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How to solve the problem of anti -corrosion protection of oil -cooled tube boards?

The pipeboard is a round steel that plays a fixed pipe and a sealing medium in the heat exchanger. It is mainly used for chemical containers, such as column tube heat exchangers, pressure vessels, boilers, condenser, central air -conditioning, evaporator, seawater desalination. To support the role of fixed tube, the material of the metal makes it not only a strong rigidity, but also a large thermal conductivity.

When the column tube heat exchanger is produced, the welding of the pipe plate and the column tube is generally used by hand -made arc welding. The shape of the weld has different degrees of defects, such as depression, pores, residue, etc. The distribution of weld stress is not uniform. When use, the tube plate is generally in contact with industrial cooling water, and the impurities, salt, gas, and microorganisms in industrial cooling water constitute the corrosion of the tube plate and weld. Therefore, it is very important to do well in the protection of anti -corrosion plates.

An enterprise has a tube plate corrosion and leakage problem, the main material of the main material is 30408, the shell steam turbine engine oil, the pipeline circulating water, the design pressure is 1.6MPa, the oil pressure is 0.35-0.5MPa, the water pressure is 0.3MPa, the pipe plate is welded with welding Crafts, the corrosive leakage site is the welding site of the tube plate. The corrosion leakage situation is as follows:

Next, we will use the case of corrosion and leakage of the cooler pipeboard to see how the engineer Solei solves the problem of the protection of the pipeline’s anticorrosive protection:

Eliminate the oil turbine in the shell;

Use compressed air to sweep the water track in the bundle of the pipe and dry;

Sandblaming treatment of the surface and inner wall of the pipe plate;

Scropping the dust of the protection site after the sandblasting;

Use water -free ethanol to gradually wash;

Apply the material of Soley nanoconut material to the protection site;

The material is solidified, and it is put into operation after suppressing the experiment.

Sore carbon nanopolyte materials have good corrosion resistance, mechanical performance, and physical properties, so it has good application effects in the protection of oil -cooled pipelines. And can achieve pre -protection to avoid various corrosion problems caused by the use environment, and improve the service life of the equipment.

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