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Sitting comfortably, big cushion big chair back-Karnox Kannix e-sports chair

Since the beginning of the e -sports chair, it has been popular in the past three years. From e -sports scenes, anchors, homes, offices, etc., various types of players have purchased a gaming chair for themselves. Compared with the engineering chair, I prefer the cool appearance of the gaming chair. After all, the wide waist and leg support, each adjustment to the handrail is very comfortable. If I do n’t hesitate to choose an e -sports chair without hesitation. So the e -sports chair makes my favorite design, that is, it can be placed directly as a simple rest bed. Of course, my office environment can prepare the seat by myself. This is still more free. Use it in the office. Purchasing this increased size Kannix denim gaming chair.

[Open the box]

▲ At the beginning of the packaging, the more familiar Kannix alien avatars, the huge carton, and very strictly wrapped in very tightly. Each part was buffered for bubbles. In addition to strict packaging, the name and advertising in the cover, “We support you, e -sports chairs” in English.

▲ All accessories inside the packaging include: back, cushion, headrest, waist leaning, conventional tables and chair control seats (butterflies), chair back corner cover*2, air rod, air rod three -section cover, rubber plug*2*2*2 , Seat base, chair wheel*5, M8 hexagon wrench/cross screw knife, angle tune cover screw, butterfly support screw, there are many accessories, but the installation is very easy.


▲ The newly designed 3.0 -inch dual -bearing is a quiet and universal wheel. It uses a PU bag to better mobility to prevent scratches from the wooden bottom plate. It is very simple to install a chair wheel, just insert it directly, and the same is the same. It can be pulled out directly. The installation method of this wheels is very favorite. Well, the most weighed position of the chair is also the position with the most wear consumption, which will inevitably cause damage in the future to be replaced. The five -star foot of the base is made of aluminum alloy, which is light and strong, and forms an inverted triangle to land with the ground. It has greater weighing ability.

▲ As a transfer chair, the air rod is equivalent to the spine of the human body. It needs to be inserted very steadily into the center of the five -star foot. After pulling the top red hat at the top, the installation effect is. Just mention it. Explosion -proof air rod SGS four international certification, injected 97%of nitrogen.

▲ Butterfly trust believes that most people know it. The base of the air rod below a chair cushion is fixed by the screws of four flat pads+bomb pads. After falling, the butterfly supports its screw holes, and the screw can be taken. Although the manufacturer comes standard in the manual inner hexagon wrench, I will directly call it and save time and effort. The Xiaoyao Spring seat is also integrated in front of the butterfly support. The intensity can be rotated by manual smoothness and clockwise. After installing it, you can directly align the air rod. It is best to find a little weight to sit up and strengthen it.

The butterfly support is made of thickened stainless steel. There is a certain amount of handheld. The little girl will be a bit difficult, and the weight determines the quality that is not easy to deform for a long time.

When the box is opened, the cushion is a bit strenuous even if the old men are a little strenuous. The cushion has a improved explosion -proof board, international TIG welding technology, and the tensile strength of the weld is guaranteed. no problem.

▲ I feel a bit difficult to install the whole process. The back and seat seats are fixed. The difficulty needs to be tightly tightened on the side of the back of the chair. There are two screw holes on each side. The leather cover of the back, the naked eye cannot see the screw hole inside, and can only be tried to find it manually, and there are fillers around it. It is a bit difficult to find the screw hole. Fortunately, the two of us were holding one and one of the one.

▲ After installation, the overall appearance is denim blue+light blue+black PU color matching. The blue surface material is cation polyester fabric. It feels delicate in terms of feel. It has a kind of villi, but it is not cotton. The skin contact is very comfortable.

▲ I believe that many people know that the e -sports chair starts from the appearance, yes, I am, the shape of a car -like seat seat, very handsome, especially the left and right support wings of the legs and waist, full of support, inside, inside With steel support, it is difficult for ordinary people to flatten this support, and the filling is also very sufficient.

▲ After understanding on the official page, this chair is made by 176 craftsmanship design, 100+hour light yellow resistance test, 70 ° high temperature, and 300 watts of ultraviolet rays to its grinding test. In terms of craftsmanship, the naked eye can be visible. Because the label on the back is the embroidery technology, the wrap on the edge is also a blue line, which is very accurate.

▲ Soft handrails on the surface of carbon fiber pattern, the visual effect of the pattern of carbon fiber is indeed high. It adopts 4D multi -function lifting design, which can be adjusted left and right, front, back, up and down, left and right rotation and other angles. There is no fixed button lock on the left and right rotation. It often causes the position of the handrail after encountering it. Although the problem of the left and right rotation is not affecting the overall design and use effect of this handrail. Adults with lengths can be adjusted to any scope of adaptation.

▲ First of all, the back of the chair can be adjusted from 90 ° -155 °, which can be basically placed in a flat state. There is no need to fold the bed at noon. The height is freely adjusted between 10cm. From the side, the back is very thick. If the Xiaoyao is released, it is recommended to adjust the intensity of Xiaoyao to a little harder. If it is soft, some people will not adapt to it. There is a feeling of being planted. Of course, it will not be planted at all. Essence

[E -sports chairs must be e -sports in the whole point]

▲ How can e -sports chairs do not have e -sports? LOL and war machines do not remember strolling for three hours. Comfortable. Three points that make me most comfortable, the first cushion, a very large area, can hold all the hips and thighs, and the cushion is very soft; Elements, once sitting down the package is very strong; the third armrest, the surface softened, and regulated in all directions. It can be aligned horizontally according to your desktop height. Of course, my table is a bit high.

【Press the seat massage】

▲ Let’s do big health care for Kannix e -sports chairs. Except for the positions and butterflies can encounter the positions that are soft, you will feel how thick the skeleton is, even the inner side of the lower legs will be directed. The front position of the chain that touches the chain is soft, and the filling is quite sufficient. After a round of use, I am not used to using the cushion of the neck and waist configuration. I always feel that it is true, but there is no better than no, and the manufacturer is still very careful.


After using it as a whole, from the previous brand of all -black color gaming chairs to this slightly beautiful denim blue color, it really brightens, from sitting positions to lying posture is very comfortable, and the most important thing is that there is no found throughout the process that there is no available in the whole process. The abnormal noise, some chairs have creaked from the beginning. It is really troublesome. Fortunately, this is very quiet. I believe it can serve in front of my computer table for several years. If it is a problem, its roller wheel is a bit high, and I prefer the old -fashioned wheel.

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