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Protect your baby’s crawling! How to provide a safe and comfortable crawling environment for your baby?

1. Capture clothing

It is also very particular about the baby’s crawling! The baby’s crawling clothes have two types: conjoined and split clothes. These two clothes have their own clothes.

Conjusational clothes: Because the top and pants are connected to a whole, the baby will not expose the baby’s waist and belly when crawling, avoiding the friction and coldness of the belly. At the same time, the clothes and pants are fitted. The interest of the baby’s crawling.

Divoporifier: Because of the split of the top and pants, it is relatively loose and easy to move, which is not easy to cause the movement to be awkward, but at the same time, because of the split, it is easy to expose the baby’s waist and belly. When parents choose to make climbing clothes for their babies, pay attention, don’t let the baby get cold!

In addition, the baby does not need to wear too much when crawling, so as not to sweat during activity. Do not have zipper or large decorations on your baby’s clothes, so as not to hurt your body when lying down.

2. Kneeling and moisturizing cream

5, 6 months old babies are lighter, and they may not wear the skin when crawling. As the baby’s monthly increase, the weight will rise. At this time, the baby crawling with elbows and knees will easily break the skin. Therefore, it is best to wear elbows and knees when crawling. Parents can give their babies self -made knees, such as using old socks, subtracting the socks, subtracting the toes, leaving heels, and then putting the baby on the knee. Be careful not to affect the baby’s joint activity.

If the baby’s elbows and knees have eczema due to friction, remember to apply a moisturizing cream for the baby. Of course, if the baby’s skin is grinded and wounds appear, don’t let the baby crawl for the time being to avoid the second increase of the wound.

3. Carpet or ingenious plastic pads

The floor is too cold and hard, and the bed is relatively soft, not the best climb practice place for babies. Therefore, parents are best to add comfortable crawling pads to their babies, or spread a soft carpet on the floor. Of course, they can also use a clever plastic pad to spread a small piece of activity for the baby.

However, when choosing a carpet or cushion for the baby, remember not to be too flower, but also pay attention to the elasticity, odor, formaldehyde content, and whether the cushion’s elasticity, odor, formaldehyde content, and whether it is resistant to bite.

4. Food and cabinet corner cover and socket protective cap

The baby’s control ability and space recognition ability are limited, and they cannot realize the danger well. Therefore, the careful parents will put all the tables or cabinets in the house with sharp places such as the horizontal sheaths, so that the edges and corners will become gentle from then on, so as not to avoid Baby accidentally hit. In addition, the black and white object of the power socket can cause the baby’s strong interest in the curious babies, so in order to prevent the baby from putting his hands into the power socket, the protective cover of the socket is also essential.

5. sweat towel

For babies with limited exercise capabilities, it can be described as a big movement. In addition, the baby’s skin area is small, the sweat glands are densely distributed, and it is easy to sweat. So in the summer, you can add a ” ‘little sweat towel’ ‘to the underwear when the baby crawls. Once sweaty, take out the sweat towel and keep dry.

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