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Surging news reporter Pu Yinglei Ma Zuoyu from Chongli

Gu Ailing.


At the age of 18, he participated in the Winter Olympics.

In the Freedom Ski U -type venue skills ending on February 18, she won the gold again!

As Gu Ailing’s most masterpiece, the first trip, Gu Ailing performed perfectly and scored a high score of 93.25 points.


Gu Ailing was in the finals on the 18th.


In the second trip, Gu Ailing completed 900+900, with an average height of 3 meters 6 and a maximum height of 3 meters 9! Get down 95.25 points!

Before the third jump started, because the players who appeared before did not surpass Gu Ailing, she won the gold in advance!

We can’t help thinking about the story of Gu Ailing’s writing in the Beijing Winter Olympics -how can the young girl have the dual pressure of physiology and psychology in the spring breeze?

This is Gu Ailing’s secret: experience everything, enjoy everything, and “ignore” everything.

Iron man, “warm leek cuts slipper”

It is not easy to compete for a project on the Winter Olympics. But as soon as Gu Ailing came, it opened a long front.

From the free skiing platform to the slope obstacle skills, and to the U -shaped venue, the three projects were fully attacked, and Gu Ailing became the “iron man” on the snow field.

Due to her mother’s advice, she challenged the 1620 moves that had never been completed, and successfully won the gold.

The slope obstacle technique project, she ran continuously in the two ends of the competition training. In the morning, the qualifications and finals of the slope obstacle skills, the final race and then rushed to the U -type venue training …

Because she didn’t have time to eat, she had a leek box and meat buns that she was ate in her hands after the game, which became the “warm leek chopped sliding male” in the mouth of netizens. Even the sharp -eyed netizens found that Gu Ailing was flying in the sky with a leek box.

After the preliminaries of the slope obstacle skills, Gu Ailing ate the leeks box.

But even if she was so tired, she successfully won the silver medal on the slope obstacle skills, and once again stood on the podium.

And the U -type venue competition immediately, her “Iron Man” journey continued.

Gu Ailing, who slipped 95.50 points in the qualifying match, couldn’t see a little bit of fatigue in the back.

“I am the only athlete (Free Ski) who has entered the three project finals. From the opening ceremony to this day, I have trained every day to play every day without a day of rest.” From her smile and fast tone, you can listen to it. A different kind of pride.

In the 2021-2022 season, Gu Ailing World Cup U-shaped venue competition won the championship crystal ball.


Because she had been prepared for this.

“I came to China in the summer vacation last year. I ran half a horse every week and exercised four hours a day.”

Her half -horse pace can reach 5 minutes per kilometer, which is already quite high among amateur runners.


“Because I know that the Olympic Games will definitely be like this (tired), of course, it is not easy, but I am also ready. Many people will feel (running) tired, but I have been practicing running and endurance, which has great help to me. “,”

Indeed, the opportunity is for those who are prepared.

The International Olympic Committee President Bach congratulated Gu Ailing after a big jump.


“Dragon in people”

After the qualifications of the U -type venue project on the 17th, Gu Ailing can finally run away without the game+training. Because there are other games in the U -type venue of the U -type venue that afternoon, she can adjust it slightly.


But even so, she would not be idle. “I go to run, go to the gym, massage, etc. every day, so I will recover while training.” She told the surging news reporter that this life does not think it is a kind of “hard work.”

For Gu Ailing’s dazzling achievements, people always unconsciously explore the reasons behind, is the pressure from their families? Or is it from the outside world?

But Gu Ailing has always had only one answer, that is, her biggest driving force is herself.

The mother who has been accompanying myself to train the competition, and the mother who will always communicate in the competition. For Gu Ailing, it is more psychological support, rather than making a decision “coach”. As Gu Ailing himself said, every decision in skiing and competition was eventually made by himself.

Dragon clothing designed by Gu Ailing.

And she saw the time management of stitches, and the use of extreme self -discipline every day, which also originated from her own desire: “When I was training during isolation, I was a person every day. Hours.”

“I did it myself, because this is what I want to do, to do, and know what I should do. After the previous two days, the slope obstacle technique was finished after the competition was over, and I did it very quickly because I wanted to train.”

“My dedication is for my own love and enjoyment.” This is a declaration that Gu Ailing bluntly said.

Gu Ailing’s competition suit has a pattern of Chinese dragon. The image of the dragon also appears on her helmet and snowboard. There is also a word printed on the snowboard: the dragon in the man.

This comes from her own design: “I especially like dragons, which makes me particularly confident and very powerful. I want to be a dragon, I want to do my best.”

After jumping on the stage, Gu Ailing hugged his opponent.

Try everything and enjoy everything

In fact, the “Dragon of Man” designed by Gu Ailing is not only she uses itself, Estonian celebrities Hildaru and American player Alexander are also used.

This is a result of the achievement of the game, which makes Gu Ling particularly proud and proud:

“I want to share the Chinese elements and culture with the spirit I like with others. I also like fashion, and it is good to bring fashion elements.”

Indeed, in addition to the identity of ski players, Gu Ailing still has a lot of “titles”, and even each order can have a certain degree of topic.

She is engaged in modeling and is a newcomer in the fashion industry; she is a high student admitted by Stanford University. She scored 1580 points in the exam with a score of 1600; 18 -year -old girl in literary projects.

Model Valley Ailing.

“I have played basketball, football, running off the field, skiing, playing piano, ballet jumping ballet, climbing, riding, surfing … I have tried it.” Gu Ailing reported a long bunch of interests. Even the parents who are most interested in letting their children participate in various interest classes, I am afraid it is difficult to imagine how to squeeze so many projects in a person’s schedule.

But for Gu Ailing, this is what he is willing to experience and enjoy.


“I think it is particularly important to experience a variety of different exercises from an early age. Although I can not reach the professional level. After growing up, I choose a (ski), but I also have experience and foundation.”

Even non -sports projects opened another door for her. She likes playing piano and she likes music. She will listen to the music she likes during the game, follow the rhythm to challenge herself -big jumping platform and slope obstacles. She has her own “song list”.

Her favorite U -type venue project also has contact with music. “(Surface -free) wow, wow, wow …” Gu Ailing waved his hands while imitating the rhythm of gliding in the game with both acoustic words, “it feels like music.”

Gu Ailing won the gold medal.

She only looks at one focus

Gu Ailing does not resist to experience and feels. Such an open mindset is an important factor in forming her cheerful personality.

But while drawing her feelings from the outside world, she has never been afraid of expressing it.


When she wraps her hair in a helmet, she will leave two rays of long wraps that will not cover the eyes, just because she wants the outside world to see a girl at a glance:

“Most of this movement is a boy. Others may say that when you see me, you can see that this girl can slip so well, and I want to try it too.”

She will also fight back at the unsatisfactory questions from foreign media.

“Many players and I am friends in many different countries. I especially like skiing, not to say that you are from that country and represent that national competition, we are not friends.”

After jumping on the stage, Gu Ailing is better.


“Because we are all together to break the limits of human beings, we all have to do our best. I hope to see others the best and share this movement. This is the greatest pleasure.”

Such a response does not dispel the question from foreign journalists, but she has not been affected.

She chose to “ignore” the complicated comments of the outside world and only look at one focus -that is the life she loves.

“The positive or negative thing else said that there is no much impact on me, because this sport is mine, and the action is me. This experience is also mine. If they don’t like it, they can do themselves. What happened. “

Editor -in -chief: Tengfei

School pair: Luan Meng

Gu Ailing was in the finals on the 18th.