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Spring hand peeling, sweating eczema? It is important to do hand care

Hands are one of the human parts we usually use the most. The same exposure to the air is the longest as the face, but many people usually only pay attention to the maintenance of facial skin, ignore the care of the hand skin, make the hands prematurely, some skin appear some skin, appear some skin question. Therefore, hand care needs to pay the same attention as facial maintenance.

It is prone to peeling and sweating with hand, also known as sweating bad eczema. Often the beginning of spring, worsening in summer, and self -healing in winter. Most of them are allergic reactions caused by the hand and foot sweat, the sweat is not smooth, and it is caused by the leaving in the skin. At first, it is the subcutaneous deep blisters. After the blisters are dry, the peeling appears. It can have itching and burning sensation to varying degrees. The mental factors may increase the condition. There is also a disease called “Excusciated Clared Pineness”, which also occurs with peeling symptoms. It is often related to genetic factors and sweat. It is mostly on the palm and the bottom of the foot. Loose the layered below, and eventually integrates into the scales that can be removed from the whole piece. It can heal itself without itching. The other is hand eczema, which is mostly related to contact with external material allergies. Bles and pimples can occur in the acute stage. Itching is obvious, and dry, peeling, and cracking can occur in the chronic stage.

How to do hand care

First of all, start with hand cleaning. Hands are exposed to all kinds of things every day. A large amount of bacteria and microorganisms are on the surface of the skin. If it is not cleaned well, infection is prone to occur if the skin breaks occurs. Therefore, it is critical to wash your hands correctly. However, repeated wash hands can reduce the secretion of skin sebum secretion on the back of our hand, and the skin loses the moisturizing function. Therefore, pay attention to rubbing the hand cream in time after washing.

In addition, it is inevitable that it will be exposed to chemicals such as detergent, cleaner, disinfection agent, etc. These are very harmful to our hand skin and will cause peeling and eczema. Therefore, we should wear rubber gloves when doing housework.

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