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Levi’s and Lee’s denim jacket, which one do you like best?

Of course, the warm and stylish ones are not just jackets. Dating with the girl must not wear a thick jacket to drink coffee. Therefore, this issue is based on the principle of dressing and undressing, and continues to “teach everyone what to wear inside”.

Since the last time “There is no CARHARTT, how can it be a real man? “After introducing the canvas jackets, I found that the denim (tannin) jacket is an artifact. You can even match a suit jacket. Yes, you read that right, the denim jacket is so excellent. In the winter, wearing it in spring is definitely a single product with a high use and high price ratio.

This year is just a big year of denim. Look at the streets of the stars are all denim series. Especially for retro and fashionable denim jackets, none of the wardrobes are embarrassed to say that they are type men.

Especially for the Tenon retro enthusiasts, they must not be able to bypass Levi’s and Lee. As a traditional American classic denim brand, Levi’s and Lee have different development directions. One is known for its first jeans, and the other is working hard in the direction of traditional denim. Lee pays more attention to detail design, and the version is relatively self -slim. In contrast, Levi’s is rough, suitable for the sturdy European and American figure. In addition, Lee has a lot of work styles. Levi’s is basically the main short denim jacket. This issue focuses on archeological history of their jacket development history.

Before talking about denim jackets, first understand the history of denim.

Cowboy, English is Denim, a thick -woven meter -to -surface diagonal cotton cloth, generally blue. 500 years ago, when Columbus discovered the New World, this tough and practical rough fabric had appeared, and it was mainly used to make sails.

How does the denim step into the fashion circle from the equipment? Thanks to Levi’s eyes and found the value of denim.

In 1852, the United States California was at the peak of the development of gold, railways, and coal mines. Workers’ clothes were not enough to resist high -intensity work, and they urgently needed wear -resistant work clothes. Levi’s founder Levi Trauss thought of wear -resistant canvas, cut into pants for gold rushing people, and later became very popular, so various types of workstones were derived.

In 1945, after the war ended, the European and American troops were shopping in denim clothing, which aroused interest in Europeans. Since then, the history of denim that swept the world.

After the World War II, the upsurge in production and consumption, the hippie culture in the 1950s and 1960s, the punk in the 1970s, and the 1980s of the youth cultural movements, etc., regarded denim as a materialized youth spirit, representing freedom rebellion The rough and bold spirit. Even celebrities and royal families in the 1970s fell in love with denim. Former US President Carter even wore jeans to participate in the presidential election.

Cowboy, eventually became an important label of American culture, pioneers in the west. It is no longer a work suit for underlying workers. Relying on the fashion factor that cannot be hidden on the body, step by step into fashion and performing arts circles. Even if you are a difficult household, it is difficult to make the denim ugly.

However, although LEVI’s, which was established in 1853, was the first to make denim into clothes, the earlier energy was mainly placed on jeans. As for the emergence of the first denim jacket, it was more than 50 years later. Nevertheless, LEVI’s was still the originator of a denim jacket. Most denim jackets that can be bought on the market are basically improved from Levi’s classic version Type III.

In fact, Levi’s three -generation jackets have left classic epoch -making significance in the history of tannin. Not only does it represent the history of Levi’s, but it can also be regarded as the development history of denim jackets.

Type i cowboy jacket first appeared in 1905 with a model of 506XX. At the beginning, Levi’s was called “shirt”, and it was not until 1938 that it only switched to the more popular terms “jacket”.

The version is vertical and loose Standard Fit. Unilateral chest pockets, dual -workers fold, copper -made Paris buckle behind it. After 1936, the big “e” red flag began.

During World War II, due to the needs of war, Levi’s, which provided clothing for the U.S. for clothing, in order to reduce costs and save the consumption of metal and fabrics, the S506XX model was launched. Unlike 506XX, there is no pocket cover and the front button from 5 to 4, and the cheap bronze behind the iron renovation buckle behind it will not be recovered into a normal version until 1947. In the end, the Type I denim jacket was officially discontinued in 1953.

In the same year, Type II appeared. For the improvement version of Type i, the model is 507xx. A unilateral chest pocket becomes the left and right pockets, and the adjustment buckle on the side of the waist replaces the Paris buckle on the back. The classic little red flag is also upgraded to double -sided and added R standard.

However, Type II has a short time, only 10 years. Therefore, the number of sale is small, and the market price is now in ancient times, and the price is at least 1,000 US dollars.

In 1962, the Type III was launched with a model of 557xx. The third generation completely separated from the design ideas of the first and second generations, and changed a lot of changes to the version, style, and details. It is a redesigned one. It is also the most cognitive of all denim jackets, known as the “Trucker Jacket”.

Compared with the loose version of the first and second generations, Type III is more fashionable and slim. The two sides of the button become a triple pleated, and the double pocket bag has become shield -shaped. The landscapes are all bright, vibrant orange.

Levi’s first and second -generation jackets, due to the lack of early materials, will reserve fabrics on both sides of the deduction to facilitate the size of the body to adjust the size of the coat. The third generation canceled this design, after all, everyone’s life is also rich.

Until now, the design of Levi’s Type III denim jacket has basically remained unchanged. The design inspiration of other brands of denim jackets is also mostly originally originally originally originally originally originally originally originally originally originally originally originally originally originating from Type III.

After the Type III was launched, LEVI’s began a breakthrough in the color and materials of the water test, and launched a corduroy (941 series) and white jacket.

Lee, founded in 1889, was one of the three major jeans brands in the world than Levi’s. Over the years, many classics have been created. Compared with Levi’s conservative, Lee pays more attention to the fashion style.

The founder of Lee brand H.D.Lee was originally a dealer of wholesale groceries, but when he found that wearable work clothes had huge market potential, he quickly changed his business and started to make clothes business.

As we all know, Lee’s Riders series jackets are very famous. But Lee’s first denim jacket was in 1920, Loco Jacket (91-J), a locomotive jacket designed for railway workers. Made of 8oz denim cloth, there are three buttons at the cuffs, large oblique pockets on the waist, loose arm cut, and long version. Many workers put this jacket outside the strap workers when they are at work.

In 1931, Lee’s first slim denim jacket, Rider Jacket, Knight jacket. This is a slim jacket tailored for Cowboys. Inner chest dark bags, cowboy rides on the moment, can reach into pockets to get things easier. The waist cut is loose to ensure that the jacket will not be lifted up when the denim is riding immediately. There is a well -known waist regulation buckle on the back.

In 1949, Storm Rider Jacket was released. After that, there have been four stages, but there have been no changes. The main changes are labels and small details. From 1949-1953, the cloak pellet collar could prevent the wearer from being abras’, and the blanket lining could be kept warm.

In 1953–1960, there was a denim cloth on the blanket lining, but there was no denim Bourry in the waist.

In the 1960s, it was the most famous era and appeared in many Hollywood movies. The lining was stuffed and sewed to the waist.

In 1961, in the movie “The Misfits”, Marilyn Monroe wore this denim jacket.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the label was changed. It becomes a printed fabric with no size or name.

We are familiar with Li An’s “Broken Back Mountain” in 2005. In the play, the protagonist Heath Lajie also wore this storm knight jacket.

Of course, in addition to Blizzard Knight jackets, Lee also has a lot of styles, which is not introduced here. If you are interested, let’s talk slowly. As for Levi’s and Lee’s denim jackets, who is better? Of course, this problem has its own love!

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