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Mi appliance refined screwdriver, exquisite small, beautiful, good -looking, good -looking repair tool

For people who like to disassemble and remove some small electrical appliances every day, small toys are not inseparable from precision tools at hand. For example, the fine -cut screwdriver, I started with a 99 yuan Mijia screwdriver, but every time I screwed the screws, I need to manually operate the screws manually. It is not appropriate to operate more screws.

Recently, I started with Mi Home Electric Repair Screw Knife. This screwdriver is still very good. The feel is good and the screwdriver head is full. The torque is sufficient. Convenient, it’s entirely enough!

In terms of styling, Mi Home Electric Repair Screw Knife is similar to the previous Mijia screwdriver. The size is slightly larger. Although it is also made of all -metal, the workmanship is very fine, there is no burrs on the side, the seams are flat, the vision is visual, the vision The effect of observation is also great.

The weight of the entire metal shell of the Mi Home Electric Refining Screw Knife is evenly distributed, and it is very good to hold it. The texture is super good. I believe that metal control will love it.

The only point that needs to be spit is that the shell of the rice home electric refined screwdriver is easy to stick to fingerprints.

The inheritance of the Mi Home Electric Refining Screw Knife is designed for the magazine.

Mi appliance refined screwdriver built -in an electric refined screwdriver and 24 S2 steel precision heads. Among them, 6 S2 steel precision heads have 6 commonly used 45mm long batch heads and 18 28mm short batch heads, which can cope with different complex scenarios.

The fuselage is slender, with a diameter of only 16.4mm. It is also very exquisite. The front end is anti -sliding tattoo, the front and back switches at the middle, and the torque gear at the bottom is clearly distributed. There are 3 gears in total. “”. At the same time, the feel of each switch and button is not bad.

Mi appliance refined screwdriver uses a strong magnetic motor, the speed can be as high as 170rpm, the built -in 0.05N · m and 0.2N · m two precise torque adjustment, plus the intuitive keys design, press the front end R gear to turn in, press it after pressing it, press it. Twist the end L transmission and use it simply for a second. It is worthy of praise that the fuselage button uses a soft TPU soft glue material, which is not tired for a long time.

The Mi Home Electric Repair Screw Knife has a built -in charging lithium battery. It can be 400+ precision screws with full charging and full power to meet the maintenance needs of large and small products such as mobile phones, watches, smart speakers, and notebooks.

In the actual experience, I found that the Mi Home Electric Repair Screw Knife can easily disassemble the Xiaomi Mi 2S that I used for a long time. It was very fast and effortless.

If the batch header of the rice home electric refined screwdriver needs to support the magnetic adsorption function, you need to place it in the bottom magnetic area at the bottom of the built -in box, and complete the magnetic suction function after 5 seconds.

In general, the delicate, beautiful and easy -to -use Mi appliances renovated screwdriver, the price is only 169 yuan. For the use of computers at home or tapping small things, it is a well -known repair tool!

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