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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

A weird score.


The audience loves,

92, quite excellent




35, far less than grid

It happened to the most expensive network in 2021:

“Red Wanted Order”

Red notice


Nai Fei is not stupid.

The poster is simple and rough and bright selling points:

Left care giant stone Johnson

, Hollywood action film active brother.

A friend of a theater once said to Sir: In the past two years,

If there is no giant stone Johnson poster, it is the off -season


On the right, the little cheap Ryan Renaitz, who appeared in the “Deadpool” from the box office poison to the mouth of the mouth of fame and fortune.

The C position is the Wonder Woman Gal Gado.

Speaking of this lineup, there is still a small egg:

“Speed ​​and Passion: Special Action” starring Johnson, Xiaoyou once gueston a small supporting role.

To Xiao Xie’s “Out of Control Player”, Johnson came to the show and voiced a fierce robber.


Then … three tricks were kicked.

Three faces are full of “very good selling.”

Sure enough, it was launched on November 12th to break the number of membership number of Netflix on the first day of watching the number of members in the history of Netflix’s movie history.


Sure enough (when the shooting), the most expensive movie of the Internet.

The cost of 160 million is not white.


The honor of the protagonists, the surface has not been performed, and must be rolled out of sea, land and air.

Rome, Bali, Cairo, Russia, Argentina, London, Balencia, and Sardinia run all over the world.


Male cars are casually made.

The helicopter hiding, the dense room takes treasure, jungle adventure … thrilling elements, one does not fall.


A pot has been verified by countless good materials, and as a result …


Just like the egg at the beginning of the movie.

12K pure gold, inlaid with gemstones, in the C position of the museum, flashed with holy light, gorgeous and expensive.

As soon as a cup of less than 5 yuan was poured, the original shape was revealed.


All seemingly delicate and complicated decorations are turned into a pile of waste residue.

Want to say “Red Wanted Order” rotten?


“Red Wanted Order” played a security card.

There are tested stories direction.

Treasure game.

FBI art criminal writer John Hartley (Doun Johnson) to prove that he was innocent, and helplessly and self -ripple Norlan Bes (Ryan Renaitz) joined forces to work with · Gado) compete for 3 treasure eggs from the ancient Egyptian legend.

True triangle relationships repeatedly:


The talent is different, the physical fitness is extremely strong, and the healthy bulls are struggling, and even the blood can not drop.


There are principles to do things, and people (pretty) are upright.

Talking the thief.

The mouth is extremely broken, and the skin is extremely thick, and the fight is pulled by pulling screws.

Stealing Dongxi is not for money, just to find stimuli and sense of presence for yourself.

And mysterious beauty

Playful black hat, boots that highlight long legs, large split red skirts …

The figure is charming and the skills are neat.

Beauty must be beautiful, and you must not touch it.


Beautiful can go in and out of Russia’s black prison, top gangsters, and the criminal police officers are escorted to the scene of muddy water to touch the fish …


The initial contradiction focused on the police & bandit.

One is a policeman who wants to handle the case, and the other is a thief who wants to commit crimes.

In the process of treasure hunt, improve understanding, load friendship, and heat up.

The hostility that never deal with is melted into friends.

The hostess broke in as a middleman between the two and became a catalyst for the friendship between the two (even if there was a final reversal, this function was resolutely unchanged).

△ Resolutely not spoiler, but you must express the same mood as the small and cheap


Of course, the more powerful and omnipotent “justice” is indispensable.

International female criminal police always go out when the plot cannot be advanced.

The tough guy’s first -time egg capture task is successful?

No, the egg is fake, you are fake, go to jail.

Tough guy 人 Two people to go to the gangster head to steal the treasure?

No, you still lack a play, come and hit me.

Remember the “Hollywood Routine” introduced by Sir?

“Red Wanted Order” is a typical case.

Large production, big scenes, and strong lineups, but dare to play security cards.


Although it is full of fierce fighting, fighting, conspiracy, and design, the whole film can not be seen, it will not hurt.

Just like there are constant fighting scenes in the play, but it is difficult for you to see a truly cruel thing.


Large area collapsed, no one was smashed, no one was casualties.

The villain should not be too strong, weaken into silly white and sweet.

Being in international business, dare to kill his father’s arms businessman, watching the little girlfriend’s electricity, not in a hurry.

What he said, what he believes, and what he gives him.

The protagonists must have a hidden pain from the native family (most of the father).

The length is limited to the lines, and the role is limited to making friends.


Police: My dad is a scammer who ignores his family and early death.

Thief: My dad is wronged with me.


Beauty: My dad pua me.

To be honest, “Red Wanted Order” is the kind of film that is unbearable, not scolding and bad.


It stepped on the point accurately, only to find the cool point in the story, but tired of building and creation.

Before the “Squid Game” successfully reached the top champion of the drama play champion, it squeezed the championship for 4 months, “Britton” for 4 months.

At that time, more than 82 million users (accounts) watched it. In less than a month, Nai Fei announced the renewal of the second season; the second season has not been filmed. A few days ago, Nai Fei announced that it would be renewed for three or four seasons.

Sir also talked at the time.


Naiti uses data to accurately create a big explosion model, a product of “Pack Mary Su” under a big data.

Available Duke, who has the trauma of native family trauma × a happy family with a happy family, a gentle and kind, and powerful princess. After the classic suspicion of “arrogance and prejudice” and “gossip girl”, “Fifty Degree Gray” began to be ashamed.

Sweet and abuse, with a smile in the smile.

“Red Wanted Order” is another “Britton”.

Its high watch also proves the “accuracy” of Nafei big data.


Can be hit accurately, and then?

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