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The winner of life, the son -in -law and daughter -in -law graduated from Zhejiang University, and the old couples have compiled a rattan chair in Hangzhou for more than 30 years

Qianjiang Evening News · hour news reporter Fang Li correspondent Li Ying

Today (October 9) is Saturday, Ms. Bao, who lives in Hangzhou Binjiang, remember that a matter of tightness is to get two vine chairs bought more than 10 years ago to repair the pine wood farm. “The chair is pretty good, we have been using it, I can’t bear to lose it.” She drove across half a city and found Master Li, who was the chair.

Master Li of Shaoxing has been compiled in a vine chair in Matsuki, Hangzhou since he was 20 years old. Time is leisurely, 30 years. No one knows the old neighborhood neighbors.

“Every Saturday, I don’t come here to sit here, hanging in my heart.” Li Senming, 57, smiled with a smile on his hands. Aunt Chen, his wife, should be harmonious, “There is feelings here.”

1] The tea room chairs in Santan Yinyue and Yue Temple are all edited by us.

Because many priests are in this area, Li Senming has taken root in front of the residential building for decades.

Sometimes, Aunt Chen went to Nanchang to bring her granddaughter, and Master Li, and the old neighborhood would help look at the stall. Old residents greeted, and advertising “This chair is so good.”

The craftsmanship of woven vine chairs was uploaded by Aunt Chen. The son -in -law Li Sen was clever and serious, and quickly learned the essence.

The two husbands and wives waited to the age of 1 and went to Hangzhou to discuss life. Nothing, day after day, compile the chair.

“In the early West Lake Scenic Area, the tea room chairs in Santan Yinyue and Yue Temple are all edited by us. You can see the scenery.

“The rattan I use is really synthesized by chemical fiber, very environmentally friendly, and the longer the time, the more comfortable, as bright as the paint.” Li Senming also smiled brightly.


Sporting school coach bought 5 chairs, lying chairs

Most expensive

1500 yuan

“Many academicians at home, sitting in my chair.” Li Senming showed Qianjiang Evening News · Hour journalists showing the transfer on WeChat. Some time ago, they got a 30,000 -order order, and some companies ordered a lot of chairs to put them in the leisure area.

During the talk, coach Xia at the nearby Chen Jinglun Sports School, wearing a peaked cap, riding a red bicycle to make a chair. “I bought 3 high -back chairs, 1,000 yuan each, 750 yuan in a circle chair, and now I buy a lounge chair 1500 yuan.”

Coach Xia feels a bit expensive, but it is quite worthwhile. “Two high -back chairs bought for my parents. After they sat, they confessed, and I added one to myself. Squeaks, it is firm. “Coach Xia said that this kind of old foundation is good and has a long time.

Li Senming told him that the lounge chair may not be able to do it next month. He waved his hand: “It’s okay, use the lounge chair to use it next summer.”

“A small chair, it takes two days to do it by hand, and the lounge chair is even more laborious.” Li Senming told the hour reporter that the small chair he compiled in his hand also cost 400 yuan. The price has not risen for many years.

“We are like a tailor, very slow and slow, and we must be serious one by one. We are sitting here every Saturday.

3] In order to leave the hometown in order to live, the children are fighting for their anger, and they have graduated from the graduate of Zhejiang University all the way

After compiling a vine chair, Li Senming’s two hands, the calluses were clustered, his fingers were deformed, and blood was bleeding in winter.

“We came from bitter, and we could eat hard.” In Hangzhou for more than 30 years, they lived in the basement for more than half a time. Get up at 4 o’clock in the morning and keep it at 90 in the evening. Out of the stall on the weekend, eat some rice at will. It has been greedy for many years in the early morning, and finally bought a small 40 -square -meter house near the North Railway Station.

The couple are still very simple, and for their sons, they have to save money.

What is pleased is that his son was very sensible since he was a child. When I was a kid, I arrived in Hangzhou in the summer vacation, and a small bench was sitting next to my parents to organize a rattan.

“I told him, if you don’t read it, he can do this. He can listen to it, and he has been working hard. When studying in Hangzhou, he also came to help on the weekend.” Speaking of his son, Aunt Chen’s eyes were a little moist, and his son was 1 year old. Later, they worked hard to work and did not accompany them, but their sons were very angry. They graduated from Zhejiang University Graduate Graduates all the way. Now a construction company is a deputy general manager. His daughter -in -law also graduated from Zhejiang University graduate and taught in college.

4] The son advised his dad not to work so hard, but the old man said, “Now I am more happy”

“At the wedding, my son said on the stage that seeing his parents so hard, there is no reason not to study well.” The two husbands and wives could hear tears on the stage: hard for a lifetime, bitter and sweet.

“My son is like his father, with a sense of responsibility and willingness to suffer. When I was in Nanchang, I saw that he also worked hard and worked hard.” Aunt Chen said.

The son is in a good job, and he has a business, and the condition of the family is much better. His son also persuaded his dad not to do so hard, and there is this money to do the site.

But the couple felt that if they couldn’t do it, they were used to compile chairs for decades and were very happy.

“When I went to Nanchang, my son told me, don’t think about a chair, hahaha, but I can’t let it go.”

At noon, I asked them what they had to eat?

“Homing, two people ordered 1 dish and 2 meals, 10 pieces.” Li Senming said, “We are not particular about life, save money, and save money to make them happy.”

Aunt Chen pointed to the place where the knees were worn on the pants, and laughed: “Nuo, I don’t have good pants to wear it.”

There is also a regret that this craft has no succession.

“No one is willing to do such a hard work.” Aunt Chen said that to make this money, it is diligent in time. Another point, contentment and fun.

I told Aunt Chen that there is a video of you to make a vine chair on Douyin.

Some netizens praised Aunt Chen as the winner of life and cultivated such an excellent son with both hands.

The two old people said that they did not know that they were popular on Douyin. The definition of the winner of life was really the case, even if the winner of life was the winner.

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