less likely to shrink than cotton materials.

The chest is a very easy part of sweating. If the fabric is not breathable, it will make people uncomfortable all day and even emit odors.

This vest fabric is moisture and breathability that makes you have no worries at all!

High bullets are soft, and they will not deform easily or not.

Weaving also uses V -shaped vertical woven, which makes the elasticity of the fabric also maximize, so that the elasticity of its own elasticity is doubled.

Greatly enhance the ductility of the fabric.

The conservative point as a underwear worn inside is comfortable and comfortable.

There is no convex point to wear,

Wearing a light bottoming shirt or a see -through outfit will not have embarrassing marks and underwear marks, and can also replace the tube top.

Or directly match a knitted cardigan, shirt, or small suit that looks sweet and cool. Below is paired with a casual beam pants, which is the most popular hot girl this year ~

Fashionable and fashionable fashion for the body,

Or you can also wear it alone during fitness, and there is a hint of playfulness in the hotness,

It’s really beautiful to forget to breathe ~


U -shaped beauty back design

Even if you look from the back, it is a proper goddess!

There are also many colors. MMs can start according to their preferences and matching needs.

This is much cooler and smooth than the lace model! Similar to ice silk feel. Especially suitable for summer with cold!

Take a closer look

Natural environmental protection, skin -friendly, soft silk, no trace and bone.

The lining also contains 10%mulberry silk, skin -friendly and maintenance of the chest.

I feel that the texture is very good in my hand! Can’t wait to try the upper body!

Don’t worry about breathability!

The fine shoulder strap is stable and easy to support, and it is more sexy and light.

Extending and widening design,

It can be worn alone, and it will not be exposed too much.

Coupled with the elements of Chibird, the upper body is very high. I won’t go away if I bow my head for a small breast ~

You can add a thin shirt and a suit to a more conservative. No matter how you set it up, you feel the finishing touch.

The back design is low, and it is very cleverly helping girls to solve the embarrassing problem of underwear when they match clothes!

When wearing out, full of security. The color is also the two most classic versatile.

In addition to small breasts, big breasts MM also have their own troubles,

That is, the auxiliary milk and the fat are too obvious. Winter is okay.

But in the summer,

Outside of off -shoulder, tights really have nothing to do with her!

The age of 20 is to make others think that they are the aunts of the previous age. Who can stand this!

Don’t worry, this will also think of it for you.

Intimately widen the side of the underwear, and it can easily gather the fat under the armpit.

Avoid looseness from the chest and make the chest shape more three -dimensional!

This comfort is from the back through the shoulder to the chest. In one go, the high -elastic fabric firmly wraps the axillary pair of milk, so that you can find a lot of extra fat.

The first thing for many people to go home is

Take off BRA first,

The recruiting hand raises hands.

After all, we must be bound for a day, and we must not leave behind when it is released.

But since I started these underwear, it is really fragrant,

I forgot to take off my home several times,

It is conceivable how thin it is.

This is also inseparable from its coop material. I have done my homework, these two are used in these two models

Imitation of latex cotton pads.

It has the characteristics of latex and is more breathable and resistant to washing. The rebound force is also a capital praise!

Cushion can be removed

Most of the time, uncomfortable wearing underwear is because the breathability is not good, and in severe cases, the chest feels dull.

The market is very cheap and beautiful back,

Often cutting the material on the chest pad.

The two chest pads of Mu Jiu have a close breathtace, which guarantees that it will not be sultry ~

Put it on the humidifier, and there will be a lot of dense water fog out of the water without 2 seconds. Is it very intuitive!

The hem and thicker hand -stretched cups, more gathered.

The fabric also follows the principles of nature and skin -friendly.

Use pure natural plant activity staining technology,

The color is long -lasting and bright, and it does not stimulate the skin, and the sensitive muscles will not have any burden on wearing.

After putting it on it, the first thing you go home is no longer off your underwear!

A lot of girls who bought it back said:

Good quality, particularly comfortable, very versatile, I haven’t found any problems for a long time!

Although both are on the same size, they are very flexible.

The lace model is recommended for less than 85 ~ 135 catties, and the thousand birds are recommended for 80 pounds to 125 catties ~

The big breasts are stable, and the small breasts are not empty cups, which can allow most girls to switch between sexy and pure.

Sleeping at home is proper, beautiful and fairy ~

I believe many people are tempted, and they are looking forward to the price, rest assured! Pet fan group purchase price also comes!

The original price is 89!

It only takes 49!! There are also two activities of 69.9! Calculate more than 30 pieces ~

Compared with the same quality back on the market, it is a good deal of fried chicken!

Identify the QR code and buy immediately

Identify the QR code and buy immediately