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The mountains and rivers are not as good as the family of Fangchi. Poems and fireworks on the dining table are not as round. This may be what the family should have, warm and comfortable, full of healing.

When it comes to the warmth of the home, the pavement of the ground directly lays the atmosphere of the space; although gray tiles are fashionable, but there is less fireworks in the world; and the home atmosphere of the wooden floor is completely different. It can make the home atmosphere full of healing.

In this issue, COCO shared the knowledge about wooden flooring, combined with the most popular degree of netizens in 2020, and the name of the wooden floor named the most. Floor, let’s feel it, that kind of is more suitable for you.

Icon floor-Irish wind chime

▲ Irish wind chime

Irish wind chime


It is a composite composite floor launched by the icon floor, which is respected by the majority of netizens; because it is particularly suitable for Japanese, Korean, and Nordic -style spaces, this one

Become the most popular wooden floor model.

▲ The effect under light

The color of this wooden floor is warm, not very yellow or too light. It has the taste of natural logs. Under the sunlight, it is completely cured, full of warmth.

It is especially suitable for “poor” rooms, because it is very beautiful with the big white wall, forming a complementary vision; if you don’t like colorful walls, then this wooden floor will be very suitable for your house.

▲ Essentials of Japanese style


The Irish wind chime is known as the essential wooden floor of the Japanese, because it feels clean, tidy, warm, and full of healing atmosphere; the home space is full of “immortal” temperament.

This wooden floor, under the irradiation of natural sunlight or 3000K lights, seems to automatically fill the “saturation” to make the atmosphere of the hut particularly warm.

Its quality and environmental protection are still good, and the icon is also a relatively good brand; the price is different in terms of price and a slight gap. Generally, it is between 160-180 yuan and does not include the installation fee. More expensive products.


Nature-Lan Roman floating

The delicate and soft oak texture has shaped a simple and pure atmosphere, so that the entire space shows the original natural style, and the life is delicate and poetic.

▲ Nature-Lan Lan Roman


Lan Angra floating is one of the natural floors and is very popular with the public. Compared with the Irish wind chime, I think the color gap between the two is not large. In the case of natural light, the Lan Oak floats a little yellow.

▲ Lan Angle Floating

This wooden floor is also suitable for Japanese, Nordic, and Korean -style decorations. It is very beautiful with white walls and gray. It is called very “versatile”.

▲ Lan Angra Floor Real Estate

The Lan Anto Floating is suitable for a very clean home. The reason why it is sought after by the majority of netizens is because it is warm, comfortable in texture, and real texture; the other is because the price is more affordable.

If compared with the Irish wind chime, if the budget is sufficient, choose the Irish wind chime, and the budget is limited.


Lan Ango float



The environmental protection and practicality of this product are relatively good. The price is between 100-120 yuan and does not include installation fees. It is the most cost-effective product in the same price wooden floor.

Life-Nordic Family


▲ Model: Nordic Family

This wooden floor is a cold -colored gray floor. For people who do not like warm colors, this wooden floor is more popular with the public; the texture is clear, the gray accounts for 50%, the wood color accounts for 50%, and the color of the wood is 50%. It is relatively neutral. A wooden floor.


▲ Life Floor


It also feels very clean, fashionable, simple, soft and agile, strong and decorative, simple and atmospheric, stable and refined, to meet people’s decoration, while decorating the economy, practical and comfortable, it reflects the needs of a certain cultural taste.

If you like the Nordic style, but you don’t like the warm color, and you don’t want to be deserted; then



It is definitely the first choice. With white skirting lines will make the space look cleaner.


Many people like to spread tiles in the living room and bedroom flooring; then this wooden floor can be perfectly matched with gray tiles. It is very natural to connect, and there will be no big contrast.

▲ The Nordic -style home in the paved


The wooden floor of the life basically has no taste, and the environmental protection is still good. When the price I saw 99 yuan per square meter, the price was very affordable.

Nature-afternoon tea language

▲ Comparison of nature and afternoon tea language


In this afternoon tea, the name is very poetic. Its matte material is very comfortable; it is not as yellow as Irish wind chimes, and it may become slightly yellow under the sun.


▲ Afternoon tea language

Under the light of warm light sources, the space will appear very warm, so that the space is full of healing; it is very suitable for Japanese style and modern simplicity space.

▲ The effect of white light source


▲ The effect of neutral light source

In the case of light and pixels, the picture may be slightly different, but it is also very coordinated with the large white wall; it makes the room that looks simpler in space a lot more warm and comfortable.

The environmental protection of this wooden floor is also good. The price is about 139 yuan/㎡, which is a relatively affordable wooden floor.


Del Floor-Vientiane Gold

▲ Del Floor

Vientiane Gold is a wooden floor on Del floor. This is a model I personally like, especially its texture. I like it at first glance. The annual wheel of wood is very textured.


▲ Model: Vientiane Gold

This picture is closer to the actual scene. After the paving, the texture is very strong. It belongs to the warm -color floor with a slightly darker color, which is suitable for creating that high -level space.

My favorite surface has a small layer of particles on the surface. It feels particularly textured and advanced, but it does not affect cleaning at all.

At first, I was worried that the texture would be messy, but after the paving was paved, the pattern was not as messy as the photo, and the overall looks very coordinated; the most prone to the wood flooring is the overall sense. The overall paving feels very messy, and Vientiane Jin not only maintains the texture, but also not messy at all.

▲ Vancouver


The quality and reputation of Del floor have always been good, so they can be completely assured in terms of quality. The price is similar to the icon floor. Generally, it is about 170 yuan/㎡. It is a better wooden floor.


Nature-hazy time

▲ Model; hazy time

The hazy time is also the “net red model” of the nature series. The color of this wooden floor is gray -brown, but a little warm, very special color. At that time The paint is more coordinated and very cured, so it is sought after by many people.

This product belongs to the aldehyde -free strengthening floor. It adopts a new generation of nano -antibacterial technology, which continues to stimulate the production of negative ions, destroys the bacterial or activated enzyme structure, and has a high antibacterial rate. No problem, the price range is around 149 yuan, which is more affordable.


At the end of the text

Compared with the tiles, the wooden floor is relatively soft, and it will not be very cold on the top of the barefoot, and it is not afraid of the children’s knocks; These wooden floors shared by COCO are analyzed by their own experience and the love of the majority of netizens in 2020. I hope to how helpful it will be you who are choosing a wooden floor!

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