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Recently, in Guangzhou, Guangdong, Ms. Cao’s Vipshop made a judgment on the case of “Sales of GUCCI Belt”. The court decided that Ms. Cao’s request was rejected. The court believes that the source of the goods provided by Vipshop is not counterfeit, and platform reports such as gains are not enough to prove that the goods are counterfeit.

Earlier, on May 19, Ms. Cao’s Vipshop “sold fake Gucci belt” case opened. Ms. Cao proposed that Vipshop “self -proven”, and she could not contact the appraisal agency, and Vipshop refused to identify. She said that when the valid way to be recognized by Vipshop proves that the belt is true, there is enough reason to consider it a fake. Its appealing Vipshop will retire one and pay ten. Vipshop does not respond, and the court referee shall prevail.

According to reports, on March 18, the Vipshop Gucci self -operated store held a promotional activity. The original price of 2949 yuan, the light -noodle retro with a retro with a male and female belt, the discount was only 2549 yuan after the discount. However, some consumers found that the size was inappropriate after purchasing, and then sold it on the object app, but the test was displayed as a fake.

Consumer Ms. Cao said that after buying, she found that she was worn too large, gave her boyfriend too small, and then had a higher price on the object app, and wanted to sell it on the platform. But on March 29, the belt sent by Ms. Cao was fake. Ms. Cao asked Vipshop to be returned, “because there was no reason to return the goods for more than seven days.

On April 3, Ms. Cao received a call from Vipshop and said that they could be returned. Ms. Cao proposed to return the product to Vipshop to identify, and the other party said, “The company does not provide an appraisal service.” So Ms. Cao submitted a case to apply for a case to the Guangzhou Court and sued Vipshop for “selling fake Gucci belts”.

It is worth noting that those who participated in this rights protection have one thing in common and have the appraisal of the gain app. It is understood that the transaction price of the same Gucci belt can reach 3669 yuan, and users can earn 1120 yuan after turning. Provide free identification.

Regarding the incident, the Vipshop officially issued a response on the afternoon of April 7th. Vipshop said that the batch of Gucci belts were directly mining overseas by Vipshop. Ensure genuine. The batch of goods was also performed by the China Inspection and Certification Group and has passed the identification. In addition, each Gucci belt is equipped with a genuine anti -counterfeiting buckle on Vipshop, which also provides two appraisal instructions on March 11 and 15.


Regarding the question of the identification results, the “review” statement was issued on the evening of April 7: we are concerned about the GUCCI belt sold by a platform reported by the media report. Review. After verification, the GUCCI belt provided by the relevant users in the identification result of the obtained object is non -genuine.

In the long map, the comparison details of the true and false GUCCI belt have been exposed, and the four third -party appraisal agencies of China Inspection and Certification Group, Ponhu online appraisal, excellent luxury shooting, and luxury identification have given “imitation products “Do not pass” the results of the book. However, there is no question about netizens’ “identification qualifications”.

On the morning of April 8th, Vipshop made a response that for some users with return demands to return the goods, the results of the China Inspection and Certification Group Guangdong Company’s appraisal of the four returns showed that the goods complied with the technology of the brand/manufacturer’s announcement Information and craft characteristics. At the same time, Vipshop said that consumers can choose an authoritative appraisal agency with appraisal qualifications to identify when they have doubts about goods.


On May 7, there were media reports that the brand Gucci responded to the media in China, and it was temporarily not expressing their opinions on this. It only guaranteed that it was genuine to buy on official channels.


This time Ms. Cao lost the lawsuit, some netizens thrown out the problem: “Which certification issued by an appraisal agency can be recognized?”; Some netizens lamented that consumers were too difficult: “The most embarrassing is consumers.”

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Zhang Yue intern Wang Penghui Comprehensive Beijing Youth Daily and Surging News Report


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