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In the hot summer, the auto repair welders were added every day to deal with fire. They are proficient in the “acupoint meridians” of the bus. Whenever the bus failure parts need to be cut or welded, they are silently paid to make the bus run fast and stable.

Women’s welding worker Xie Lijuan is not afraid of sparks hard work

Recently, a reporter from the Chutian Metropolis Daily came to the warranty room of Wuhan Bus Second Company and witnessed the process of high temperature work in the high temperature of the auto repair female welding workers.

Wearing heavy clothes, wearing nearly 1 cm thick gloves


One day in early August, at 9:30 am, the scorching sun was empty. The reporter saw two faulty buses parked in the warranty room of Wuhan Bus Second Company, and the workers performed their duties. The female welding worker Xie Lijuan has been put on a heavy work suit, the thick denim long -sleeved trousers, close to a large glove of one centimeter, and the shoes are thick high -top shoes similar to winter snow boots. A huge contrast with the fierce daytime cicada outside the repair workshop.

“This is a need for work.” Xie Lijuan explained, “The temperature of the welding flower and the drop of iron residue after contacting the steel with steel and the iron residue can not resist, and it is safer to wear thicker.” At this time The temperature was close to 34 ° C, and a big drop of sweat was exuded on the cheek of Li Juan’s forehead.

When the reporter came to the workshop, Xie Lijuan had received the task -cutting the balancing rod connection of the faulty bus, and took out the rubber wrapped in the iron ring. Xie Lijuan put on sunglasses to the workbench, picked up the welded torch, lit the welding torch with a lighter, and started cutting. In less than two minutes, Iron and Steel Red began to melt, and iron water smashed the missiles around the ground. The reporter was allowed to watch at a half -meter safe place from her, but in less than a few minutes, she felt the hot air waves that beat to her body. The clothes quickly sweated and had to take a few steps back.

There is a wind -like electric fan in the semi -open -air warranty room, but where does Xie Lijuan work, the electric fan avoids her working position. “Because the wind will blow high temperature splash to the air, workers in the workshop except welders are wearing short sleeves, and they are easily burned.” Wan Jianguo, the person in charge of Wuhan Bus Second Company, told reporters that because of Li Juan’s special work, no matter the summer, regardless of the summer As hot, she must “neatly wear” and not use a fan to dissipate heat. After eight minutes, Xie Lijuan successfully completed the work. After turning off the air valve, she wiped the sweat on her face with her sleeves. Essence

Daily welding torch does not leave the hand

New scars cover old scars

Most of the welders are assisting other positions to weld or cut the faulty parts to help companions complete parts repair or change new tasks. Therefore, they are described as a screw in the workshop. Where can they go? “Master Jie, there are two steel rings to welded in the fetal work group. You need to come over to help …” Xie Lijuan just ended the balance of the balance rod rubber to change the new cutting work, and he heard her colleagues for help. She immediately closed the air valve and picked up The supporting welding torch has put into a new round of work.

Xie Lijuan said that she needs 8 to 10 buses every day and nearly 20 buss. From 8 am to 5 pm, she could take a little rest except for lunch. There was basically no rest time. A welded torch was about a dozen pounds. Xie Lijuan held it all year round to complete various tasks, and his arm exercised with large pieces of muscles. In addition, the “Jingwanhong” and the “Vaselin” that treats burns and the anti -electric arc burns are all necessary items in the work of welders.

The reporter saw that when Li Lijuan worked, some “little red dots” took the opportunity to get into the clothes from the neckline and disappeared instantly. “The welder is most afraid of overwhelming days. The wound heals slowly when sweating, and it is the most difficult to be burned.” Then, Xie Lijuan showed reporters some new and old burns on the back and neck of the hand and neck. The sparks splashed everywhere, but this was accustomed to her thirty years.

Huang Yongjin, a reporter of Chutian Metropolis Daily, Xue Lingyu, a correspondent of correspondent Wan Jianguo